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Michelle Obama’s Height, Weight And Body Measurements

Michelle Obama’s Height, Weight And Body Measurements

Michelle Obama is an iconic figure that has been embraced by people of all ages and backgrounds. Today we honor her achievements by exploring some interesting facts about the former First Lady of the United States. It is undeniable that Michelle Obama is a household name – no matter who you ask they will be able to recognize her instantly!

She was born on January 17 1964 in Chicago Illinois Michelle LaVaughn Robinson. Of course, we know that she now bears the name Michelle LaVaughn Robinson Obama. Her father Fraser Robinson III was an employee of the municipal waterworks and captain of the Democratic District while her mother Marian Shields Robinson was a secretary in Spiegel’s catalog store.

Michelle Obama’s Height, Weight And Body Measurements

It’s so unfortunate that her father couldn’t see what a wonderful lady she grew up to be when he died when she was in the 1920s.

Her nickname is ‘Miche’ but Barack occasionally calls her ‘My Rock’. She still has a pretty athletic physique so it’s no surprise that she was a great athlete. However, she was afraid of competitive sports because says to her big brother “she hated to lose”.

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Michelle is an inspirational example of a woman who was determined to succeed despite the odds. Despite her teachers’ lack of faith in her, she graduated from second high school in a year with great success. In this era of radical feminism, it is remarkable that Michelle chose to leave behind a six-figure salary at the University of Chicago hospital to help support and assist with her husband’s campaign – setting an admirable example for women everywhere.

Michelle Obama’s Height, Weight And Body Measurements

Hillary Clinton, Laura Bush, and Michelle Obama are the only First Ladies to have achieved a Master’s degree. As such, they share a special connection with Eleanor Roosevelt as arguably the greatest of all First Ladies. This is an interesting fact that further demonstrates their strong bond; even in her leisure time away from public life and duties as a former first lady, Michelle Obama still finds joy in doing something ordinary like helping her husband Barack do the dishes every now and then.

Michelle Obama’s Height, Weight And Body Measurements

As much as we would like to go on and continue…. and further about her it’s time to get to grips with the subject at hand starting with Michelle Obama’s height.

Michelle Obama’s Height

Michelle Obama is an iconic figure in United States history, often compared to Eleanor Roosevelt as one of the greatest First Ladies. Her impressive stature at 5 feet 11 inches tall has garnered her much attention over the years and it’s easy to see why; she stands out from other women due to her height and more than lives up to expectations.

Michelle Obama’s Height, Weight And Body Measurements

Well it has definitely attracted her unwanted attention as a First Lady she told Jimmy Kimmel that she occasionally tries to sneak out just to have a “normal day” like everyone else but her height attracts attention then people begin to realize that she is actually Michelle Obama.

Michelle Obama’s Heigh 1

Well, she is a big family with Barack standing at 6 feet and an inch, and Malia is the same height while Sasha is also as tall as her mother. There are also a few notable celebrities here who are as tall as the former FLOTUS. Nicole Kidman Brad Pitt Orlando Bloom James Franco and Gisele Bündchen all share the height of Michelle Obama.

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Michelle Obama’s Weight

Michelle Obama has always been in pretty good shape and we even had the privilege of attending some of her gym sessions because the Obamas were the most open first family. She undoubtedly goes hard or goes…. well home. The listed weight of the former First Lady is 77 kilograms but sometime last year the tabloids had a few things to say about her weight.

Michelle Obama’s Weight

In September last year the tabloids decided to turn their own story into something else that was more than a little insult to the first family. RadarOnline attracted a lot of attention with a headline: ’95 LB Weight Gain! Michelle Obama eats binge about Wild Child Malia sources claim’.

Michelle Obama’s Weight 1

The National Enquirer‘s attention-grabbing headline of “President Obama had a ‘diet or divorce’ ultimatum” was met with much interest. However, when we saw the First Lady during last year’s presidential campaign, it became clear that she was in excellent shape and health; any suggestion of her needing to lose weight would have been completely unfounded. Her figure remains trim and toned even today – a testament to her commitment to healthy living!

Michelle Obama Body Measurements

Height: 5 feet 11 inches

Weight: 77 Kilograms

Body Type: Athletic

Body Shape: Pear

Breast Size: 36 inches

Waist Size: 28 inches

Hip Size: 39 inches

Shoe Size: 11 US, 40-41 EU, 8 UK