Home Actress Mandie Taketa Bio, Marriage, Divorce, 5 Quick Facts You Should Know

Mandie Taketa Bio, Marriage, Divorce, 5 Quick Facts You Should Know

Mandie Taketa Bio, Marriage, Divorce, 5 Quick Facts You Should Know
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Mandie Taketa is a Japanese-American actress and dancer. Also known as the ex-wife of American actor, singer, and comedian Wayne Brady, Mandie Taketa’s profile would not be complete without mentioning that she is quite accomplished as a yoga teacher, physiotherapist, and bodybuilder herself.

Mandie Taketa Biography

Mandie Taketa was born on 3 March 1976 in Hawaii, United States of America. She is the daughter of the Chairman of the Hawaiian Carpenters’ Union, Ronald Taketa. Growing up in Hawaii, Mandie was fortunate that her father took an active part in her life as he taught her both acting and dancing at a tender age.

She also completed her primary and secondary education in Hawaii, and although she had a full dance scholarship at the University of Hawaii, she decided instead to pursue dance and acting career in Los Angeles.

Mandie is known for her role as Vicky in the independent comedy film Man band! The movie. She has also participated in various competitions ranging from dance, acrobatics, bodybuilding, cheerleading, and paintball. She is also a successful entrepreneur who owns three different companies, a film production company specializing in wedding films – Anything Everything Productions, Adell Body Works, and This Lifetime.

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Her Marriage and Divorce

Mandie was formerly married to Wayne Brady, an American actor, singer, comedian, and television star best known for his work in television, including Whose Line Is It Anyway?, The Wayne Brady Show, Don’t Forget the Lyrics, and Let’s Make A Deal. Wayne has also appeared in numerous films and voice-overs and has released two albums, A long time Coming (2008) and Radio Wayne (2011). Wayne has received a number of awards for his contributions to the industry, including a Daytime Emmy Award for hosting the Wayne Brady Show and 30000 Reason to Love Me, and a Prime Emmy Award for the comedy series Whose Line Is It Anyway?

Mandie and Wayne met while preparing for a musical show in Oahu, Hawaii. After that, they started dating, moved to L.A. together, and got married in 1999. Wayne and Mandie have a daughter, Maile Masako Brady, who was born on February 3, 2003. Three years later, however, the couple separated, and in April 2008 the divorce was finalized due to “irreconcilable differences”.

Despite the divorce, the former lovebirds remained close friends, and Mandie even bought a house in Wayne’s neighborhood so that they could easily have their daughter as a co-parent. According to the divorced couple, who now live “super close”, they remain true to co-parenting for Maile and want to bring her as close as possible to living in the same house.

For years, her husband Wayne secretly struggled with clinical depression, and their divorce seemed to push him further into the darkness. He reached the lowest point on his 60th birthday and suffered a complete breakdown after the tragic death of his close friend and fellow comedian Robin Williams, who committed suicide after a long struggle with depression. But with the darkness came alight. Mandie was at her ex-husband’s side and helped him to recover from the hard times. Wayne, who thankfully is now on the road to recovery, owes much to Mandie.

Ever since Wayne publicly expressed how he felt about his baby mama after their divorce, who he says, apart from his mother, was with him when no one else in the world was. According to Wayne, Mandie may no longer be his wife, but she is more than just his best friend who can go the extra mile for him.

On the other hand, there is speculation that Mandie might still have feelings for Wayne since she has never been seen with another man before. Moreover, she kept her private life pretty private after the divorce of the two.

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Quick Facts about Mandie Taketa

1. Mandie Taketa started practicing martial arts at the age of 5 years and her father was her sensei (teacher).

2. Her star sign (horoscope) is Pisces.

3. She is 5’3″ (160 cm) tall.

4. She has a tattoo that covers her whole back and it took her 60 hours to design it.

5. She was Wayne’s second wife. Wayne was first married to the Colombian singer Diana Lasso from 1993 to 1995.

6. She is a great lover and collector of books. Mandie uses an application and social platform for readers – Scribd. There she also publishes her own stories and short stories.

7. She leads an active social media life. Her channels Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube are very active.