Mikey Garcia Wife, Height, Weight, Net Worth, Boxing Career
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Just as it is said that some people are born with greatness, it can also be said that Mikey Garcia was born with the gloves on, considering that he was born into a family of boxing kings. He has a father who was a boxer and an older brother who was a world champion and is now a coach.

As a professional boxer, Garcia has won titles in the featherweight, super featherweight, lightweight, and light welterweight categories.

Mikey Garcia Biography

The American professional boxer was born Miguel Angel Garcia Cortez on December 15, 1987, in Oxnard, California, the son of Eduardo Garcia and Virginia Garcia. His Mexican parents illegally entered the United States before they later received their papers. He grew up alongside his brother Robert Garcia in Oxnard, California.

Since he grew up in a neighborhood known for its gang activities, he wanted to become a police officer before becoming a boxer. His father was an amateur boxer, he left Mexico because of poverty and settled in the United States where he and his wife picked strawberries.

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The younger Garcia attended Pacifica High School, which he graduated from in 2006, before later transferring to the Ventura County Police Academy. Although he graduated, he did not serve as a police officer because he decided to get into the ring instead.

Mikey Garcia Wife, Height, Weight, Net Worth, Boxing Career
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Boxing Career 

Although he was born into a family in which boxing was no stranger, Garcia initially had no interest in this martial art. In fact, he only went to the gym when he was young to be with his friends. Without knowing what he wanted to do, he later decided that he would become a policeman before finally turning to the box.

With a father who started as a boxer and a brother who fought as a professional boxer and then as a boxing coach, Mikey Garcia started as a boxer at the age of 13. Although he wasn’t training at the time, his older brother signed him up for a boxing competition that ended with him loving boxing and the thrill of the competition soon made him keep his gloves on.

Garcia then entered his first professional boxing match in 2006 against Herrera Mendoza, which he won unanimously. In the next fight he won against Andrew Gannigan in a knockout system. In January 2014 he had already fought 34 times in the ring and won all of them without a defeat or a draw.

As a result of a legal dispute with his promoter, he was to fight again in 2014 from that point on, when he competed against Elio Rojas in 2016, whom he defeated in a total knockout. After this fight he defeated Dejan Zlaticanin to win the WBC lightweight title, then Adrien Broner, followed by Sergey Lipinets to win the linear welterweight title, and then Robert Easter Jr., whom he defeated to retain the WBC lightweight title.

Described by The Ring as one of the best active boxers, pound-for-pound boxers, the boxer popular as a boxer-beater has participated in 39 fights so far and won them all. It is impressive that he has won 30 of them by knockout and only 9 by decision. Among others, he has won the titles USBA Featherweight, NABF, WBO-NABO Featherweight, and The Ring Featherweight. Although he still has to perform similar to his older brother who was a world champion, he has not done badly so far.

His Wife

Mikey Garcia Wife, Height, Weight, Net Worth, Boxing Career
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One part of Garcia’s life that has kept him away from the public is his relationship life. However, it is known that he is married to Fatima Garcia. He met the woman who was to become his wife in the end when they both studied at Pacifica High School. Since then they have stayed together and now share 3 children, a girl, and two boys.

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Mikey Net Worth

For a man who works as hard as Mikey Garcia and with the many successes he has had as a boxer, you would expect him to have a good equity base. Mikey Garcia Net worth is $4 million, there is no doubt that he has done well. The irony of it all is that with all he has achieved, he does not boast too much like many other boxers.

Mikey Garcia Height and Weight

Although he is in the featherweight, super featherweight, and light welterweight classes, Garcia has a good height and build. He stands on a massive 5 foot 6 inch (168 cm).