Who is Rod Wave? Real Name, Birthday, Family And More
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Rod Wave a rising star in the music world is more than just a rapper. This Florida-born artist blends singing and songwriting to create a unique style that is captivating audiences. But before the catchy tunes and chart-topping hits, there was Rodarius Marcell Green.

That’s right Rod Wave is his stage name!

His musical journey began in 2016 and since then he’s released multiple projects including a whopping five studio albums. One song in particular launched him into the spotlight.

Heart on Ice” released in 2019 became a massive hit reaching number 25 on the prestigious Billboard Hot 100 chart. This wasn’t just a lucky break; it solidified Wave’s talent and potential.

But Rod isn’t just about the music. He is also a businessman. Hit House Entertainment a record label he founded in Florida is helping other artists find their voices.

On a personal note, Rod is a dedicated father of two daughters. While he is not married he is in a long-term relationship.

Key Takeaways

  • Rod Wave, born Rodarius Marcell Green, is a versatile musician blending rap, singing, and songwriting.
  • He gained recognition with hits like “Heart on Ice” and founded Hit House Entertainment.
  • Despite his success, he remains dedicated to family and roots.

What is Rod Wave’s real name?

Before the soulful raps and chart-topping hits, Rod Wave was Rodarius Marcell Green born and raised in St. Petersburg Florida. His family life played a big role in shaping him. His mom Charmaine worked at a cable company providing stability. Sadly his father Rodney Fatz Green went to prison when Rod was young leaving a six-year gap in their lives.

Who is Rod Wave? Real Name, Birthday, Family And More
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Rod also has an older half-brother from his father’s side and his cousin Coby Green known as DJ Fizzum Fade adds another layer to his musical family ties.

School days in St. Petersburg saw Rod at Lakewood High School. Here his talents began to blossom. He wasn’t just drawn to music; he also played football showcasing his athletic side. Interestingly it was at 16 that his singing voice truly emerged setting the stage for his future career.

Today Rod makes his home in Tampa Florida staying close to his Florida roots. A proud American citizen his African-American heritage is also a source of inspiration in his music.

How old is He?

Ever wonder how old your favorite artist is? Well, Rod Wave was born on August 27th, 1998 making him 26 years old as of 2024. This places him under the Virgo zodiac sign known for their analytical minds and dedication to their craft.

Who is Rod Wave? Real Name, Birthday, Family And More
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Virgos are often seen as perfectionists and that drive might explain Wave’s impressive rise in the music industry. Maybe his meticulous nature is what helps him craft such catchy tunes and thoughtful lyrics!

What made Him Famous?

Music has always been a part of Wave’s life even if he wasn’t always center stage. Though he started singing young his shyness kept him from performing in public. That all changed when a video of him singing in a Lakewood High School hallway went viral on social media. Suddenly everyone was taking notice of his talent.

Who is Rod Wave? Real Name, Birthday, Family And More
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By 2016 Wave was ready to share his music with the world professionally. The St. Petersburg native quickly carved a niche for himself by blending hip-hop and R&B creating a sound now known as “soul trap.” He’s considered a pioneer of this genre and with good reason!

Since his debut Rod has dropped five studio albums: Ghetto Gospel Pray 4 Love Soulfly Beautiful Mind and his latest Nostalgia. Signed to Alamo Records he’s racked up a string of hits that have fans singing along including “Turks & Caicos” “Boyz Don’t Cry” and the chart-topping “Heart on Ice.”

But Wave’s reach extends beyond the microphone. In 2017 he established Hit House Entertainment a record label dedicated to helping other artists find their voices. With artists like OMN Twee Eelmatic and December Joy on the roster Hit House Entertainment is sure to be a force in the music industry for years to come.

Does He have a family?

Rod Wave’s life isn’t all about music and touring. This talented artist is also a dedicated family man. He’s been in a long-term relationship with his girlfriend Kelsey Dee Coleman and together they share two adorable twin daughters.

Who is Rod Wave? Real Name, Birthday, Family And More
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Their love story reportedly began in 2016 and in May 2020 their family grew even bigger with the arrival of their daughters Kash and Mocha. As of 2023 the twins are full of energy and keep Rod on his toes!

While their relationship seems pretty solid rumors about Wave cheating on Kelsey Dee Coleman swirled in the news recently. However, the rapper himself shut down those rumors quickly calling them out for being untrue. One thing’s for sure Rod values his family and tries to keep his personal life out of the spotlight.

How tall is He?

Rod Wave stands at a solid 5 feet 6 inches tall which is roughly 168 centimeters. As for his weight, it’s estimated to be around 216 pounds or 98 kilograms.

Quick Facts

1. What is Rod Wave’s real name? Rod Wave’s real name is Rodarius Marcell Green.

2. How old is Rod Wave? Rod Wave is 25 years old. He was born on August 27, 1998.

3. Where is Rod Wave from? Rod Wave hails from St. Petersburg, Florida, USA.

4. Does Rod Wave have any family? Yes, Wave’s parents are Charmaine and Rodney Green. He also has a brother.

5. Was Rod Wave raised by a single parent? Rod Wave’s parents divorced when he was young, so he likely spent some time with each parent.

6. What is Rod Wave’s relationship status? While not married, Rod Wave is in a long-term relationship with Kelsey Dee Coleman.

7. Does Rod Wave have any children? Yes, Rod Wave has twin daughters named Kash and Mocha.

8. What genre of music does Rod Wave make? Rod Wave is known for his unique blend of hip-hop and R&B, often referred to as “soul-trap.”

9. How did Rod Wave get famous? Rod’s rise to fame came with the 2019 single “Heart on Ice,” which went viral on TikTok and achieved chart success.

10. What was Rod Wave’s first album? Wave’s debut album, titled “Ghetto Gospel,” was released in 2019 and reached the top 10 of the US Billboard 200 chart.


Rod Wave, born Rodarius Marcell Green, is a rapper and singer making waves in the music industry. His unique blend of hip-hop and R&B, known as “soul trap,” has captivated audiences and landed him multiple hit songs. This Florida-born artist’s journey began in St. Petersburg. After finding success with his single “Heart on Ice,” he has released five studio albums and founded his record label, Hit House Entertainment.