Who Is Zachary Taylor Warner? Truth About His Biological Father, Disability, & More
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Zachary Taylor Warner is famous for being the stepfather of Kurt Warner, a former American football guard who played 12 seasons in the NFL. He is also the first defensive lineman to win a Super Bowl as a starting quarterback. He has also set several records during his playing career, including the highest average passing yards in a Monday Night Football game, the most games with more than 300 yards, and many others.

Like his father, his mother, Brenda Carney Meoni (now Brenda Warner), is a career-oriented person. By profession, Zachary’s mom is a former US Marine, philanthropist, and social media influencer. As the son of well-known personalities, Zachary has always been in the spotlight. He also became a major topic after news of his disability appeared in the media. What is the truth?

We are here today to answer everyone’s curiosity about Zachary Taylor Warner, the eldest son of Kurt Warner and his wife Brenda Warner, along with his age, the truth about his disability, his interests, his net worth, and much more.

When Was Zachary Taylor Warner Born? His Age And Wiki

Zachary (nicknamed Zack) was born as the first child to his biological father Neil and mother Brenda on 25 April 1989 in the United States of America. Now, in 2022, he is a 33-year-old man. As a child, Zachary was in the care of his biological father, as his mother served in the US Marine Corps.

In the meantime, four-month-old Zachary was in an accident that permanently injured him and he had to grow up with traumatic brain injury. Moving on, and talking about his siblings, he has six siblings – one biological named Jesse Joe, and the other half-siblings are Cade, Jada, Ellie, and twins Sienna and Sierra.

Zachary Taylor Warner Is A Stepson of Kurt Warner: His Parent’s Relationship

Zachary is his mother’s first child from her broken marriage. Later, his mother Brenda, who was divorced and a mother of two, came into contact with Kurt Warner, who won her over with great affection. In an interview, Brenda talked about her initial relationship with Kurt. She said, “Kurt was a very good person,

“I told him, ‘I just want you to know I am a divorced mother of two, so if I never hear from you again, I will understand.’ That’s the way it usually worked.

She went on to tell how Kurt had accepted her two children without hesitation.

The next morning, he showed up with a rose and wanted to meet the kids. He fell in love with the kids a lot sooner than he fell in love with me. He looked at us as three blessings instead of just one. I just kept waiting for the man that I deserved, and God blessed me with him.”

Later, his parents, Brenda and Kurt, tied the knot on 11 October 1997, when Zacharias was just eight years old, and his stepfather had no hesitation in officially adopting him and his sister.

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Zachary’s Association With The Movie American Underdog

In 2021, Zachary became part of the American biographical sports film American Underdog. The film is based on the life of his father Kurt Warner, so Zachary is also associated with the film. The family even went to the cinema to watch the film together.

In this sports film, actor Hayden Zaller played the character of Zachary.

Zachary Taylor Warner Is Blind With Brain Damage: What Had Happened?

As we mentioned before, when he was only 4 months old, he had an accident. In fact, his biological father Neil accidentally dropped him off when he was taking a bath, which resulted in Zachary suffering a brain injury.

According to his mother Brenda’s book One Call Away, the family only found out about the injury after Zachary started having trouble breathing because he started making strange noises when he breathed. Soon after, Neil called Brenda and was taken to the doctor. He was later diagnosed with brain damage, which left him blind for life.

Who Is Zachary Taylor Warner? Truth About His Biological Father, Disability, & More

Whatever the situation, Zak and his mother Brenda celebrate this disability despite their regrets. In relation to her son’s injury, Brenda wrote on Instagram on 6 September 2021, sharing a photograph of her first-born child,

ZACKS DAY! He was injured 32 yrs ago today at 4 months old. We choose to celebrate this day Sept 6th because our lives all changed in an instant and we are grateful for Zack everyday. Celebrate with us! 2 rules: do something fun and eat whatever you want all day long

What Does Zachary Taylor Warner Do?

The stepfather of an NFL player does not seem to be involved in any professional activities because he is completely blind. However, in his personal life, Zachary is really interested in singing. His mother Brenda once posted a video of him singing with the caption

Thanks to the Keeper of the Stars, Zack doing his thing ❤️#ifyouknowyouknow

We can’t say more about what exactly Zachary does, but we can only assume that he is probably being looked after by his parents to this day.

Zack Is A Cheerful Person

If we talk about his nature as a human being, Zachary is very humorous and good-natured. His mum once posted a picture of him on Instagram. She wrote,

Everyone be like Zack today: be good to others, make someone belly laugh, flirt with middle aged married women, listen to music with a loud beat! 😉😜😊

From this, you can conclude that he is really a cheerful person and likes to live life to the fullest despite all his physical disabilities.

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Zachary Taylor Warner’s Relationship, Girlfriend

As of 2022, 33-year-old Zachary doesn’t seem to have any romantic relationships and he is neither married nor single yet. He is physically disabled and enjoys his single life alongside his large family of 6 siblings and his parents with whom he has a great bond.

As he is the first child, his mother adores him very much. As his mother’s Instagram stories show, he is a loving uncle to his nephew and a loving brother to all his siblings.

Is Zachary Taylor Warner Active on Social Media?

Warner does not have accounts on any social network, neither Instagram nor Facebook. But that doesn’t mean that people can’t see him and watch him do his work.

Although he does not have a personal social media account, we can see him on his mother’s Instagram account with the username @brendawarner, which has 17,200 followers. His mother, Brenda, constantly posts photos of Zachary on her Instagram account.

Zachary’s Net Worth

Well, born into a celebrity family, Zachary certainly enjoys a luxurious life. But because he is not professionally active, he doesn’t get his own money.

However, his parents are very rich. While his father has a net worth of $30 million, his mother has around $3 to $5 million.

Quick Facts About Zachary Taylor Warner

Date of BirthJune 17, 1967
Age55 Years, 4 Months, 13 Days
Place of BirthUnited States
CountryUnited States
ProfessionFamily Member