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After participating in the National Basketball Association (NBA) draft in 2017 American professional basketball player Jayson Tatum has come a long way before reaching the top of the rankings. Like many others, he has become a person of interest to many people. The young ballerina plays professional basketball for the Boston Celtics. 

Jayson Tatum biography and age

Basketball star Jayson Christopher Tatum was born on March 3, 1998, in St. Louis Missouri. He was raised as a single child by his mother Brandy Cole but now he has a younger brother Jaycob Tatum and a sister Kayden.

Jayson Tatum Girlfriend, Mom, Parents, Height, Weight, Age, Net WorthJayson Tatum Girlfriend, Mom, Parents, Height, Weight, Age, Net Worth

For his studies, the star of Saint-Louis attended the preparatory school of Chaminade College before continuing his studies at Duke University. In high school and university, he played a very important role.

Looking back at his career he started very early and when he finished high school he earned almost everything he could and ended up as a five-star recruit. After he moved to university it only took him one season to make the NBA draft. In the season alone he helped the Duke Blue Devils win the CCA tournament championship.

It was, as reported in 2017 that he made the NBA project after signing for the Celtics where he was made tall for himself having broken Larry Bird records to become the first Celtics rookie to score 20 points as long as 5 straight playoff games as well as the first to score 25 points or more in a playoff game. Most importantly he was able to help the Celtics reach the 2018 NBA playoffs. He represented the United States at the FIBA U19 World Championship in 2015 and the FIBA U17 World Championship in 2014, helping teams win the gold medal.

Jayson Tatum Girlfriend, Mom, parents

His mother had him when she was only 19 and she fought to raise him. At one time they lived in a house without furniture. She was about to go to university when she found out she was pregnant but she gave birth to him and continued her studies with many details about the struggles they both went through.

What is very interesting is that even though his parents were not together his father was always there for him. In fact like many other basketball stars who stand on the wings of their loved ones young Tatum got up with the help of his father Justin Tatum who taught him the game, and his hard work was not exaggerated. Justin Tatum is a basketball coach at Christian Brothers College High School.

Jayson’s two younger siblings Jaycob and Kayden are from his father’s other relationships. Nevertheless, Jayson is very close to his brothers and sisters and shares their photos on social media.

Jayson Tatum Girlfriend, Mom, Parents, Height, Weight, Age, Net Worth

Although he is a baller on the court Jayson Tatum also seems to be the same off the court. He has been linked to more than one woman in the past. That said his current girlfriend is Samie Amos. The two met at the university during Samie’s second year. Like her boyfriend, she is also a sportsman because she plays on Duke’s volleyball team. Her real name is Samantha Taylor Amos and she was born on September 26, 1997.

Jayson Tatum Girlfriend, Mom, Parents, Height, Weight, Age, Net Worth

Apart from Samie Amos Jayson Tatum was also related to another woman Toriah Lachell. Although they are no longer dating Toriah has a son for Tatum he was born in January 2018 and is called Jayson Christopher Tatum Jr.

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Jayson Tatum’s Ex-Girlfriends

Tatum dated volleyball player Samie Amos during his one year at Duke University and the two were going strong until news broke that the NBA star’s ex-girlfriend Toriah Lachell was pregnant with Tatum’s child during his rookie year. The couple welcomed their son Jayson Christopher Tatum Jr. aka Deuce Tatum on December 7th, 2017 when he was 19 years old. Unfortunately, this caused a rift between himself and Amos which culminated in her responding negatively to an Instagram post celebrating Deuce’s first birthday from her former partner.

Jayson Jr. has become a symbol of the Celtics’ family bond despite his parents not being romantically involved. He is often seen at Boston home games and was even featured in the team’s virtual fan section during their game against the Portland Trail Blazers in Orlando during COVID-19. His presence serves as a reminder of how important it is for families to come together to support each other regardless of their relationship status.

Jayson Tatum’s Girlfriend Ella Mai

Recently it has become difficult to accurately track Tatum’s dating life as it is constantly changing.

