Brandon Larracuente Bio, Wiki, Ethnicity, Girlfriend, Height, Parents, Gay
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The American actor Brandon Larracuente was introduced to the world of theatre after a church choir director had sounded him out for a few operas at the tender age of four.
The actor, first known for his portrayal of Ben Rayburn in the Netflix series Bloodline, later got another great role as Jeff Atkins in another Netflix series, 13 Reasons Why.

Brandon, who is known to his fans as a fitness freak, makes the ladies drool with his spicy pictures on social media. He regularly posts his pictures on Instagram while working out at the gym, and boy, do they look good! He also posts lots of pictures of himself and his friends, as well as behind-the-scenes footage from his shows, on his Instagram account.
According to Brandon, he was bullied as a kid, hence his passion for fitness. He used it as an escape to fight his insecurities.

Brandon Larracuente Bio, Wiki, Ethnicity

Brandon Larracuente was born on 16 November 1994 in Pleasantville, NY, USA. He comes from a Puerto Rican family. He was introduced to the world of theatre at the age of 4 when he was asked to participate in two operas at the New Rochelle Opera House. However, his acting career began at the age of 8 when he appeared in an off-Broadway show called Desire. When his family moved to Florida, Brandon played a role in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and at the Orlando Repertory Theatre in It’s a wonderful life.

He has had several feature film credits, including the 2017 Baywatch and 2016 Max Steel. But Brandon only became famous through his role in the Netflix series Bloodline. In the series, he portrays Ben Rayburn, son of Kyle Chandler, and Jacinda Berrett’s characters John and Diana Rayburn.

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He then bagged the role of Jeff Atkins in another Netflix series, 13 Reasons Why. While Brandon auditioned for Zach Dempsey’s character in 13 Reasons Why he was chosen for Jeff Atkins instead. In the end, the role became very popular with fans.

Within three weeks of its debut, the show quickly became Netflix’s most popular social media show. There’s one thing that many fans largely agree on: #Jeff deserves better. In the show, a star baseball player who needed more than a little help with his English homework, Jeff Atkins urges his tutor Clay Jensen to take risks in life, especially when Hannah Baker is involved. Above all, he knows that Clay likes Hannah and lures his friend out of his shell as best he can.

However, a painful reality sets in in episode 10 when Jeff dies before the start of the school year. His death was the result of a car accident, which was classified as drunk driving. His death affects many of the kids at Liberty High, particularly Hannah and Sherri, who ran the stop sign at the intersection that was to become the site of the car accident.

Clay is also affected because he realized too late how close he and Jeff were. After his death on the screen, Brandon went to Instagram to show a retrospective photo from the background of the series’ production that illuminates one of the series’ most sensitive moments. He prompted fans to continue their campaign that his character Jeff Atkins deserved justice after his untimely death.

As a result, fans immediately began responding through the comment section that Jeff deserved better and that they wished the character had stayed around longer. Apparently, we’ll just have to wait and see if the writers visit Jeff’s plot again and possibly bring him back. Since his appearance in the 13 Reasons Why, Brandon is a new crush for most of his fans. His great acting skills are really something to be happy about.

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Height, Parents

The twenty-three-year-old actor Brandon Larracuente has an attractive height of 1.83 m. Although not much is known about him, both his parents were New York City police officers. He doesn’t talk about them much, but according to available information, his father is Israel Larracuente, a retired New York City homicide detective.

Is Brandon Larracuente Gay? Girlfriend

If you ask me, Brandon is not gay. His impressive posture has led many people to believe that he might be gay. Still, the rumor floating around about his sexuality is unfounded.

In fact, Brandon has a girlfriend and her name is Jazmin Garcia. They often post photos of each other on social media and attend events together, looking absolutely adorable together.