Hulk Hogan's Brother, Daughter, Wife, And Son

Over the years we have followed the dramatic lives of various wrestlers, and the star in question is no exception. Well, it’s time to find out if his life is just as dramatic if the cameras aren’t around the corner somewhere. It’s time to investigate Hulk Hogan’s brother, daughter, wife, and son.

Hulk Hogan’s Brother

There’s a reason we don’t hear much about Hulk Hogan’s brother, well in simple words, the guy has been dead for quite some time. His name was Allan Bollea, he was born in May 1947 and died on April 1986 because he was shot twice in the back. This officially concludes all information about Hulk Hogan’s brother.

Hulk Hogan’s Daughter

Her family is deeply rooted in showbiz, so it’s not a shock that Brooke Hogan herself is famous. She was born on 5 May 1988 as Brooke Ellen Bollea and is chubby as she is a reality TV star, actress, singer, and media personality. Brooke began her music career early, and this opportunity led to many more opportunities across the board.

Hulk Hogan's Brother, Daughter, Wife, And Son

It all started in 2002, when she started promoting her music career, Brooke and her father appeared in a one-hour special on VH1. It was widely believed that it opened the door for the whole family to play in a reality TV series that focused on the teenager’s struggle to make it in the music industry while dealing with an overprotected father. The show was called Hogan Knows Best and was aired in 2005-2007.

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Hulk Hogan's Brother, Daughter, Wife, And Son Hogan knows Best soon became Brooke Know’s Best, and when this venture was over, she tried her hand at a little play. Besides her screen appearances, there is a very controversial subject that brought Brooke into the limelight. Sometime in 2015, a recording appeared in which her father made some very strange statements.

Hulk Hogan's Brother, Daughter, Wife, And Son

In the part dealing with Brooke, he described himself as her ideal husband and added that he would apply “Hulkamania” to anyone who married his daughter. This is not an ideal way for a father to talk about his daughter, not at all, yet she replied by writing a poem in which she defended him.

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Hulk not only had a wife once but is currently in second place. He was first married to Linda Hogan, formerly known as Linda Marie Claridge. You may remember her from some episodes of Hogan Knows Best. The two met again in Los Angeles in the 80s, they got married in 1983 and everything seemed to be perfect.

Hulk Hogan's Brother, Daughter, Wife, And Son
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They then had two children together and eventually began to build their empire together as their husband was by far the most popular wrestler of the 80s and for much of the 90s. In 2007 her marriage broke down and there is a very dramatic story behind it.

Hulk Hogan's Brother, Daughter, Wife, And Son

One of the main reasons Linda filed for divorce was because of Hulk’s infidelity. It was actually quite shameful, a band by Gawker showed that Hogan was sleeping with one of his best friend’s wives, and after the band showed up, one of Brooke’s girlfriends came forward with some shocking own messages. She admitted that she was also involved in an affair with the wrestler.

Hulk Hogan's Brother, Daughter, Wife, And Son

Soon after Linda filed all this for divorce and Hulk learned about it from a reporter who approached him and showed him the divorce papers. So he was actually surprised. What followed was a very chaotic divorce fight.

Hulk Hogan's Brother, Daughter, Wife, And Son

In the midst of the divorce battles with his ex-wife, Hulk found comfort in the arms of another and her name is Jennifer McDaniels. The two tied the knot when Jennifer was 35 years old and he was 58, but that’s not what most find strange about them. Apparently, McDaniels looks very much like Brooke, Hogan’s daughter, but whatever his boat is really rocking?

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Hulk Hogan’s Son

His name is Nick Allan Bollea and he is an actor and reality TV star and he seems to be quite a problem. On August 26, 2007, he was involved in a car accident in which he hit a tree. To top it all off, he was actually under the influence of alcohol in his car during the race.

Hulk Hogan's Brother, Daughter, Wife, And Son

To make the whole story even more horrifying, someone was in the passenger seat and as a result of the accident, John Graziano was seriously injured and is expected to be cared for around the clock for the rest of his life. Nick spent 5 months in Pinellas County prison as a result of his recklessness.

Quick Facts

Date of Birth: 11 August 1953 
 Age: 66 years old
 Birth Nation: United States of America
 Height: 6 Feet 4 Inch
Name Hulk Hogan
Birth Name Terry Gene Bollea
Father Peter Bollea
Mother Ruth Bollea
Nationality American
Birth Place/City Augusta, Georgia
Religion Christian
Profession Professional wrestler, actor, television personality, entrepreneur, musician
Working For World Wrestling Entertainment
Net Worth $25 million
Eye Color Green
Hair Color White
Face Color Fair
Weight in KG 137kg
Famous for Wrestling
Married to Jennifer McDaniel
Children Brooke and Nick
Divorce Linda Claridge
Awards University of South Florida, Robinson High School
Online Presence Facebook, Twitter, Wiki
Movies Rocky III
Siblings Kenneth Wheeler, Alan Bollea