Is Richard Beymer Gay Or Married To A Wife? Where Is He Now?
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Richard Beymer is one of the outstanding actors from the Golden Age of Hollywood. As an older screen star, he began working in the larger-than-life entertainment center in 1949 and still holds the record as one of those with a rich acting history in the industry today. Modern audiences may remember the veteran actor because of his roles in the following documentaries: The Passing of a Saint (2010), It’s a Beautiful World (2014), Richard Beymer’s Before the Big Bang (2016), I Had Bad Milk in Dehradun (2017), Behind the Red Curtain (2017) and the television series Family Law (as Richard Collins, 2001) and Twin Peaks (as Benjamin Horne, 2017).

These are his roles today, as Richard has had numerous television shows and films under his belt. The experienced actor is best known for the role of Benjamin Horne (a real estate mogul) in David Lynch’s widely acclaimed television series Twin Peaks.

Richard Beymer Bio (Age)

The American writer/painter/actor was born as the son of a printer-father in a place called Avoca, Iowa, in the United States. His date of birth is February 20, 1938, while his parents’ names are George Richard Beymer and Eunice Beymer. In the late 1940s, the actor moved with his parents to Hollywood, California, where his love for show business grew. Richard received his high school education at North Hollywood High School. While he was there, he acted in several movies. George Richard Beymer Jr. did not attend college because he was already a full-fledged actor by the time he graduated from high school.

Is Richard Beymer Gay Or Married To A Wife? Where Is He Now?
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The veteran actor got his first screen role in the television series Sandy Dreams in 1949, after which he starred in other series such as Cavalcade of America, Make Room for Daddy, The Gray Ghost, and 26 Men. Beymer’s career took a definitive turn in 1951 when he was cast in an unappreciated role in the film Fourteen Hours, which was his debut. Two years later, the experienced actor had his first feature appearance in Terminal Station, directed by the well-known Italian director/actor Vittorio De Sica, which was released in 1953. 1962 was another big year for the actor, as he was awarded the Golden Globe Award for the new Star of the Year – Actor, alongside American filmmaker/actor Henry Warren Beatty and singer-songwriter/actor/multi-instrumentalist Bobby Darin. He also starred in the film Wide Side Story together with Natalie Wood, who was nominated three times for the Academy Award.

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Sometime in 1964, Richard Beymer took summer away from Hollywood to participate in the Mississippi Summer Project, a volunteer campaign that took place in the United States to register as many African Americans living in Mississippi as possible. During this time he made the documentary “A Regular Bouquet”: Mississippi Summer,” which was to win a prize for portraying the efforts of volunteers who register eligible African American voters in Mississippi.

The experienced Hollywood actor has also distinguished himself as a film director. One of his remarkable projects is his avant-garde film entitled: The Innerview. This film won the Josef von Sternberg Prize at the International Film Festival Mannheim-Heidelberg in 1974. His other popular works are The Passing of a Saint (2010), which tells the funeral rites of the Indian guru Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, and It’s a Beautiful World (2014), which tells the story of his journey to India with the American filmmaker/photographer/painter/musician/actor David Lynch.

In addition to his work as an actor and filmmaker, Richard Lynch is also active as a visual artist, sculptor, writer, and painter. Beymer’s first book with the title: Impostor: Or Whatever Happened to Richard Beymer? was completed in 2007. The self-published novel is a semi-autobiographical narrative that depicts the struggle of a young actor for himself.

Is Richard Beymer Gay Or Married To A Wife? Where Is He Now?
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Is Richard Beymer Gay Or Married To A Wife?

The actor has never been married in his life and there is no proof that he is gay. Although Richard has been flying solo for many years, he has had several failed relationships with women in the past. His first attempt at a relationship was with actress Tuesday Weld, with whom he allegedly dated from 1960 to 1961. The following year Beymer teamed up with Dolores Hart and they became friends. They dated and separated in the same year. While shooting a film, the actor fell in love with Sharon Tate, who was cast as an extra on the set. The two moved to California and later became engaged. Unfortunately, the two lovebirds broke off their engagement after one year. Since then, no one has heard or read anything about their love life.

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Where Is He Now?

Since 2010, Iowa-born Hollywood veteran Avoca has been living in Fairfield, Iowa, from where he shoots, writes, sculpts, and paints films. The 6 foot 2-inch tall star has amassed an estimated $18 million through his business channels.