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Jodi Faeth Bio, Cancer and Facts To Know About Mike Wolfe’s Wife

Jodi Faeth Bio, Cancer and Facts To Know About Mike Wolfe’s Wife
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Jodi Faeth is an American celebrity who became famous through her marriage to reality TV star Mike Wolfe. Mike is known for being the creator and one of the main stars of the History Channel show American Pickers. The documentary, which premiered in January 2010, is about Mike and his friend Frank Fritz as they travel around the United States collecting antiques. While Wolfe has gained great popularity through the show, there is little information about his wife Jodi Faeth. Join us as we present their biography and other facts below.

Jodi Faeth Bio

Although Jodi Faeth has become so popular as the wife of the reality TV star, she lacks information about her private life. It is known that she was born in the United States, but her exact place and date of birth are still unknown. She has American citizenship and belongs to the white ethnic group.

Jodi grew up in the United States and was raised by her parents, whose identity has remained hidden until now. The reason for this is that Jodi is a very private person and enjoys hiding the details of her private life from public scrutiny. It is just as difficult to determine whether she has siblings as she has never mentioned them to the media.

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Jodi Faeth is a very educated woman, but the names of the institutions she has visited have not been disclosed. Her field of expertise is not known either, although we know that she has not attended any courses in performing arts. She came into the spotlight through her marriage to reality TV star Mike Wolfe. The couple has been together for several years and is still strong.

Jodi Faeth Relationship with Mike Wolfe

As already mentioned, Jodi Faeth is the wife of Mike Wolfe, an American antique collector, actor, producer, and reality TV star. He became famous through his appearance on the reality show American Pickers on the History Channel. The show revolves around two of America’s most successful antique collectors – Mike and his friend Frank Fritz, who travel the United States to collect items for customers, for resale, or for their personal collection.

The highly acclaimed series began in January 2010 and has been aired on History Channel for over nine years and counting. She also shows her antique store, Antique Archaeology, in Le Claire, Iowa, and another one in Nashville, Tennessee. In addition to Mike and Frank, the show features Danielle Colby, Lauren Wray, Robbie Wolfe, and Dave Ohrt, who work at the antique store.

Although he has been a very busy man all his life, Mike met his wife many years ago, in 1994 to be exact, and was able to start a relationship. After 18 years of a successful relationship, the couple decided to seal their love in a marital union. Their wedding took place in 2012 and was attended by their close friends and family members.

Soon after their wedding, the couple welcomed their first bundle of joy, a daughter named Charlie Faeth Wolfe, born on January 30, 2012. Since then, the couple has continued to enjoy a thriving marital union, and there has been no news of marital problems or rumors of divorce. In the meantime, before her marriage, Jodi had a son from her previous relationship. Her son, identified as Kyle, is said to be 24 years older than his sister Charlie. Jodi and her children have been very supportive of her husband’s career.

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Her Cancer Battle

Although cancer can be a very serious disease, there are a few people whose strong will and determination have helped to survive this life-threatening illness. Among them is Mike Wolfe’s wife Jodi Faeth, who was diagnosed with stage 2 non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma (NHL) in December 2013. Jodi’s determination was able to help her survive the disease and she continues to lead a healthy and normal life to this day.

Facts To Know About Mike Wolfe’s Wife

1. Although Jodi Feth’s husband started collecting antiques before they met, he was smart enough to hide it from Jodi so that she didn’t know where he was going every time.

2. Jodi Faeth is very secretive about her private life. Although she is married to one of the most successful antique collectors in the USA, she has managed to hide every detail of her life from the prying eyes of the media.

3. Faeth is not the first person in Mike’s life to have struggled with cancer, his mother is also a breast cancer survivor.

4. Their daughter Charlie was born with a cleft lip and palate. After her birth, she underwent several operations to correct it.

 Date of Birth:1972
 Birth Nation:United States of America
NameJodi Faeth
Birth NameJodi Faeth
Birth Place/CityUnited States of America
Net WorthN/A
Married toMike Wolfe
DivorceNot yet