Kylie Jenner Biography

Kylie Jenner
Real name
Kylie Kristen Jenner
August 10, 1997 (age 25)
California  Los Angeles
168cm, 63kg
Father Caitlyn Jenner
Mother Kris Jenner’s older
Sister Kendall Jenner half
Sister Courtney Kardashian, Kim Kardashian, Chloe Kardashian
half-brother Rob Kardashian (born in 1987)
Partner Travis Scott (2017 – 2023)
Daughter Stormi Webster (born February 1, 2018)
Son Ayre Webster (born February 2, 2022)
 Sierra Canyon School (–2012년)
(2012–2015) (Graduation)
Celebrity, Entrepreneur, Model
700 million dollars
Kylie Jenner Signature


Kylie Jenner

American businesswoman celebrity and model. From a young age, she first made her name known to the public by appearing on the reality TV show Keeping Up with the Kardashians. However, she did not have a presence in the early days because she was overshadowed by her half-sisters and model sister but after adolescence, she changed her styling and received great attention. She has since established a cosmetics company that bears her name and is active as a businesswoman.


Kylie Jenner

Kylie was born in 1997 in Los Angeles California. She is the youngest daughter of Bruce Jenner and Kris Jenner and her older sister is Kendall Jenner. She is married to Kris Jenner and has half-brothers Mae Kim Kardashian, Kourtney Kardashian, Khloe Kardashian, and Rob Kardashian.

Bruce Jenner is also remarried and her half-siblings include Burt Brandon Brody and Casey Jenner. She appeared on a reality show with her parents and siblings in 2007 and as a result, her TV show was a hit. At the time Kim Kardashian’s popularity was quite high due to the leak of her sex tape so her reality show played a big role in her success. The Kardashian Family

Kim Kardashian Decade


Plastic Surgery

When it comes to Kylie Jenner the story of plastic surgery cannot be left out. In the early days, she had no presence compared to the Kardashian family but around 2014 after getting fillers on her lips she became very popular. Since then it has changed from the existing flat image to a sexy appearance and became the object of envy of American teenagers along with explosive popularity at the time.

Kylie Plastic Surgery

A few years later she revealed the reason for getting lip fillers and she said that she had a great complex about her lips because a boyfriend she met when she was a student openly criticized why her lips looked like that. After that, I got a lip filler and I’m satisfied.

Kylie Jenner

In addition, she gained popularity with a very voluminous body that was different from her previous appearance. Maybe that’s why like her half-sister it was controversial whether she had surgery on her breasts hips and pelvis. Kim or Kylina ardently claim that they did not undergo surgery but local fans do not believe it.

Secretly there is a lot of controversy about plastic surgery. Lip fillers were proudly acknowledged as advice from family members but what fans have the most questions about is not the lips or buttocks but the protruding chin.

The Kylie boom was once upon a time and the Kylie Jenner lip challenge was popular. In the United States teenagers who wanted to have thick lips like hers put their lips on objects such as bottles causing side effects such as bursting blood vessels which became a social problem


Since childhood, she has branded herself and has been steadily running a business and she has a variety of products such as nails, clothes, accessories, and wigs.

Kylie Jenner

Her full-fledged business started in 2016 when she launched ‘Kylie Lip Kit’. When the lip kit was launched it sold out in 30 seconds and became very popular so it entered the cosmetics business in earnest. The name of the company was also changed from ‘Kylie Lip Kit’ to ‘Kylie Cosmetics’. It has expanded to a variety of makeup products including hairpieces, eyeliners, eyeshadows, blushes, and highlighters. However, the main product is the lip kit. Related article Lip liner and lip gloss are a set and it is characterized by a matte finish after application. The colors are very divers

Kylie Jenner

Each season various collections are presented in various packages and it is characterized by ‘KYLIE’ written in large letters. Her daughter Stormi also launched a Stormi collection after she became popular at the local celebrity level.

Kylie Products

Fenty Beauty launched by Rihanna is being compared and criticized for offering products for various skin tones such as introducing 40 tonnes of foundation. The reason is that Kylie Cosmetics’ products are designed to suit Kylie herself so they cannot be used by various races. Feeling a sense of crisis in December 2017 she released 30 different colors of concealer and lipstick. What is commonly pointed out is that the price is very expensive compared to the quality which cannot be said to be excellent.

