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While socialists such as Kardashian make their name for TV shows and many other compelling reasons people like Woahhvicky Victoria Waldrip make names for strange and controversial claims.

Social media is actually one of the fastest and most effective ways to gain popularity and attention nowadays if you have a unique talent and Wohhvicky’s choice has made good use to earn unimaginable fanfare from around the world. One of the most controversial statements that have drawn a lot of attention is her claim to being an African-American. Of course, it must not have been so hard to swallow that the color of her skin and the background of her parents have not been proven otherwise. Not only that he has said with great confidence he supports his claims in most of his video posts and messages on his social media pages.

Woahhvicky Victoria Waldrip Bio, Age, Parents, Boyfriend, Wiki

For odd reasons the Instagram model has been made so intriguing that its behavior – imitating urban-black culture use of N-word wearing of do-rags mouth grills and twerking make it entirely difficult for people to agree with her own persona. In fact most of his followers consider her “false representation” of the black race as outrageous and insulting to the culture of the black people and that she is intentionally exploiting her persona to rise to social media fame. Despite all these things Victoria Waldrip – who is better known than her internet alias Woahhvicky has garnered more than 1.3 million followers on her Instagram account. Find more information about her Bio Age Parents Boyfriend Wiki.

Woahhvicky Victoria Waldrip Biography, Age, Parents

Victoria was born on March 7 2000 and She Was raised in Georgia the United States where she currently lives.

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According to his Facebook profile Wiki claims to be born and raised in Hiram a small town in Georgia. She studied at John McEachern High School and is currently bent on making fame through her modeling career. She is an enthusiastic traveler. Some of the places seen by her include the Dominican Republic Caicos Los Angeles and the Turks.

Woahhvicky Victoria Waldrip Bio, Age, Parents, Boyfriend, Wiki

Woahhvicky Victoria Waldrip Family

Victoria Waldrip is of White-Caucasian ethnicity She was born to a successful homebuilding entrepreneur Steve Waldrip whose business was founded in the 1980s and Carla Johnson her mother. There is also a sister of Victoria who is 30 years old but due to the difference in age, she is not socially in touch with her.

Woahhvicky’s Rise to Fame

The social media star who often called herself the Melanin Queen joined the Instagram woahhvicky before she later changed it to imwoahvicky. On her page, the star often posts pictures of clothes bags, and accessories made by the Gucci Fashion Brand. In addition, She usually posts a video on YouTube where she teaches more than 25 thousand subscribers how to twerk.

Woahhvicky Victoria Waldrip Bio, Age, Parents, Boyfriend, Wiki

In one of her YouTube videos the internet star claimed that her DNA result shows that she is 25% black and believes that even though her mother and her blond and yellow skin prove it wrong. Her other videos on YouTube helped make her famous which is the popular “Summer Time Makeup Tutorial for Black Women” which has attracted thousands of viewers.

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In addition to the claim of his unreliable black race, Victoria Waldrip is also known for criticizing notable personalities such as Cash Me Ousside queen Danielle Bregoli. Being a strong fan of Nicky Minaj, she tries to sing like her, even if her voice is completely offbeat. She compares herself to one of the most influential women, Beyonce.

After closing his popular Instagram account Victoria said that she was not really a black American but a white Caucasian teenager. After a series of controversies over her black-race claim on her Instagram page and her online debate with another online personality, it was brought down in danger.

However, her YouTube videos are still in progress. Recently She was allegedly arrested for assault and torture with police officers. After a troubling incident in North Carolina Mall charges were made against her which provoked panic and fear of firing by an active shooter.

Woahhvicky Victoria Waldrip Bikini

Quick Facts About Victoria Waldrip, aka Woahhvicky

  • Full Name: Victoria Waldrip
  • Birth Place: United States
  • Date of Birth: March 7, 2000
  • Birth Sign: Pisces
  • Occupation: Instagram Model
  • Education: John McEachern High School
  • Father’s Name: Steve Waldrip
  • Mother: Carla Johnson
  • Ethnicity: Caucasian
  • Current Residence: Georgia, United States