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Casey Beathard, also known as C. J. Beathard, is one of the most skilled athletes in the world. He is an American soccer player who plays as quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers in the National Football League (NFL). Like his fellow athletes, he began playing soccer in high school, where he honed his skills in the early stages of his teenage years before moving to the University of Iowa to pursue a college career. The 49ers later recruited him in the third round of the 2017 NFL Draft. Read on for more interesting information about his life and career.

C. J. Beathard Brief Bio

Casey Jarrett Beathard was born November 16, 1993, in Franklin, Tennessee. As a young boy, he was trained at Battle Ground Academy, where he was part of the school’s own soccer team called Battle Ground Academy Wildcats. His performance was brilliant in every way as he honed his skills and built up his stamina playing soccer. After graduating from high school, C. J. continued his college education and hopes to pursue an academic career at the University of Iowa.

During his college years, Beathard played a minor role in a five-game school team appearance, but Hawkeyes did not make his official college debut until September 21, when his team played Western Michigan. In the game against the Broncos, Beathard made four 30-yard runs and completed a 54-yard run. He scored the first touchdown of his career in the five-yard rush on November 9, 2013, in a game against Purdue.

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In his next game against Nebraska, Beathard scored another touchdown on his kitten in the four-yard rush. In the fourth quarter after the 21-14 defeat, he threw a touchdown pass to his teammate kevonte Martin-Manley during the Outback Bowl against LSU.

Professional Career

During the 2017 Senior Bowl season, C.J. Beathard received an invitation to meet with the Chicago Bears representatives, whom he hoped would impress them with his skills on the field during the week scheduled for the Senior Bowl. Unfortunately, he was unable to make a big impression after a week of training. Beathard later played for the Nord team on January 28, 2017. In that game, he was restricted by two passes for 4 passes and a 12-yard rush, which led to a 15-16 defeat of the North team against the South team.

Fortunately, Beathard was selected by the San Francisco 49ers, 104th overall in the third round of the 2017 NFL draft, and then signed a contract for a rookie worth a whopping $3.52 million with an upfront premium of $706,288. After being named by head coach Kyle Schanahan as a replacement for Brian Hoyer. On October 15, 2017, he made his professional debut for the regular season, which C. J. then completed with a total of 123 of 224 passes (54.9%) over 1,430 yards, six interceptions, and four touchdowns.

Family – Dad

C. J. Beathard apparently comes from a famous family. His father’s name is Casey Beathard and he is a very popular musician who co-wrote six No. 1 songs, including “The Boys of Fall”. He is also widely known for his alcohol-related theme songs, which are usually cheerful-feel-good songs that help get the party going. These songs include: “Drinkin’ Bone”, “Beer Man”, “The World Needs a Drink”, “How’d I Wind Up in Jamaica”, etc. He has also shown a serious side to his music-making, as can be seen in his hits like “The Love Song”, “Homeboy”, “Walk a Little Straighter” and others. Interestingly, it is worth mentioning that C.J.’s grandfather Bobby was a former NFL general manager.

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Personal Life – Girlfriend, Kids

It is no hidden secret that most footballers live in the fast lane, seldom enter into a stable relationship, and have many women at their side. C. J. Beathard may not be the excessive type, but he has never been married either; maybe he detests attachments or maybe he just wants to settle down with the right woman. However, he has a good relationship with his girlfriend Madelyn Chupka, with whom he has been dating since 2012. Although they still have to walk down the aisle, they will welcome their first child and their first son in 2016. We keep our fingers crossed when we hope for an announcement of marriage because they look really good together.

C. J. Beathard Height And Weight

A soccer field is certainly a difficult place, especially during the games, because there is a lot of pushing, throwing, and of course “intentionally” hitting other players. Therefore it is very important that the athletes have the right body type to exert this pressure on the field. For C. J. Beathard, he scores particularly well in this department because he is an enviable 1.88 m (6 feet 2 inch) tall and has a mass of 99 kg (219 lbs).