Javier Mascherano Wife (Fernanda), Family, Height, Weight, Measurements
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Javier Mascherano is probably one of the best footballers Argentina has ever produced. He is known for his incredible defensive skills, his leadership, and his accuracy of fit, to name but a few. Mascherano, like most Argentinian footballers, began his career in the Primera División Argentina.

Mascherano Javier is the second-best player in the history of the Argentinian national team, surpassed only by Javier Zanetti. He has made 140,000 appearances and the number is growing. He has taken part in four FIFA World Cups, including Russia 2018, and his other appearances for his national team include five Copa America tournaments and two Olympic tournaments. He is the first male footballer in history to win two Olympic gold medals since 1968.

Javier has played for clubs like West Ham, Liverpool, and Barcelona. However, he is likely to be remembered for his career in Barcelona, which spanned almost a decade. With Barca, he has won 5 La Liga trophies, 2 UEFA Champions League titles, and 5 Copa del Rey trophies.

Javier Mascherano Wife (Fernanda), Family, Height, Weight, Measurements
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Javier Mascherano Family – Wife (Fernanda) and Kids

Many footballers have become notorious for their frequent escapades with supermodels and actresses, but Mascherano, a family man through and through, asks to be freed from this heap. For a long time in his life, Javier had a relationship with a certain Fernanda Moreno, whom he met as a teenager.

They married in 2008 and have remained happily married ever since, without any rumors of infidelity. It seems that his leadership skills go far beyond the playing field. Some footballers can even learn a thing or two about loyalty from the Argentinian star.

Fernanda Moreno is also not one to feed the tabloids. She has been very reticent and has given the media very little information about her life. According to what we found out, Mrs. Mascherano was born on June 18, 1984, in Buenos, Aires, Argentina, as Maria Fernanda Moreno, which means she is the same age as her husband, who was also born in 1984. They have the same month of birth, Javier was born on June 8th.

Javier Mascherano Wife (Fernanda), Family, Height, Weight, Measurements

From the many snapshots of her that her husband has put online and those taken by paparazzi cameras, Fernanda is quite a beautiful lady, coupled with her calm demeanor, it is obvious why Javier made her his wife.

2008, the year they were married, was Javier’s second year in Liverpool, which he joined from West Ham United. Two years later, in 2010, Javier’s wife made the news after reports appeared that she was the main reason Javier wanted to leave Liverpool, and this was not well received by many as she was heavily criticized.

It is said that Fernanda lived very unhappily in Liverpool because she could not speak English or have friends. To make matters worse, she was also pregnant. After a period in which she had to endure the stress of life in the UK, Fernanda left her husband in the UK and returned to her Argentine home. This puts even more pressure on Mascherano to find a new place that would be convenient for his family, and it was not long before the family man did just that. In August 2010 he signed a four-year contract worth 24 million euros with the La Liga side Barcelona.

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This move broke the hearts of many Liverpool fans who held him in high esteem. They even made him their song, which was sung by the White Stripes to the tune of the “Seven Nation Army” song.

Some of his compatriots, including Lionel Messi, showed their support for his decision to leave him because of family concerns.

Even more painful was the fact that Liverpool had, so to speak, rescued Mascherano from the contractual chaos in which he was involved in West Ham. Neil Warnock, in his article in the Independent, referring to Javier’s time in West Ham and Fernanda’s alleged dissatisfaction with her stay in the UK, said: “I bet his wife was happy then.

In retrospect, Mascherano can probably count more blessings than setbacks for joining Barca.

Javier Mascherano Wife (Fernanda), Family, Height, Weight, Measurements

The couple has three children together, including daughters: Lola (born 2006), and Alma (born 2009), and a son Bruno, born on 12 April 2017.


Height: 5 feet 8.5 inches – 1.74 m

Weight: 73 kg