In particular, the price of the luxury brush set was 360 dollars so there was a lot of criticism. My opinion is that it is not expensive. In addition, there are a lot of defective products in cosmetics. Perhaps because of this 2019 is taking a downward trend unlike before. Kylie Cosmetics vs. Fenty Beauty is also criticized for poor quality compared to price.

As Kylie’s products became very popular there was a lot of noise about counterfeits. Because of this Kylie posted several times on Instagram warning her to beware of fake cosmetics.

Kylie Jenner

The business continued to grow and in July 2018 Forbes selected ‘America’s self-made female billionaire’ every year. and was selected as the youngest and adorned the cover.| Forbes set the corporate value of Kylie Cosmetics at around $800 million and Kylie’s assets were as low as $900 million earning $630 million from cosmetics sales alone. However, the part that is currently controversial in foreign countries is Self-made because the Jenner-Kardashian family was originally rich and famous and they must have received great financial support from their mother when they started their business.

It is criticized for not conforming to the concept of a self-made artist. also mentions the concept of self-made and expresses its objection to Forbes’ selection. Combining what has been mentioned in Vogue’s Beauty Secret video it seems to be true that the business was started by raising money but it is not recognized that the background of being able to raise capital to start a large-scale business at a young age is largely thanks to the family. I can’t seem to ‘America’s youngest billionaire’ Kylie Jenner’s style analysis… “100 million followers”

But on May 30 2020 Forbes revealed that it had removed Kylie from its billionaire list. The point is that it’s not true because it overstated the property earnings it made in 2016-2017 in its filing with Forbes. Forbes has exposed the fortunes of the entire Kardashian family to be inflated. However, Kylie reacted calmly on Twitter as if it was no big deal. However, a few days later on June 6 Forbes ranked Kylie at number one in their 2020 celebrity earnings rankings. According to Forbes Kylie has earned $590 million so far in 2020. In second place are Kanye West Kylie’s ex-brother-in-law and half-sister Kim Kardashian’s ex-husband. was occupied. There’s a lot of noise but Kylie’s influence in Hollywood seems to be still alive and well.

However, perhaps feeling a sense of crisis in July 2021 Kylie Cosmetics was recently relaunched. They introduced vegan products of a much cleaner and higher quality.

Kylie Jenner

On September 17 2021 a swimsuit brand was launched as a new business item. My name is Kylie Swim. It is a women’s swimwear brand and the level of exposure to swimsuits is quite high. Summer is coming to an end and with the sudden release of the line and the very poor quality of the swimsuits there are many criticisms about having a second child but it is because of lack of money.

Baby Shoot for product

On September 28 2021 She launched a baby shower product brand called ‘Kylie Baby’. Her model is her daughter Stormi. She posted a video on her own YouTube.

Controversies and Incidents

In June 2017 Kendall + Kylie the fashion brand she runs with her sister Kendall launched a line of vintage t-shirts on her website. EZ)’s logo and image are printed on the top. Received a cease-and-desist letter due to unauthorized use in particular, the photographer sued the Jenner sisters for copyright infringement on the photo in which the portrait of Tupac Shakur was used. After receiving public criticism the Jenner sisters apologized.

In 2019 the affair between her half-sister Chloe Kardashian’s boyfriend Tristan Thompson and Kylie’s friend Jordyn Woods was revealed. It was a relationship. In the video taken by Kylie during pregnancy for her daughter Stormi Jordin was the first to appear and explain and when her father opened an open funding Kylie immediately sent a large amount of money to pay for the funeral expenses and had her participate as a model for Kylie Cosmetics. in fact Jordin’s career as a celebrity is 100 percent thanks to Kylie.

Because of this Jordin has an affair with his friend’s brother-in-law locally and the best job in the world is ‘Kylie’s best friend’.the honey job being ridiculed for kicking Because they were living together this happened and Jordin was kicked out of the house. After that Jordin was not mentioned at all and all the popular cosmetic Jordin colors were sold at a sale. Currently, the existing Jordin position has been filled by another white friend who has been friends since high school.

