Home Actress Who is Tiffany Pollard? Her Net Worth, Married, Husband, Kids, Bio

Who is Tiffany Pollard? Her Net Worth, Married, Husband, Kids, Bio

Who is Tiffany Pollard? Her Net Worth, Married, Husband, Kids, Bio
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Reality TV shows are often characterized by their controversial character and even more by their controversial stars. The shows aim to show how ordinary people behave in everyday life or situations. One of the reality show personalities who never tires of showing her face and living her life on screen is Tiffany Pollard, also known by her nickname New York.

She became publicly known when she appeared in VH1’s Flavor of Love and I Love New York. Her films and reality shows have always caused controversy and she is now a popular meme that can be seen on numerous social networks that use her expressions to show different emotions.

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Who is Tiffany Pollard? Bio

Tiffany Pollard is a reality TV star and actress known for her successful reality shows I Love New York and Flavor of Love on VH1, in which she participated in the competitions. In the first two seasons of the reality series Flavor of Love (2006-2007), Tiffany Pollard retained the position of runner-up.

She was born on January 6, 1982, in Utica, New York, USA, the daughter of her parents Michelle Rothschild-Patterson and Alex Pollard, who are unmarried. Tiffany has a brother named Derek Pollard. She attended John F. Kennedy Middle School and graduated from Thomas R. Proctor High School.

The TV star has other names by which she is known. One of them was given to her by her ex-boyfriend, the rapper Flavor Flav. He gave her the nickname New York and she is colloquially known as HBIC (Head Bitch in Charge), which is her self-proclaimed name. She mentioned the name in the series Flavour of Love to mock her rivals, but it turns out that he has remained loyal to her outside the show as well.

In New York, in 2008 she made her film debut as a client in the comedy First Sunday, in which she appeared alongside rappers Ice Cube, Regina Hall, and C.J. Sanders. She also appeared in two plays, The Clean Up Woman in 2009 and The Trial of Chicago 7 in 2010.

After her successful reality TV appearances, she also appeared in a number of other shows. In 2016, she appeared in the British television series Celebrity Big Brother, where she finished fourth at the end of the show. She also appeared as a panelist on the show “Big Brother’s Bit on the Side” in 2016.

Tiffany was also a cast member in the series The Next:15 and was cast in the first season of the reality show Family Therapy with Dr. Jenn alongside her mother. The reality TV star took part in the second season of the reality show Famously Single after its participation was announced on November 3, 2016.

After participating in a number of successful reality series, Tiffany Pollard decided it was time to start her own show. Her television series Brunch with Tiffany Pollard premiered on February 9, 2017, on VH1. In the show, she shows her exuberant side while informally interviewing a celebrity guest at brunch. The series featured New York Real Housewives of New York star Sonja Morgan, and Tiffany is staging a comeback of the series.

In addition to the reality TV series, the TV personality has been on a number of high-profile shows including Jimmy Kimmel Live, The Tyra Banks Show, MTV’s Say What? karaoke, and the Saturday show.

Tiffany Pollard Net Worth

She has performed at a large number of successful shows, so it is expected that she will be able to show a reasonable amount of merit for her hard work and diligence, which she certainly does. The TV star and actress has an estimated net worth of $500,000 according to various online sources.

Is She Married? Her Husband And Kids

The private life of the actress was not without controversy and ruffles. During her time on the show “I Love New York,” she was engaged to two different men. One of them is the winner of the first season of the show, Patrick “Tango” Hunter, with whom she was engaged for only six months in 2007. However, the tie was canceled by the alleged future husband on the reunion show.

Just as she has something to do with the show winners, she pitched her love tent again with the winner of the second season, George “Tailor Made” Weisgerber. The duo was engaged in 2007, but the wedding never took place. Unlike their first engagement, where the man canceled, this time she took the bull by the horns, and on September 8, 2008, she announced that she had officially broken up with George.

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During the first season of the 2007 television show, Tiffany also had a number of other affairs. She had an affair with these men; Ahmed Givens, Ezra Masters, Kamal Givens, apart from her former flame Flavor Flav, with whom she was with from 2005 to 2006.

Despite the number of dates she had, none of them ever turned into a marriage. In 2016, however, it was discovered that she was secretly dating a rapper, Action LA Jackson. The discovery was made during her time on the Celebrity Big Brother Show, where she flirted with another contestant, Scotty T. During the show’s tell-all game of “Truth or Dare” she made a statement implying that she has a guy, the rapper, on the outside with whom she allegedly has been dating since 2012.

Action backed up her claims with a tweet telling him that he didn’t care about his girlfriend Tiffany’s flirtations on the show and a picture with Tiffany on his Twitter, where he promoted her and asked viewers to vote for her.

But that was in 2016, and in an interview in 2017 the actress said that although there were a few guys on her radar, no one was staying with her at that time. Could this mean that she has broken up with the rapper? For someone who has an unpredictable timeline when it comes to romance, that might be possible.

As for whether she has children, Tiffany was about to have one, but unfortunately, she had a miscarriage when she was four months pregnant. She described this experience as one of the most painful things that happened to her.