Cat Zingano Husband, Height, Weight, Body Measurements
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Fighting is not a vocation that Cathilee Deborah Albert, born in Cathilee Zingano, has stumbled upon, but rather one that she has pursued with devotion since her first engagement in her early years. However, it was only when she entered her first MMA fight in 2007 that she knew that this was her strength and a sport she would seriously pursue and practice to eventually become one of the best fighters in the world. In the course of her flourishing career, she has won five K.O. victories and three by submission (Armbar, Anaconda, RNC).

She is an American mixed martial artist who was born on July 1, 1982, in Winona, Minnesota, USA, as the youngest of the three children of Jon Albert and Barbara Albert. She is also known by her nickname Alpha and takes part in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). Like the proverbial cat whose back never touches the ground, Cat Zingano rarely sees defeat

Her career in martial arts began with wrestling when she was 12 years old, and eventually, she joined the wrestling team at Fairview High School in Boulder, Colorado, where she was the only girl on the team. Driven by her love for the sport, Cat joined both the University of the Cumberlands (2001) and the MacMurray College women’s wrestling team after her high school career. She would excel on both teams and eventually become a four-time All-American and National Champion.

Cat Zingano Husband, Height, Weight, Body Measurements
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Before Cat Zingano participated in her first amateur fight in October 2007, she learned about Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ), which opened the doors for her to compete and set her on her way to enormous victories. Among the tournaments she won in her early career days are the World Championships (Mundials) in Los Angeles, the State Championships of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil, not to mention several state titles in Colorado.

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Still adept at what she does, getting better and better, she would turn her winning streak into a professional career. She had her first MMA fight on June 13, 2008, when she won championship titles in three of her first four professional fights. In April 2013, she took part in her first UFC women’s fight against Meisha Tate in a match called “Fight of the Night” and defeated her in the third round. With this victory, she became the first woman to win a UFC fight by technical knockout (TKO).

Cat Zingano underwent knee surgery in October 2013 and returned in September 2014 after a year and a half without a fighting arena against Amanda Nunes. With the understanding that her career alone is an art she could never perfect, she never tires of it. She looks for ways to improve and move forward, even after defeat, and is constantly learning. On 14 July 2018, she will face Marion Reneau at UFC Fight Night 133.

Cat Zingano Husband

In 2010 Cat married her long-time friend, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt wearer Mauricio Zingano. She had a son Brayden before she met Mauricio, who he adopted after her marriage. Mauricio owned a two gym training facility in Colorado called Zingano BJJ and had also been fighting professionally before he shifted his focus to teaching and training other fighters.

His wife Cat was one of his students and under his guidance she won eight straight fights as an MMA fighter, making her the UFC’s number one fighter after her knockout against Miesha Tate in April 2013. She was also the first mother to compete in the UFC.

Success does not automatically give her immunity to challenge, and she loses for life, which is usually the case with humans. The case is no different for Cat Zingano, the intrepid, tenacious fighter who went through a difficult period of her life in early 2014. After her victories in the ring and her dominance in the women’s fighting arena, her husband committed suicide on January 13, 2014, at the age of 37, shortly after injuring her knee. As tough as she is in the arena, it was painful for her to experience this.

Cat Zingano Husband, Height, Weight, Body Measurements
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As is customary in such matters, especially when there is no longer anything about why one had to take one’s own life, many reasons emerged for Mauricio’s death at his own hands. Nothing was given as the final reason why he hanged himself, but speculation by the couple struggling for the cohesion of the marriage, fraud scandals and drug abuse abound. Regardless of the explanation, the fact that a loved one gives in to the pressures of life can leave one desperate and in great sorrow.

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Cat has since risen through the hurt, overcoming not only her husband’s death but a severe knee injury to make her return to what she knows how to do best to fight her way back to life.

Height, Weight, and Body Measurements

She fights in the women’s bantamweight class and is able to maintain a slim and jacked up body, although not without some weight gains and subsequent rigorous weight loss processes at some point. The cat Zingano weighs 65 kg (135 lb) and is 1.68 m (5 ft 6 in) tall. Her body measurements are not available.