Bob Saget Net Worth, Daughters, Age, Wife, Girlfriend or Fiance, Is He Gay?
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If you spend your kindergarten days getting kissed by girls for your jokes, the best thing to do is to stay on that line and make something of it, that’s what Bob Saget did. The comedian is responsible for some of the funniest projects in the last 39 years of his active work. He is known for classic projects like Full House and How I Met Your Mother.

Bob Saget was nominated for a Grammy, and the comedian is a well-known philanthropist. If you would like to learn more about the comedian, including details of his professional achievements, his fortune, and other facts about his life, please read this piece.

Bob Saget Age, Early Life, and Rise to Fame

Bob Saget, whose career can be defined along the lines of his stand-up comedy and screen comedy, is of Jewish descent and was born on May 17, 1956, the son of Benjamin and Rosalyn Saget. Born as Robert Lane Saget, Bob attended high school in Philadelphia, where he was born despite a short stay in California. Originally he wanted to become a doctor but was led back to the cornerstone of his natural talent, and his English teacher Elaine Zimmerman advised him to pursue a career in film.

It was advice that Saget took to heart. The Jewish comedian attended the film school of Temple University. There Saget created his first film, Through Adam’s Eyes, which was about a boy who received reconstructive facial surgery. For Saget, it was the very first confirmation of his talent, as the film earned him a merit award at the Student Academy Awards.

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Bob Saget’s long and extensive career began in Los Angeles, where he moved to after his attempt at a graduate course at the University of California failed. In Los Angeles, Bob showed his comedic talent at any comedy club that would allow him to do so. While selling his talent in comic clubs, he met Brad Grey, who became his manager and helped him secure roles in television and film. His partnership with Brad Grey soon led to a groundbreaking role in Full House as Danny Tanner, a widowed father, and with him, the show rose in the top 30 shows in the country in terms of ratings. His appearances on the show soon opened up other opportunities for him, and in 1989 he became the host of America’s Funniest Home Videos. He hosted the show from 1989 to 1997 as the host.

Bob’s comedy is a mixture of several genres of comedy – from character comedy, which he uses in films and on television, to observational comedy, which stands out more clearly in his stand-up routines. His comedy personality is split between family-friendly comedy, which is often seen in shows such as Full House, How I Met Your Mother, the newer Fuller House, and his adult-oriented comedy, which is more prominent in his stand-up routines.

This comedian has appeared in no less than 16 films since his debut with Through Adam’s Eyes. However, the American comedian has found much more success in television roles, appearing in over 20 television shows with several hundred episodes in his resume. His first comedy special, That’s What I’m Talking About, was released in 2013 and was nominated for a Grammy.

In addition to his life as a comedian, Bob Saget is a major contributor to research on scleroderma. The entertainer lost his sister to the disease and is now a board member of the Scleroderma Research Foundation. His contributions have raised $25 million for the organization’s research, and its results have benefited high-profile patients like Regina Hall.

Wife, Girlfriend, or Fiance, Is He Gay?

Before his life resembled his character in Full House, Bob was married to his high school sweetheart Sherri Kramer. They became life partners in 1983, but the marriage lasted 15 years until they were divorced in 1997. Their marriage produced three daughters.

After the divorce, Bob Saget dated Hope Smith briefly for a year. He is currently engaged to Kelly Rizzo, a blogger about food and travel. Given the relationships he has had, there is no reason to believe he is gay, Bob Saget is a heterosexual man.

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Bob Saget Net Worth

Bob Saget has been working in Hollywood for over 30 years. The popular comedian with an extensive filmography that includes hit shows such as How I Met Your Mother and Full House is currently considered worth $100 million.

Bob’s Daughter

Bob Saget shares three daughters with his ex-wife Sherri Kramer. The comedian once described his daughters as his greatest achievements and was a great father to them.

Aubrey, Lara Melanie, and Jennifer Belle have refused to let their father’s popularity become part of their private lives. They have led an inconspicuous life, with Aubrey being the most famous dignitary. She is quite popular for her online gallery of paintings of everyday objects.