He made a cameo appearance in ” WAP ” a collaboration between American rappers Cardi B and Megan the Stallion. She appeared as a model walking in a leopard-style dress and only appeared for about 7 seconds walking into a room but her beautiful looks and walking attracted a lot of attention. However, right after that, Normani a black man who appeared in a cameo-together Controversy arose that Kylie Jenner who is white just walked beautifully calling it racial discrimination compared to her dancing as hard as her body would break. There was even an opinion to remove Kylie from the music video and eventually Cardi B said “Normani is a singer and dancer and her talent is dancing. So Normani danced in the music video. Kylie is a model and her talent is It’s about leaving an impression while walking cool. That’s why Kylie walked in the music video” openly responding to the controversy.

Jennifer Lopez’s fiancé Alex Rodriguez revealed that the only conversation he had with Kylie at the Met Gala was to brag about how much money he had.

Fans once circulated wild rumors on Twitter that Kylie Jenner’s daughter (Stormi Webster)’s complexion resembled her bodyguard’s (Chinese-American) bodyguard (Tim Chung) possibly a child between the two. As the level of rumors increased with fans blowing the hashtag RIPTRAVIS Tim Chung posted a stance on the rumors on his Instagram and Stormi grew to resemble Travis and Kylie and the rumors ended.

Kylie Jenner

Kylie often takes her daughter Stormi to the company office and even has a playground dedicated to Stormi. In various videos, there are many videos of Stormi playing in her office. However, it was said behind the scenes that she didn’t have a nanny in charge of Stormi and that she had to take care of Stormi even though the employees of her company were busy with work.

The ‘Kendall + Kylie’ factory is located in Bangladesh and around June 2020 there was another controversy when it was reported that factory workers were not paid due to the effects of the coronavirus.

Recently there is a lot of noise in the process of launching and promoting Kylie’s skincare line. The controversy was created because the product was made with harsh substances that would be very problematic for the skin. After rubbing for 7 seconds washing her face roughly with water and wiping with a white towel the foundation came out as is causing controversy Her half-sister Kim Kardashian shielded her on Twitter but it is still controversial. In addition to that, even her older sister Kendall Jenner took a promotional video promoting acne cleansing and roughly washing her face becoming a meme again.

Unfounded rumors that they invested more than $1.5 Million in plastic surgery were circulating. But Kylie Jenner has never talked about plastic surgery since lip fillers. However, even if the investment of $1.5 Million is trivial it is an undeniable fact that many plastic surgeries such as lip nose chin breast, cheekbones, and eyebrow lifts were performed especially on the buttocks. Right now even in the US alone, it is common to see comments and posts mocking plastic.

Sister Kendall Jenner on James Corden’s late-night talk show was supposed to appear but I canceled the schedule the morning before because I was not feeling well. Anyway, the production team was notified the day before the shooting and the reason was a health problem so there is no controversy so far. The problem is that Kendall who appeared alone without a younger brother that day played the truth game with James Corden and the truth was exposed. It turned out that just a few hours before the shoot that day the paparazzi caught the scene of Kylie walking down the street looking pretty normal while holding King Kairo the son of her then-boyfriend Tyga at the time. Eventually, the photo ended up in the hands of the talk show crew and during the truth game, James Corden pointed out the paparazzi photo and asked if Kylie was okay with her body.

When the photos were released not only Kendall but also her mother Kris Jenner who was watching from the audience were shocked. Of course, when you actually watch the talk show video everyone just dismissed it as a fun happening. However, the problem with this game is that if you don’t have the confidence to answer the question honestly there is a penalty to eat very disgusting food… At this time the food that Kendall had to eat as a penalty was clam juice! When Kendall listened to the question looked excited and showed signs of revealing something Kris Jenner in the audience yelled at the top of her voice to just drink the juice and Kendall actually drank the clam juice!

In the 73 questions interview video with Vogue, there were many reviews that said it was rude so the attitude was controversial. In the video, Stormi opened the door from the beginning but it seems that she was forced to open the door and her expression seemed nervous. She also says that when she was asked if she would tell the sex of the baby later she flatly replied “No.” In fact, in the case of Adele who did an interview with that concept, she laughed very kindly and even offered tea and answered carefully so her various attitudes were ridiculed. Rapper Cardi B is also evaluated for showing courteous behavior such as serving drinks to the questioner while carefully conducting her interview for her sleeping daughter Culture. There is a shield that she is sensitive to due to hormones because she is pregnant but there are many saying that she did not have to force herself to answer because her expression was too hard and she did not want to do it.

