How Many Children Did Ray Charles Have? All About His 12 Kids
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Ray Charles, also known as “The Genius”, was a legendary American singer, songwriter, and pianist. Ray Charles’s influence on music is undeniable.

From the 1950s to the 1980s his hit songs like “Hit the Road Jack” dominated the charts. His career stretched over an impressive five decades from 1945 to 2004.

Along the way, he racked up numerous awards including Grammys and a Lifetime Achievement Grammy in 1987.

Beyond the music, Ray Charles was a family man. He fathered twelve biological children. While his personal life may not have always been in the spotlight his dedication to his family is a lesser-known but important aspect of his story.

How many biological children did Ray Charles have? He had 12 biological kids. Here is everything you need to know about Ray Charles’ 12 Children.

Key Takeaways

  • Ray Charles a legendary musician, was also a father of twelve children.
  • He had children with multiple partners throughout his life.
  • Several of his children have pursued careers in music, business, and ministry.

Who is Ray Charles?

Ray Charles a legendary American singer was born on September 23, 1930, in Albany Georgia to Aretha and Bailey Robinson. His early life however was filled with hardship.

How Many Children Did Ray Charles Have? All About His 12 Kids
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By the age of four Charles’s eyesight began to deteriorate and by seven he was completely blind. This wasn’t the only tragedy he faced. At the young age of four, he also lost his younger brother George who drowned in his mother’s bathtub at 4.

These events which Charles later called “the two tragedies” of his life deeply affected him. He left school at the young age of 14 and turned to music finding solace and a way to express himself in the world of sound.

Ray Charles’ 12 Children

Ray Charles was married twice. His first marriage to Eileen Williams in 1951 was short-lived lasting only a year. The couple did not have any children together.

In 1955 Ray Charles married Della Beatrice Howard Robinson with whom he had a more long-lasting union. They remained married for 22 years until 1977 and had three children together.

Beyond his marriages, Ray Charles fathered twelve children with ten different women.

Evelyn Robinson

Evelyn Robinson the oldest daughter of Ray Charles was born in 1950 to her mother Louise Flowers. Evelyn’s journey is one of remarkable achievements and diverse experiences.

How Many Children Did Ray Charles Have? All About His 12 Kids
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With a knack for success coaching and expertise in event and travel management, Evelyn has carved a niche for herself.

She Has experience in Health and Wellness Consulting managing Pre-Paid Legal Services Inc. and serving as a Software Engineer/Systems Analyst at Verizon.

She pursued further education at The George Washington University School of Business where she earned a Masters’s Certificate in Project Management. Currently, she resides in Boston Massachusetts.

Ray Charles Jr.

Ray Charles Robinson Jr. was born on May 25, 1955. He carries on the legacy of his famous father the legendary musician Ray Charles.  His mother is Della Bea Robinson.

How Many Children Did Ray Charles Have? All About His 12 Kids
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He’s a successful film producer and writer and even co-authored a book about his father’s incredible career titled “Ray Charles: 50 Years of Music.” 

In 2004 he even took a turn in front of the camera appearing in a film called “Chernyy Prints.”

He lives in Los Angeles with his longtime partner Rhonda Bailey.  He’s also a proud father to two daughters Erin and Blair and a doting grandfather to his granddaughter Kennedy.

But Ray Jr.’s dedication extends beyond his family.  He is known for his commitment to helping those in need within his community particularly those struggling with addiction.

David Robinson

David Charles was born in Los Angeles in 1958. He is the second son of legendary musician Ray Charles and his second wife Della Bea Robinson. The younger brother of Ray Charles Jr. David carries a musical legacy while forging his path.

David found love with his longtime partner Synthia Robinson. Together they had a son Sgt. Conrad Robinson. Sadly Sgt. Robinson passed away tragically at the young age of 36 while stationed at Camp Bondsteel in Kosovo.

Charles Wayne Hendricks

Charles was born in October 1959. His mother is the long-term girlfriend of the musician Maggie Hendrix a popular American gospel singer group leader and member of the girl gospel group the Raelettes.

How Many Children Did Ray Charles Have? All About His 12 Kids
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Charles lived out of the public eye for his entire life and passed away in 2013. His obituary mentions that Charles married Marlene Hendricks of Aurora Colorado and is survived by several children and grandchildren.

Robert F. Robinson

Robert was born on April 17, 1961. He is the 4th child of the famous singer Ray Charles. He is also the youngest among Ray’s children with his second wife Della Bea Robinson.

How Many Children Did Ray Charles Have? All About His 12 Kids
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Robert attended different Christian schools and eventually enrolled in a prestigious Aviation school in Los Angeles.

Throughout his academic journey, he earned several awards and honors. His dedication and hard work paid off when he secured a position as an instructor and teacher at one of the nation’s top Aviation schools.

In 1988 Robert made a significant career shift deciding to focus on ministry.

Today he is known as Dr. Robert F. Robinson Sr. serving as the pastor of Great Faith Ministries and Schools.

Renee Robinson

Renee was born in 1961 to her mother Mae Mosley Lyles. Renee 62 is Currently residing in Los Angeles California with her photographer husband Kevin.

