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Is Tom Cruise Gay? Read Shocking Details

Is Tom Cruise Gay? Read Shocking Details

Once you become a popular celebrity like Tom Cruise, there are things you need to be ready for. One of these things is media attention. The media will try to dig as deep as possible to find the dark and deep secrets that you have always wanted to keep as far away from the public as possible. In most cases where the media cannot get answers, they publish stories in the form of rumors or gossip. While some of the rumors are pure and simple lies invented with malicious intent calling Tom cruise gay

Is Tom Cruise Gay? Read Shocking Details

One of the rumors that have swirled beyond all proportions is that Tom Cruise is gay. homosexual. For many fans this was a very big surprise since the star of Mission Impossible is known to be a ladies’ man. It is in the public domain that he had up to 8 romantic relationships with different women and married three times. He even has a biological daughter with his ex-wife Katie Holmes. It is also rumored that he also dated three other women although such relationships could not be confirmed.

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Who Is Tom Cruise Gay Date?

For years the public has suspected the movie star of hiding something for several years which has led him to tell gossip about his sexuality. In some circles, there are rumors that Cruise’s sexuality is to blame for his failed marriages especially his last one with Katie Holmes. There are rumors that this is a contractual marriage that has survived its course and that is probably why there was no reason given for filing the divorce even though we all know that the legal system in California does not allow such information to be shared.

Is Tom Cruise Gay? Read Shocking Details
Tom Cruise and John Travolta

In March 2015 the cover of a famous tabloid featured Tom Cruise and actor John Travolta in a way that they claimed was very unusual in relation to what the two stars are known for. The tabloid also claimed that the two had shared a secret gay romance that lasted for up to three decades. The cover story had a snapshot of the two actors with Kelly Preston who looked a little distressed. The main questions were why the two Hollywood stars were exceptionally close and what Kelly could know about their relationship.

Before the tabloid released their gossip many men had claimed that they had sex with Tom Cruise. However, these were not tabloid sources of information. According to one report, the homosexual relationship began when Travolta became very interested in the beautiful cruise after seeing him in the “risky affair”.

Travolta would then have invited the young man on a private cruise to a private escapade more precisely to a Scientology school where they would have spent two long weeks together. That’s what aroused suspicion. What could two men do together in a private getaway if it’s not something to do with a romantic encounter? Not surprisingly both strongly denied the allegations. The report went further by stating that the couple had indeed had dinner at a high-end French restaurant in Beverly Hills.

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Some people even believe that the homosexual relationship played a very important role in John Travolta’s conversion to Scientology. If you are a fan of both celebrities then you should look for landscapes where both share a podium. With a keen eye you should be able to read body language maybe you could see something that would reveal to you the kind of relationship they might have. However, this is pure speculation and there is absolutely no evidence that such a relationship actually exists.

Final Thoughts

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Although there are rumors that Tom Cruise hid the dark secret of his homosexuality there is no substantial evidence to support them. The media generally feed on rumors and it is therefore not common to hear such reports about celebrities. This is the only way to get the public to read their magazines and thus earn them money. We cannot exclude it but it is possible that the apparently heterosexual actor is in fact homosexual because of the unusual way in which his romantic relationships began. We can only wait until the time comes to say so because he will certainly do so.