Kirk Herbstreit Wife, Kids, Family, Age, Salary, Affair, Divorce

Kirk Herbstreit Wife, Kids, Family, Age, Salary, Affair, Divorce
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When it comes to college soccer, Kirk Herbstreit is one of those who can give us a broader understanding and perspective on any college game. He understands football at this level better than many others because his analysis is one of the best to rely on when extrapolating the outcome of a game. Perhaps he is good at what he does because he played so well in his college days with the Ohio State Buckeyes.

As we look at Kirk for further analysis on college football, we want to learn more about the things we don’t often hear him comment on – like his finances, his family, his wife and kids, and his affairs and divorce history. But first, a look at his background with the right information will lead us to the question of how he was able to do all the things we have seen of him.

Kirk Herbstreit Bio (Age)

Kirk Herbstreit was born on August 19, 1969, in Centerville, Ohio, the son of Judy Herbstreit (mother) and Jim Herbstreit; his father was a soccer player with the Ohio State Buckeyes and later an assistant coach on the university soccer team. Kirk has a sister whose name is listed as Terri Holmes.

Kirk Herbstreit Wife, Kids, Family, Age, Salary, Affair, Divorce
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When he entered high school, Kirk Herbstreit was enrolled at Centerville High School in Centerville, Ohio, where he played soccer as a quarterback. The boy showed very clearly the athletic genes his father had passed on to him when he was named Ohio Gatorade Player of the Year in his senior year. Besides soccer, young Kirk also played baseball, in which he proved to be exceptionally good, but soccer took up most of his time.

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The Centerville High School prodigy committed to playing soccer for the Ohio State Buckeyes (1989-1993) soccer team when he was admitted to college to study business administration. In his senior year, he became co-captain of Steve Tovar’s team, which led their team to many important victories, albeit with some painful defeats.

After graduating from college, Kirk Herbstreit decided not to pursue a professional career in the National Football League. Instead, he decided to pursue a career with ESPN as the station’s College Gameday Analyst with Desmond Howard, Chris Fowler, and Lee Corso. In addition, Kirk previously worked as a color commentator for ESPN at Thursday night games before he began commenting on ABC and became the host of 97.1 The Fan in Columbus, an Ohio FM radio program. Since then, he has worked as a college soccer analyst and has built a solid reputation in his field.

Kirk Herbstreit Salary

Football is indeed a very rewarding game if you prepare yourself to be good at it, no matter what side of the game you specialize in. Although Kirk Herbstreit did not become a professional, as a color commentator for college soccer games he has accumulated a net worth of about $4 million with an annual salary of $2 million.

Kirk Herbstreit
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Family: Wife, Kids

As for his married life, much has been said about Kirk Herbstreit, with many distorted facts here and there. We will demystify everything here, including the rumor about his divorce.

Kirk is currently married to his wife Allison Butler, with whom he shares four children. The couple met when they were studying in college at Ohio State University. Allison was a cheerleader while Kirk was on the soccer team. As in most college relationships, a seed of friendship was planted between the two, but their relationship soon developed into a relationship that led to their marriage on June 13, 1998. Allison’s first pregnancy resulted in the birth of twin boys Jake and Tye in 2000, and Zak was born in 2002, followed by Chase in 2006.

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Affair, Divorce

As a media personality, there is always a public interpretation and public contribution to everything that happens in the life of Kirk Herbstreit and indeed in the life of any other celebrity. He enjoyed a happy married life until the rumors about his affair with Tracy Dunlaw, now ex-wife of Jerry Dunlaw, flared up in 2007. Such rumors are often devastating for couples, especially in the Herbstreit family, where everything seemed to go well with them in the eyes of the public.

The aftermath of this led to a temporary separation of Kirk and Allison, while on the side of Tracy and Jerry their marriage ended in divorce because of the alleged affair. However, while it continued to rage, there was no final proof or admission of infidelity by either party.

Nevertheless, Kirk and his wife Allison reconciled over time and are still together as husband and wife. The best thing to do is to accept that they have put the events of the past behind them – if they have come to it at all.