Damon Harrison Height, Weight, Body Measurements, Biography
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If you are an ardent supporter of American football or a frequent user of social media, you have certainly come across the name Damon Harrison. You’ve probably also been more curious about who exactly this personality is, his background, and the story behind his current fame – especially considering his dominant presence in American football, where he has earned a reputation for running back faster than a Cheetah.

We know that you are curious, and that’s why we decided to get an in-depth background on Damon Harrison to give you a better understanding of his biography, height, weight, and measurements.

Damon Harrison Biography

Damon Snacks Harrison is a professional American football player born on November 29, 1988, in New Iberia, Los Angeles. Harrison is revered for his work as a Nose Tackle for the New York Giants and is known to lead the league in terms of run-stop points between 2013 and 2016. But his story is more than that.

Damon Harrison Height, Weight, Body Measurements, Biography
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Since his early age in New Iberia, Damon Harrison has had a lot to deal with, including mental depression and emotional rejection. Born into the Harrisons’ family, there is little to say about his parents and family except that his mother’s name is Brunella Harrison: a woman he loves so much and for whom he bought a car. He also has siblings.

Damon attended Lake Charles Boston High School in Louisiana. There he began his athletic career playing both basketball and soccer, and in addition to his basic attention, which was his education, he participated in athletic events as an after-school activity.

Damon chose soccer after injuring his meniscus while playing as a shooting guard in basketball. However, when the college scouts arrived, Damon was expelled from the soccer team due to his weight gain. He was missed not once but twice.

For this reason, he went on the Internet to find a college – the Northwest Mississippi Community College. However, further refusals followed as he was not invited to the Combine, which led to the withdrawal of his auxiliary scholarship. As soon as he realized that soccer would not work for him, he decided to leave Northwest Mississippi Community College: He returned home and took a temporary job at Walmart, where he worked as a night clerk and filled shelves.

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He considered returning to basketball, where he could revive his career, which was already dead and buried, but the opportunity had disappeared. Harrison filled out applications and tried to save enough money to get his own apartment and enroll at McNeese State University where he could try to work his way onto the soccer team. He did this for a while before a recruiter reached out to him and lured him to the Pro Day program at the NAIA school in Iowa (William Penn University) for a great performance Damon showed in the gym.

Until he attended William Penn University, which was a pure white college, Damon had spent his entire schooling (elementary, middle school, high school) in mostly black schools. After a successful college career, Damon Harrison was signed up as a Free Agent by the New York Jets in April 2012. In his rookie year, he played only five games. However, he earned a chance when other veterans were injured and started the full 16 games of the following three seasons for the Jets.

Damon Harrison earned his nickname “Snacks” because of a locker room experience. While playing for the New York Jets, head coach Rex Ryan noticed that he had a thing for food during the position meetings and caught his attention by leaving a Rice Krispies Treat on the desk for Harrison. Ryan started calling Damon Snacks, and the name stuck

In March 2016, Snacks signed a five-year contract worth $46,500,000 with the New York Giants. At that time he was already a freelancer for the NFL. In 2017 he was added to the NFL’s Top 100 Players list. All in all, despite the many rejections he received, Snacks still found his way into the NFL.

Damon Harisson Career
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You might also be interested to know that in 2005, Hurricane Katrina devastated his town and completely devastated him and his community. This spurred Harrison to undertake many social responsibility projects and philanthropic activities in his community. These include donating holiday meals to underprivileged families. However, his most important charity work is the Damon Harrison I Told the Storm Foundation. The goal of this institution is to empower disadvantaged youth. His deeply rooted philanthropy earned him the 2018 United Way’s Hometown Hero award.

Harrison married his longtime friend Alexis in July 2016 and named his first child – a son – Damon Snacks Harrison Jr. He has four children in total, the rest are his daughters.

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Height, Weight, and Body Measurements

It was during his weight program at NAIA that Harrison went from 250 pounds to an All-American 350-pound defensive weapon. Currently, he weighs 350 lb (159 kg) with a 6-foot, 4-inch striking height. While other details of his body measurements remain to be confirmed, Damon has an imposing figure that is respected both on and off the court.