At the Astroworld Music Festival stampede accident that occurred in November 2021 a video of an ambulance passing through the audience was posted on Instagram Stories causing great controversy. After the knight’s performance, Kylie and Stormi made their way through the crowd escorted by bodyguards but at this time many people were already killed or injured so the atmosphere was not joking.

Afterward, she uploaded and deleted the mirror selfie and explained that she did not know there was an accident. There’s no way that Kardashian who cares about all the photos she uploads on Instagram didn’t properly read the story she’s uploading on Instagram and there’s no way she couldn’t have seen the ambulance that looked like a piece of cake in the video she took and uploaded according to common sense so why are you pretending not to know?.

There are many people who say that only your child’s life is important and the lives of other people’s children are not and following CANCELTRAVIS CANCELKYLIE is the hashtag that keeps posting comments on Instagram. Currently, some Instagram comments are in a restricted state and comments are constantly being deleted. Later her mother Kris Jenner posted a 40% off sale on Kylie Cosmetics for Black Friday saying “Business isn’t going well these days?” “Wow, where did you go and didn’t you get trampled on? That’s great!” “Are you living like this for a while then post a post that the manager asks you to post and post a raunchy photo?” and other mocking and accusatory comments received thousands of likes. In addition, there are many comments saying that Kris Jenner’s efforts to cover up the issue with the dating rumors between her sister Kim and Pete Davidson are no longer working and that the names of 11 victims should be listed and commemorated. Even after the accident as the number of followers continued to increase there were many sayings such as buying followers and turning part-time job postings.

She was criticized for excessive carbon emissions by flying a distance that can be reached in 40 minutes by car in 3 minutes by private jet. It was actually corrected to have flown for 40 minutes.



She dated rapper Tyga. There was a lot of controversy in many ways but at the time she was dating Tyga, he had a wife and children. Besides Kylie was underage. Even worse her half-brother Rob Kardashian’s wife is Tyga’s former fiancé Black China. In other words, her boyfriend’s former fiancé became the current fiancé of her half-brother. Then a few years later they broke up. Then they reunited again but it didn’t take long to put an end to it. After that their half-brother Rob also broke up. At this time Tyga became a hot topic for gifting Kylie a Ferrari despite being in debt. In fact, he gave it in installments and Kylie paid the rest. She has been dating Travis Scott

At the time of taiga dating

since around April 2017. However shortly after dating an article appeared in September 2017 saying that she was 5 months pregnant. In fact, Kylie hasn’t made any public appearances since about six months into her pregnancy. For example, in December she received the ‘Newsmaker of the year award at the WWD Beauty Awards but she did not receive it herself her best friend Jordan Woods received the award on behalf of her. Everyone in her family was reluctant to talk about her pregnancy and even when Kim Chloe and Kendall appeared on a talk show the host asked about her pregnancy. She also avoided answering by saying that she did not know what he was talking about. Also during that period even in Keeping Up with the Kardashians and photo shoots, she covered only the belly part intensively such as covering it with a blanket.

Rumors of Kylie’s pregnancy which had only been rumored turned out to be true on February 4, 2018, through her Instagram and YouTube accounts. The reason for hiding the pregnancy was to consider the effect it would have on the baby. Kylie said she wanted to spend her pregnancy very quietly and privately so she only walked around her house and the neighborhood a little. She says it was difficult for the paparazzi to fly a helicopter over Kylie’s house to cover her as she neared childbirth.

She claimed to have caught her cheating on her husband Travis Scott. She says however she has no intention of breaking up and she is trying to loosen up with the conversation. . She denies Scott of course. She eventually reconciled.

But you broke up with Travis Scott. She’s not officially divorced it seems she’s just decided to separate and spend time alone with each other. There were rumors that they eventually reunited on March 1 2020 but Kourtney Kardashian’s oldest son said on TikTok that the two never got back together. As Stormi’s parents, they seem to have decided to be amicable with each other. She even threw a Father’s Day party at Kylie’s house. Words came out before around June

2021 Rumors of a reunion with Travis Scott were confirmed by Kylie’s Instagram post. The overseas response was also very hot especially on June 20th in commemoration of her Father’s Day she uploaded a picture taken with Scott and Stormi and you can see Scott exclaiming hearts in the comments. Until last year they didn’t like each other’s posts but it seems that Travis has reconciled when he said he loves Stormi and Kylie in his acceptance speech at the awards ceremony. Incidentally, Travis referred to Kylie as his wife at this time.