In 2019 rumors began to circulate that NBA player Jayson Tatum had begun a relationship with British R&B singer Ella Mai who was gaining popularity due to her hit single “Boo’d Up”. The two reportedly started flirting over Instagram before Tatum made the trip from his home game against the Atlanta Hawks on March 16th to attend one of Mai’s concerts in Baltimore.

Jayson Tatum Girlfriend, Mom, Parents, Height, Weight, Age, Net Worth

The two seemed to be in a committed relationship during the COVID-19 pandemic as evidenced by her visit to his Missouri home in October 2020.

Rumors began to circulate in late 2021 that Tatum might be romantically linked with model Bella B. after she was spotted at his game against the Lakers in December of 2021; however, Ella Mai was also present at the same event leaving some questions as to who exactly he may have been seeing.

Tatum is a driving force for the Boston Celtics as they battle to take down the Los Angeles Lakers and their all-star lineup of LeBron James, Kevin Durant, and the Brooklyn Nets. When he’s not dating Tatum is focused on leading his team back to playoff contention where they are sure to make an impact.

Tatum’s romantic life has been a source of endless fascination. He has done it all – from dating two women simultaneously to making bold statements on social media and even entering into a relationship with a world-renowned singer. Despite the ups and downs, he remains an exemplary father who is devoted to his son and showers him with love.

Jayson Tatum Wife

Jayson Tatum is an exciting example of a professional athlete in the NFL and NBA as many players marry young despite not yet having reached their own marital milestone. This situation highlights the unique lifestyles that come with being a professional sports star offering fans insight into personal lives they may otherwise never get to see.

Jayson Tatum is currently single however he has been in a committed relationship with a woman who has supported him throughout his career since high school. This includes his college years and the transition into professional basketball. His partner’s unwavering dedication to helping him achieve success is admirable and speaks volumes about their bond.

Who Is Jayson Tatum’s Son’s Mother?

Jayson Tatum the professional athlete is a proud father of one. His son Jayson Christopher Tatum Jr., born on December 7th, 2017 – the same day his father scored a double-double to help the Celtics beat Mavericks – was created with his girlfriend Toriah although they are not married. The birth of their child has been celebrated since then and continues to be an ongoing source of joy for both parents.

Toriah and Jayson Christopher Tatum Junior have been blessed with four years of parenthood since the birth of their son on December 6, 2017. As an involved and devoted father Jayson takes his parental responsibilities seriously and has embraced every moment as a parent to provide love, support, guidance, security, and stability for his son. On December 2022 they will celebrate another milestone in their lives when Jayson turns four years old.

Recent reports suggest that he ended his relationship with Samie Amos and is now in a committed partnership with Toriah Lachell the mother of his child.

Jayson Christopher Tatum is an exemplary father as evidenced by the many positive comments his son’s mother has made about him on her social media accounts. He even has a tattoo of his baby boy and takes great pride in displaying it. On Father’s Day, Jayson and the baby attended their child’s dedication ceremony together; further proof that he is devoted to being a responsible parent.

Height, weight, and body measurements

Like a typical basketball, player one would expect Tatum to have an athletic build and in fact a good height and body measurement. Not surprisingly that’s what he does. He is 6′ 8″ (2.03 m) high and has a body weight of 205 lbs (93 kg).

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Undoubtedly built for basketball Tatum also has a wingspan of 6-11 wings. His general body measurements are not indicated.

Jayson Tatum height

Salary and net worth

In a salary projection for the 2017 NBA Draft 1st round rookie, it was suggested that Tatum can earn up to $12,346,200 in 2 years and $27,118,800 in 4 years. With this in mind, he signed a 2-year contract with Boston Celtics who will see him with the club until 2019.

In accordance with the contract, he will receive an annual salary of $6.17 million while the total value of the contract is estimated at $12.3 million. Jayson Tatum’s net worth is estimated at $6 million.

In addition to his salary, he also makes a little more money through various endorsement contracts he has signed with Imo’s Pizza and Nike.