How Many Children Did Ray Charles Have? All About His 12 Kids
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For over 6 decades Renee has honed her skills in the financial sector. She leverages her expertise to help others in multiple ways working as a Tax Repairer a Legal Shield Provider and a Credit Repairer.

Sheila Robinson

Sheila Robinson was Born in September 1963 to her mother Sandra Jean Bettes in Minnesota. Sheila’s relationship with her father was limited but the moments they shared were precious.

How Many Children Did Ray Charles Have? All About His 12 Kids
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Like her father, Sheila struggled with addiction. She overcame incredible hardships including imprisonment a car accident and sexual abuse. In her own words, she credited finding faith as the turning point that dramatically changed her life.

Sheila’s journey took an inspiring turn when she met and married Michael Steptoe. Together they pursued her passion for music. Sheila became a singer-songwriter her talent blossoming.

In 2005 she released her debut album “My Daddy” a heartfelt tribute to the man who influenced her life.

Sheila eventually settled in Sarasota Florida where she continued to make music and share her story. Sadly in 2017, she lost her battle with breast cancer at the age of 53.

Reatha Butler

Reatha Butler was born in 1966 and is the proud owner of Real Estate Pro. Their offices are located in Payton and Falcon Colorado. Reatha is 57 years old She is the elder sister of Alexandra Bertrand.

Known for her discretion Reatha keeps her personal life private and prefers to avoid the limelight.

Alexandra Bertrand

Alexandra Bertrand was born in 1968 to her mother Mary Chantal Bertrand. She is the younger sister of Reatha Butler. There are no details about her personal life in the public domain as she is known to lead a highly private lifestyle. Currently, Alexandra Bertrand is 55 years old.

Vincent Kotchounian

Vincent was born in Los Angeles USA in 1977 to Arlette Kotchounian. Now at 46 years old Vincent Kotchounian proudly embraces both his American and Armenian heritage.

How Many Children Did Ray Charles Have? All About His 12 Kids
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His educational journey led him to the University of South California (USC). Vincent’s worked as a fitness trainer at INT MMA GYM.

His creative talents extend beyond the gym as he has also contributed his design skills to create a cover for his father’s music album.

As time passed Vincent felt a deepening connection to his Armenian roots. This led him to make a profound decision: he chose to immerse himself fully in the Armenian lifestyle stepping away from the glitz and glamour of the limelight.

Robyn Moffett

Robyn LaJoya Charles was born in 1978 to Gloria Moffett in Chicago Illinois.

How Many Children Did Ray Charles Have? All About His 12 Kids
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Her career kicked off as a singer-songwriter under A-Class Productions in Atlanta Georgia. Her entrepreneurial spirit led her to establish R. Charles & Co. Enterprises in 2015 a venture focused on music publishing and consulting.

Robyn pursued education at John Casablancas of Chicago and later at Columbia College Chicago. At these esteemed institutions, she delved into vocal performance music business management, and entertainment marketing honing her skills for the competitive industry.

Robyn is a mother to her daughter Avari Rhaen.

Ryan Corey Robinson Den Bok

Ryan Corey Robinson was born in 1987. He is the youngest child of legendary musician Ray Charles. Carrying on the family tradition Ryan Corey has a passion for music.

How Many Children Did Ray Charles Have? All About His 12 Kids
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Fans can find Ryan Corey online where he’s been sharing his musical talents. He’s even posted covers of his father’s classic hits showcasing his musical abilities.

Quick Facts

1. Who is Ray Charles? Ray Charles was a legendary American singer, songwriter, and pianist.

2. How many children did Ray Charles have? Ray Charles had twelve children with ten different women.

3. Who was Ray Charles’s first child? Evelyn Robinson, born in 1949, is considered Ray Charles’ eldest child.

4. Did any of Ray Charles’ children follow in his musical footsteps? Yes, some of his children pursued music careers, including Sheila Raye Charles, a singer-songwriter who passed away in 2017.

5. What was Ray Charles Jr.’s role in the movie “Ray”? Ray Charles Jr., Ray’s eldest son, co-produced the biographical film “Ray.”

6. Are any of Ray Charles’ children involved in carrying on his legacy? Several of his children are involved in preserving his legacy, including Ray Charles Jr. who co-produced the “Ray” biopic and works to help those struggling with addiction.

7. Is it true some of Ray Charles’ children have passed away? Sadly, yes. Two of Ray’s children Charles Wayne Hendricks and Sheila Robinson are deceased.

8. Where can I learn more about Ray Charles’ personal life? His autobiography, “Brother Ray: Ray Charles’ Own Story,” offers insights into his personal life.

9. How many kids did Ray Charles have with Bea? Ray Charles had three sons with his wife Bea: Ray Charles Robinson Jr. (born 1955), David Charles Robinson (born 1958) and Robert Robinson (born 1960)

10. Who are Ray Charles’s wives? Ray Charles was married twice, His First Wife was Eileen Williams and his second wife was Della Beatrice Howard Robinson (Bea).


Ray Charles’ influence on music is undeniable, but his story goes beyond the stage. He was also a father of twelve, each with a unique path. From musicians to entrepreneurs, pastors to filmmakers, Ray Charles’ children continue to inspire in their ways. This rich family tapestry adds another dimension to the legacy of a true musical legend.