From August 2021 rumors circulated that she was pregnant with her second child with Travis Scott. Rumors about Kylie’s pregnancy have arisen for reasons such as the fact that full body photos were not uploaded at Kylie’s 24-year-old birthday party that selfies taken with friends and acquaintances were not uploaded unlike the always noisy Kardashian-Jenner party and that photos taken in the past were posted. spread Even when she was pregnant with Stormi she hid the news of her pregnancy by covering her belly and avoiding pictures of her. It was also around this time that her biological father Caitlyn Jenner mentioned that he was expecting another grandchild. On August 20th a number of foreign media reported that Kylie was pregnant with her second child and on September 7th Kylie Jenner posted on her Instagram that she was pregnant. The fact of pregnancy was confirmed by uploading a video of a pregnancy test and an ultrasound scan.

Travis Scott has since been confirmed to have broken up for the second time. From the end of 2022, rumors of a breakup circulated between the two, and in January 2023 a breakup article came out the two did not respond to this and since they went on vacation separately the breakup is considered a fait accompli. As a teenager, she dated Will Smith’s son Jaden Smith. However, Jayden who is known for being playful often drips with comments on Kylie’s Instagram.


Contrary to her older sister Kendall Jenner who is naturally skinny and long she has a glamorous and healthy-looking body. Still, her height is moderately large at 5 ft 6 in or 168 cm probably influenced by her father. In fact, her mother Chris is also quite tall at 168 cm so it can be seen that her parents were not very tall for her height.

Originally She wanted to become a model before Kendall Jenner but I gave up because my mother strongly opposed it because my body and appearance were not enough to become a fashion model. This process appeared in Keeping Up With The Kardashians and although it was a tight-knit script Kris Jenner strongly opposed it later when Kendall brought up the story of the model there was a scene where she got angry when she saw her getting the model ready right away. Perhaps because she dreamed of becoming a model she is praised for her poses and facial expressions in pictorials.

Compared to her sister who was born with her tall and pretty face There are many people who empathize with the inferiority complex they grew up with. I can understand why Kylie is obsessed with plastic surgery Even though I have been exposed to broadcasts since I was young I am very awkward in front of the camera. She is evaluated as “Kylie always has a soul in Keeping Up with Kardashian” and she is on the side of showing off her foot acting as much as the main character.

Kylie Jenner is an alumnus who graduated from the same school as Kara member Nicole. She originally attended the same school as her older sister Kendall Jenner but transferred to another school for her higher education.

Originally like her older sister Kendall she spoke quickly and had a very high tone of voice. However, like Kim, she deliberately lowered her voice and spoke slowly and she began to speak quietly.

She appeared on The Ellen Show and talked about fashion accessories and style with her transgender father Caitlyn Jenner. She said that he respects her father’s intention to change her gender and the two seem to be on good terms with paparazzi taking pictures of them going out to eat or shopping together.

According to what he said in a Q&A posted on YouTube he wanted her daughter Stormi to resemble her big eyes but fortunately, he had big eyes and they resembled her narrow forehead and protruding ears. She said her lips which were a big complex for her were perfect. As you can see from her photos Stormi looks a lot like Kylie. Especially if you compare photos of Kylie and Stormi as children they are almost identical. Her eyebrows nose and mouth resemble Travis’. This is why Kylie said her Stormi lips are perfect.

Like my sister I like cars quite a bit so I have a Bugatti Chiron, Rolls-Royce Cullinan 2 Rolls-Royce Wraiths Lamborghini Aventador SV Lamborghini Urus LaFerrari Ferrari 488 GTB Ferrari 458 Italia G63 AMG G500 4×4 Range Rover He owns quite expensive cars including two Autographs.

It’s a great daughter fool but if you go into Instagram there are a lot of pictures of your daughter Stormi. As an aside her partner, Travis Scott is also an idiot.

I posted a picture with the word BTS in the meaning Behind The Scene on Instagram but after many ARMYs attacked comments I edited the post to say Behind The Scene. Originally BTS had the meaning Behind The Scene in the English-speaking world but as BTS became famous fans arbitrarily misunderstood it.

I’ve been wanting to be a mother for a long time. In an interview she did when she was 15 she said she wants to be a mother soon even though I’m still only 15. said she. Her half-sister Kim Kardashian later revealed that she even told young Kylie who wanted to become a mother soon that she was still young.

