Kevin Durant’s Tattoos And House

Nowadays everyone jumps on the body art train from actors to sailors students and tramps. All jokes aside it has become very trendy to forget your portraits and abstract art body art is the way to follow for maximum self-expression. Before we confuse this with a tattoo ad let’s get to the point. It’s time to check Kevin Durant’s tattoos.

Kevin Durant’s Tattoos And House

Kevin Durant’s Tattoos

At first glance, you wouldn’t know that the athlete is a tattoo artist because he has skipped all the usual places where one would expect the tattoos to be safe. Honestly, you won’t notice anything until he takes off his shirt. His well-known tattoos are on his chest and back but as recently as last month Durant added two tattoos to his collection we will check them all.

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Kevin Durant’s Tattoos; Chest And Stomach

His chest is covered with ink and at first, it is quite difficult to know what they say and represent. On his chest, he has a dove with the name Barbara and a rose with the name Wanda. They were made in honor of the women who raised him his mother and his grandmother. The athlete must really be wise of the Bible’ because underneath there is a biblical inscription from Proverbs 15:33 as well as across with words were written ‘walk by faith, not by sight’.

Kevin Durant’s Tattoos And House

On his central torso he has the Washington National style “W” being from the Washington area it is probably his way of paying tribute to his “hometown”. This is mainly what happens to the torso let’s move on to tattoos on the back.

Kevin Durant’s Tattoos; Back

The athlete’s back tattoos demonstrate his Christian faith, depicting Jesus Christ and an angel holding a basketball on the left and right, with James 1:2-4 inscribed in between. This symbolises his devotion to the Bible, as previously mentioned.

It is a blessing to face trials and challenges in life, as they are an opportunity for our faith to be tested and strengthened. Rather than trying to avoid these tests of character, it is important that we allow them to shape us into mature individuals who can stand firm in their convictions. Although his tattoo may have been misspelled, the fact that he has chosen God as part of his journey is commendable; let him do the work necessary so you can become well-rounded and not lack any aspects of development.

Kevin Durant’s Tattoos And House
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The athlete made a wise decision by taking the time to ensure that their tattoo was spelled correctly; they uploaded a follow-up photo with the correct spelling of “mature” after realizing that it had been misspelled initially. This demonstrates maturity and dedication, as it took some extra effort to make sure the finished product was accurate and free of errors.

Kevin Durant’s Tattoos; Legs

Kevin Durant’s tattoo of Tupac on his left calf has been the subject of much discussion and amusement. Despite all the jokes, he remains proud and unashamed, as evidenced by its bold placement. It is a striking piece that cannot be missed – so much so that people have taken to social media to comment on it. While this was just one of many tattoos Durant had planned for himself, it certainly made an impactful statement all its own.

Kevin Durant’s Tattoos And House

Shortly after getting the ‘giant tattoo of Tupac’ tattooed the actor bought himself a more flashy piece of ink. It’s right there on his thigh another piece of art exploded he has a tattoo of Rick James. The tattoo is still on his left leg but this time on his thigh. It’s as big as Tupac’s and we’re worried about what he has in mind for his right leg.

Kevin Durant’s Tattoos 4


Kevin had a house in Oklahoma but that’s in the past since he sold it some time ago. The last time we checked the athlete was still trying to find out where to call home and his teammate Stephen Curry was helping him understand him.

Kevin Durant House

Speaking to The Undefeated Curry said “I told him where he’s going to live Kevin and his team will first stay in Oakland until they know how they’re going to do things. Nevertheless he has also put his Miami home on the market we are anxious to see where he will settle.

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Quick Facts 

Date of Birth: 29 September 1988
 Age: 31 years old
 Birth Nation: United States of America
 Height: 6 Feet 9 Inch
Name Kevin Durant
Birth Name Kevin Wayne Durant
Nick Name The Second Coming
Father Wayne Pratt
Mother Wanda (noe Durant)
Nationality American
Birth Place/City Suitland, Maryland, United States
Religion Christianity
Ethnicity Black
Profession Professional Basketball Player
Working For Golden State Warriors
Net Worth $150 million
Salary 26.54 million USD (2017)
Eye Color Dark Brown
Hair Color Dark Brown
Waist size 35 in
Chest Size 43 in
Shoe Size 18 (US)
Weight in KG 109 kg
Affair with Letoya Luckett (2011-2012)
Girlfriend Monica Wright (2013-2014), Joie Chavis (2014)
Education The University of Texas at Austin
Awards NBA All-Star Game MVP
Siblings Yvonne Pratt (Brother), Brianna Pratt (Sister), Tony Pratt (Brother)