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Chris Weidman Wife, Sister, Brother, Dad, Family, Height, Bio

Chris Weidman Wife, Sister, Brother, Dad, Family, Height, Bio
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Chris Weidman is an American mixed martial artist who has made a name for himself in the sport after becoming a UFC middleweight champion. His career has been underlined by numerous victories against opponents such as Anderson Silva, whom he defeated twice, and by numerous awards. Apart from his life as a martial artist, Chris is also an actor, and you can find out all about him here.

Chris Weidman Bio

Christopher James Weidman is of German and Irish descent and was born on June 17, 1984, in Baldwin, New York. He was raised there with his two siblings by their parents, who were very spiritual and raised their children in the Lutheran Church, and this spirituality would follow Chris even as a fighter.

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As he grew up, Chris became interested in athletics and began wrestling. His first choice, however, was hockey, but since his family could not afford to get him the necessary things, he switched to other sports such as soccer, basketball, and others. Even when he attended Baldwin Senior High School, he continued working as a wrestler. From there, he transferred to Nassau Community College (NCC) but did not complete his studies there as he later moved to Hofstra University where he graduated. As he wrestled in high school, he continued to do so in college and earned two All-American Wrestling titles when he was at NCC.

Chris Weidman
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Although he started as a wrestler, Chris Weidman later became very popular in mixed martial arts (MMA). He decided to turn to the sport after seeing Anderson Silva and believed he could beat the man, although Silva was considered the Lionel Messi or Lebron James of the MMA at the time. This was what led him to start training in this sport in 2008. By 2009 he was already a mixed martial artist.

The highlight of his career was the fight against Anderson Silva. When he went into combat, Chris had to accept defeat in his first 9 professional fights, while Silva, who was considered one of the greatest fights the sport had ever seen, had only lost 4 fights in 33 and had successfully fought and defended the UFC Middleweight Championship from 2006 to 2012. Thanks to the fight, Chris Weidman was able to put his name among the greats when he not only defeated Silva but did so twice in five months.

Looking at his career up to the end of 2018, Chris Weidman had already knocked out 17 times in the ring, won 14 times, and lost only 3 fights, all of which were fought in a knockout system. He had won 6 of his fights by knockout, 4 by submission, while the other 4 were won by decision.

He won the UFC Middleweight Championship, which he defended three times before losing it to Luke Rockhold after two and a half years.

As an actor, Weidman appeared as Nick Dawson in the sitcom television series Kevin Can Wait. He played in 4 episodes from 2016 to 2018. It remains to be seen if he will appear in some more movies in the future.

Family – Dad, Sister, Brother, and Wife

As mentioned above, Weidman came from a family with roots in Germany and Ireland. The martial artist grew up in a Christian family with one brother and one sister. This did not mean that life was easy for him, as he had a very difficult time growing up. He was always beaten up by his older brother who was a tyrant.

His sister is married to the brother of another professional mixed martial artist, Stephen Thompson.

Chris Weidman Wife, Sister, Brother, Dad, Family, Height, Bio
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His father stayed away from his fights most of the time but managed to take part in a few. Chris and Michael Bisping got into a Twitter fight after the latter told the former to put his father on a leash after he stepped into the ring to explain that Chris was still his boy even after losing a fight. The younger Weidman promised to give Bisping a pat on the mouth for dragging his father into the whole thing.

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Weidman is married to Marivi Caban. The two have been together since childhood, with Chris being Marivi’s brother’s best friend. After they had been together for a very long time, the two decided in 2008 to make the covenant for life. The marriage between the two is blessed with three children: Cassidy Weidman, CJ Weidman, and Colten Weidman.

Marivi Caban, whose family is from Hawaii, is a graduate of Hofstra University like her husband and has been working as an accountant since May 2015.

Height and Weight

Just as you can easily expect from a mixed martial artist who has been doing physical sports all his life, Chris Weidman has a good height and physique. He stands at a height of 6′ 2″ (187 cm) and has a weight of 185 lbs (84 kg).