Justin Timberlake’s Height, Weight, Body Measurements, Net Worth, Wiki

This is one of those celebrities who show that the fluidity of “showbiz” is no myth. Is it singing? Is he on it, does he dance? You can bet he is on it, give him a script, he will deliver it, what more can we say? We love J.T. Unfortunately, today is not about “tooting” him in the horn, but we want to look at his “talent-filled” statistics (sorry, we can’t help it, it’s like a reflex), starting with Justin Timberlake’s Height up to his shoe size. Stay in your seat.

Justin Timberlake’s Height and Wiki

At first glance, you might think he’s a little guy, but that’s not the case, Justin Timberlake’s height is a sign that the gods of high places are smiling down on him. Before we dive into the main theme, here are a few more identifying marks the star possesses. When you look at Justin Timberlake, his light brown hair, his incredibly blue eyes, and his perfect facial features are not easy to overlook.

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According to the rumor mill, his facial features are so perfect that they must be unnatural. There have been several rumors that the star went under the knife on more than one occasion, they mentioned a nose job and a lip correction. He didn’t need to defend himself in this matter because his die-hard fans did it for him and claimed that he was simply very good at aging gracefully.

Justin Timberlake’s Height, Weight, Body Measurements, Net Worth, Wiki

Now that we’re done with that, let’s move on to Justin Timberlake’s climax. The artist is six feet tall, he certainly doesn’t look like that because he doesn’t have the physique that is common with men of that height, but then again, there’s nothing common about J.T.

Other notable personalities who share Justin Timberlake’s height are Leonardo DiCaprio, Barack Obama, and Cristiano Ronaldo, so the artist is in good company.

Justin Timberlake’s Weight

Nobody has to tell you that the actor has no love-hate relationship with the gym, he doesn’t even have to take his shirt off, it’s pretty gross. His time at the gym is an integral part of his routine, but beyond that, he doesn’t neglect his cardio time, he also plays basketball, goes snowboarding, and dances. That’s a nice way to mix it up and keep it interesting.

A great training routine should go hand in hand with an even better nutrition plan, and Justin can check this off on his checklist. He eats five times a day, this may sound exaggerated (since it’s more than three times), but it doesn’t matter how many times, what’s eaten is important. He does not eat junk food or beer, and he avoids foods that do not contain fiber, and he drinks lots of water every day because hydration is crucial.

This is a typical daily meal plan from J.T: For breakfast, he has oatmeal that has carbohydrates covered on the front, 3 boiled eggs that give just the right amount of protein, and a glass of fruit juice. For lunch, our A-Lister has cooked chicken breast with rice, and to add that extra kick of protein, he adds a protein shake.

Justin Timberlake Weight

Dinner seems to be a little more adventurous, with 2 slices of brown bread, a cooked chicken breast with little spice, and a delicious salad for the fiber punch. After dinner, when he gets a snack, a glass of protein shakes and 3 boiled eggs serve as a good dinner. This is the same thing he would have if he felt tasty during the day, but maybe with a glass of milk instead.

This is just a prototype of his typical daily menu, we are sure J.T. will turn it up from time to time. We especially want to know what he has on his cheating days. It’s not easy, but look at the results! Anyway, before we forget, the actor weighs 76 kg, and that is very reasonable for someone of his size and stature.

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Net Worth

Justin Timberlake is a force to be reckoned with in the music industry. He needs no introduction, and if you find his popularity enviable, his net worth is even greater. Justin’s net worth is currently $230 million. This is expected from someone who has won 10 Grammy Awards, 4 Emmys, and 3 Brit Awards and has become a more regular face after his third appearance on February 4, 2018, in 2001 and 2004 with his third appearance at the halfway point of the Super Bowl us.

Justin Timberlake’s Body Measurements

There is no doubt that the additional statistics of the star will be equally proportional to his height and weight, let’s find out together. Justin’s chest is 40 centimeters long, his waist is 32 centimeters, and his biceps 16 centimeters. This proves that someone has been gaining weight.

There’s no way we’d forget his shoe size, it’s not our culture, so let’s go. The artist wears a US shoe size 11, a European size 44, and a British size 10.5.