She cherishes her daughter Stormi perhaps because she has wanted to be a mother for a long time. She’s your typical daughter-in-law’s mother.

I really like In-N-Out Burger. When she was pregnant with her daughter Stormi she was filmed ordering In-N-Out Burgers in a video she took and even told her doctor that she was obsessed with In-N-Out Burgers these days. Even in a video, she took when she was recently pregnant with her second child she mentioned that she wants an In-N-Out burger.

She posted a recommendation on Instagram praising director Bong Joon- ho’s Okja.

Kylie Jenner Okja

Some More Facts 

139 pounds. Based on

Formerly a man named ‘Bruce Jenner’, he is now a transgender woman.

Apart from this, he has four other half-brothers. See Caitlyn Jenner.

First child with boyfriend Travis Scott. According to an interview with ES Magazine, he originally decided on the name ‘Storm’ but ended up naming it ‘Stormie’ because ‘Storm’ didn’t suit him.

She often plays with her cousins, Chicago West ( Kim Kardashian’s third daughter) and True Thompson ( Chloe Kardashian’s daughter), both of whom were born in the same year.

Immediately after giving birth, she announced the child’s name as Wolf, but after that, she replied that she was no longer Wolf because the child’s name did not suit her. On January 21, 2023, the child’s name was released on Instagram along with a face photo.

As Forbes as of January 1, 2021, Kylie was once the youngest billionaire and is now off the list of billionaires at $700 million. Currently, 18-year-old Kevin David Lehman, heir to DM, a large German drugstore, is the world’s youngest billionaire with $3.4 billion.

The number of Instagram followers is approximately 372.28 million as of the end of 2022, ranking 3rd worldwide and 1st among women and celebrities worldwide. The first is Cristiano Ronaldo and the second is Lionel Messi.

According to the ‘Beauty Secret’ video uploaded to Vogue YouTube on June 27, 2018, after launching Kylie Lip Kit for the first time, seeing that the lip kits were sold out in seconds, she thought that she could continue this work in the future.

Riana’s first month sales of Fenty Beauty were five times that of Kylie Cosmetics.

In particular, after applying this fake, there were frequent reviews of blisters and swelling.

America’s Richest Self-Made Women.

Because of this cover, her boyfriend Travis Scott put the lyrics, ‘ My mother decorates the cover of Forbes, making other women dumb’ at the end of her representative song SICKO MODE.

Right now, the person who designed and was responsible for Kylie’s office building is her mother, Kris Jenner.

The part covering the important part is too thin to be see-through, the tag is thicker than the important part line (…), the quality is very poor compared to the price, and the design is pretty, but there are many evaluations that it is just clothes for Instagram. You can only take pictures wearing it, and you will be able to see all the important parts while actually swimming.

In particular, as this WAP became famous in Korea, Kylie’s awareness also increased.

A member of Fifth Harmony, a group that Camila Cabello was previously a member of.

The problem is that when a filter is worn, the skin is corrected rather than exposed without filtering.

FYI, the day I decided to appear was Kendall’s birthday.


Sooo… Are you just gonna stop posting for a couple of days, come out of nowhere with a post that your manager told you to do, and then post a bikini pic and life goes on?

In Keeping Up with the Kardashians, this situation is described in detail, but Kim Kardashian’s bewildered expression upon hearing the news is the highlight. Black Chyna was even Kim Kardashian’s best friend. When Kylie dated Tyga, she was forced to drift away, and she never imagined that she would get back together this way.

It’s not just a sneaky question, but openly, isn’t Kylie pregnant? she asked.

Kendall resembles only the good parts, such as her mother’s appearance and her father’s body, and Kylie only resembles the bad parts, such as her father’s appearance and her mother’s body (…)gene blunderHowever, it is too much to say that only the bad parts resemble each other. Her mother, Kris Jenner, is very attractive and has a good figure with a sexy figure with a glamor and big butt. Her dad, Caitlyn Jenner, is also quite handsome and doesn’t look just like her dad. In the end, Kendall is just too much like her parents, and Kylie is a beautiful woman with a good body who resembles her parents, but she only looks like Kendall.

In fact, Travis Scott, who is married, also directly revealed on Twitter that he was a fan of director Bong Joon-ho, and praised director Bong Joon-ho, who won four awards at the Academy Awards.