Maggie Geha Bio, Age, Height and All You Must Know About The Actress
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For Maggie Geha, acting and modeling work hand in hand, and the line between the two professions is very thin. She believes that modeling, like acting, is a creative expression in every respect. That’s because modeling makes her feel like acting.

As she learned from modeling to being aware of the camera, Geha has insisted that the professions have more in common than differences. So she has remained an actress and model at the same time.

Nevertheless, it is obvious that if she ever had to choose between the two professions, she would let go of modeling to concentrate on acting.

Maggie Geha Bio – Age

Since it became known that Maggie Geha will take over the role of Ivy Pepper (Poison Ivy) in Gotham, people have been wondering how old the actress is. Well, we have confirmed that the American actress and model celebrates her birthday every April 4th. Records show she was born on that day in 1988. Her birthplace was in Boston, Massachusetts.

Growing up in the capital of the US state of New England, young Maggie became a student of a high school in Vermont at the right time. When she finished high school, she spent several years at Newport College in Rhode Island. The last time we inquired about her education, we found that she was about to graduate from Marymount Manhattan College with a degree in theater arts. She has no other plan than to aggressively pursue her acting and modeling career when she graduates.

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All You Must Know About The Actress   

Not long ago Maggie, who lived in New York City, decided to move to Los Angeles. She lived until then with her sister Sophie, who attended the same college as her – Marymount Manhattan. Maggie, her sister, and her mother moved from Boston to Vermont when she was supposed to start high school. Apart from being family, the ladies have more in common, including their love of cats.

Although it’s not wrong to say that Maggie only started modeling seriously a few years ago, it’s also not completely wrong to point out that she has been involved with modeling since she was a child. Now she has greatly admired the artistry of this profession, not only because it helps her acting career, but also because of the challenges that come with the career, such as always finding ways to keep the body in good and proper shape.

Maggie Geha’s most famous works as an actress include Ted 2, Gotham, The Rewrite, and Winter’s Tale. Although she came into the limelight when she was the defending champion of Miss Vermont Teen USA in 2004, it took Maggie Geha almost a decade later to find a place in show business. While she appeared in short films in 2011 and 2012, her first notable impression in acting was made last year when she appeared in an episode of the youth television series Gossip Girl.

For Geha, things couldn’t get better until next year. Apart from appearing in Beyonce’s music video for Pretty Hurts, she has appeared in a handful of television series and films and has also been involved in several modeling efforts. This year she was given a role in an episode of the NBC sitcom 30 Rock. That’s not all, she was also allowed to appear in six episodes of the television series All My Children, which happened to be her first soap opera. In addition, Geha earned her place as a girl in bed in Winter’s Tale – which she considers her first major film set – and also got her appearance in the Marc Lawrence film – The Rewrite.

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Maggie Geha Bio, Age, Height and All You Must Know About The Actress

Height and Body Measurement

There is no doubt about it, Maggie Geha is attractive and beautiful to look at. The fact that she is a model and defending champion of the Miss Vermont Teen USA 2004 underlined this. She is eight inches taller than 5 feet (1.78 m), and her aesthetically pleasing body measurements are thought to be 32, 26, and 37 centimeters for chest, waist, and hips. Although we still have to authenticate the figures, we must emphasize that Maggie is beautiful in every way.