Who Is Tsm Myth, How Old is He, Is He Gay, Married or Have a Girlfriend?
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Tsm Myth is an American professional player of the Fortnite Battle Royale and Twitch Streamer, who plays survival games and is currently the captain of the SoloMid team. Previously he joined Fortnite as a player, but soon he was appointed team captain due to his undeniable playing skills. He also has over 4 million followers on Twitch with over 50 million views of his game, making him one of the most popular streamers on Twitch in 2018. He also has a YouTube channel that boasts more than 3 million subscribers.

But besides his gaming personality, Tsm Mythos is a very interesting person. He comes from a background that wasn’t so flattering but has become a person of interest in the gaming world.

Who is Tsm Myth, How Old is He?

Tsm myth, whose real name is Ali Kabbani, was born on May 24, 1999, in the state of Michigan in the Midwest of the United States of America. Growing up was a bit strange for him and his two siblings, who had to live with his uncle’s family because his mother had psychological problems. It was thought that her problems began when she lost both parents at a very young age. His uncle later adopted him and his siblings legally.

He set up his first YouTube account on November 23, 2013, but it wasn’t until 2016 that he began streaming on Twitch through Paragon (a multiplayer online battle arena developed by Epic Games). Although Paragon was later shut down, this had no impact on Mythos, as he had already gained many fans online due to his impressive gaming skills. In the second half of 2017, Tsm Myth moved to Fortnite Battle Royale, where its games were streamed. When not playing solo, he also works with the Solo Mid team, which consists of Juan “CaMiLLs” Camilla (sub), Darryle “Hamlinz” Hamlin, and Daequan Loco.

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When he plays the game solo, the Tactical SMG is his weapon of choice, but when he plays with the TMS team, he uses the grenade launcher. Moreso, the unique and inventive strategies he uses while entertaining and informing his audience, gave him the edge he needed to be crowned captain of the team.

Currently, Fortnite Battle Royale is one of the most streamed games on Twitch, and Tsm Myth certainly had a lot to do with it. As a result of his conquering and playing skills, he personally has over 500,000 Twitter followers, over one million followers on Instagram, and more than 3.2 million Twitch subscribers in the first half of 2018.

Most young men in the age of Tsm Myth can only dream of having so much money in the bank, although few can make such a dream come true. But ZSM-Mythos lives this dream because his net worth is estimated at a little more than one million dollars. Although most of his income comes from his profession as a gambler, earning between $2,300 and $4,000 per position, he also markets goods such as his branded shirt.

Who is The Girlfriend or Is He Gay?

Somehow it has become commonplace to try to decipher the sexual orientation of celebrities, whoever they may be. For certain reasons, fans are obsessed with the sexuality of their favorite celebrity. Basically, the discussion about the myth of being possibly gay began when a video of him being kissed by a male fan was posted online.

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However, while watching the video, it seemed as if he was just fooling around while walking in his busy neighborhood, especially when his fans came by to take a picture with him. As he walked away, he looked back at the admiring fans and yelled, “Who wants a kiss? Then he ran towards one of the male fans and landed a quick kiss on his chin. Whether he is really gay, we can’t say for sure, because no further evidence was collected and he didn’t come out as such.

To make matters worse, he didn’t reveal whether he was with someone or not, but he did have a date on March 13th with one of his female fans and casual streamers (Tori Pareno), who won the date by fulfilling the target of 15,000 retweets for “Myth”, a retweet that now stands at over 17,000 retweets.

How Tall is Tsm Myth?

If there was any doubt that Tsm Myth (Ali Kabbani) is indeed a handsome young man, his pictures should dispel that doubt. But what about his height? You may wonder that he is not the tallest of his peers when he is 1.63 m (5’6″) tall. But this is definitely an average size, which is not bad at all.