Michelle Obama’s Mother, Brother And Teeth

She is undoubtedly one of the most popular and influential women in the United States of America and the world as a whole, there is also no doubt that you have read tons of articles in which the type of person she is, her journey, and the rest of it are highlighted. So, today let’s shift the focus from the former First Lady of the United States to Michelle Obama’s mother, her brother, and, oddly enough, her teeth.

Michelle Obama’s Mother

Marian is popularly known as the “First Grandma” and some of you many don’t know this, but she lived in the White House with the former First family throughout her tenure. She was the first living grandmother there since Elivera M. Doud, the mother of Mamie Eisenhower, during the Eisenhower government.

Michelle Obama’s Mother, Brother And Teeth

Her name is Marian Lois Robinson, but she was born on 30 July 1937 in Chicago as Marian Shields. Her was a large family when she was the fourth of seven children; five girls and two boys, born of Purnell Nathaniel Shields, a house painter, and his wife Rebecca Jumper, a licensed practical nurse.

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Michelle Obama’s Mother, Brother And Teeth

She married Michelle’s father, Fraser Robinson, on 27 October 1960 in Chicago, where they both had extended families. Unfortunately, he died on March 6, 1991. Besides the fact that she is Michelle Obama’s mother, Marian became popular when she became the living grandmother in the White House.

Michelle Obama’s Mother, Brother And Teeth
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She lived on the third floor of the White House and although she works behind the scenes, her presence is critical to the well-being of the first family. She was recruited for the job of a parental deputy from Malia, then 10, and Sasha, 7, while her parents took care of the needs of the entire nation.

Michelle Obama’s Mother, Brother And Teeth

Michelle Obama’s mother was an integral part of the first family and worked from the shadows to ensure that the Obamas represented America to the best of their ability.


As most of you already know, she is not an only child, nor is she the first. The former FLOTUS has a brother and is 22 months older than her. Michelle may have a lot of achievements to her name, but it’s best to believe that her big brother isn’t limper either, both Robinson’s children are very successful in their field.

Michelle Obama’s Mother, Brother And Teeth

He was born Craig Malcolm Robinson on April 21, 1962, in Deyoung, Illinois. He was a gifted child when he learned to read at the age of four, he was even allowed to skip 2nd grade and beyond that, he graduated from high school as a class graduate. He was a star striker as a player at Princeton University in the early 1980s and a pension dealer in the 1990s.

Today, he is vice president of player and organizational development for Milwaukee Bucks. He also coaches and broadcasts television. Craig is currently on marriage number two until 2000 he was in a divorce with his first wife with whom he had two children: Avery and Leslie. In 2006, he was remarried and had two sons, Austin and Aaron, with his wife Kelly.

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Michelle Obama’s Teeth

It’s a little sad that this is actually a problem. Yes, the former First Lady of the United States of America doesn’t have the best teeth out there; after some, she has an overbite and an underbite. A handful of people have wondered why she has never used the unlimited human and monetary resources to which she has had and still has access.

Well, here’s a picture of someone who has the same dental problems as the former First Lady.

I have a very similar underbite to her own. It is a mild class 3 bite (not serious/life-threatening!) and several orthodontists I have consulted have confirmed that wearing braces can help but will not solve the skeletal problem.

Performing a maxillofacial operation is the only way to reduce the protruding jaw. In the case of the First Lady or in my case, because the condition is so mild, however, surgery is not recommendable/valuable as it is associated with significant risks.

‘And this can be seen by some as a cosmetic surgery rather than medical (this will give the public/media a bad and misleading image). Sensory nerves can be damaged, leading to permanent loss of senses in the lower half of the face…not to mention other complications that may occur.

So there we have it, that’s all we could gather about Michelle Obama’s mother, her brother, and her teeth.