Who Is Rian Johnson, What Is His Net Worth, Here’s All You Need To Know
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Fans of the Star Wars franchise will certainly know Rian Johnson. He is the director of The Last Jedi, a contribution to the Star Wars saga that split the fan base at the reception. For some of the fans mentioned, he is a criminal for his execution of the film, and for the other faction, he has done a good job. Whichever side of the fence you are on, you are more likely to belong to a minority of moviegoers who are familiar with the American filmmaker.

Apart from his divisive work on Star Wars, he has done critically acclaimed projects like Brick in 2005 and Looper in 2012. Read on to learn more about the man who blew up an entire fan base to learn more about his professional history and educational background.

Who Is Rian Johnson?

Rian Johnson’s career may not have a ton of feature films on his resume, but the man has done over 90 projects, most of them short films, and he reached this number before he left film school. As a self-proclaimed audio-visual geek, Rian’s directing style is considered more suited for independent work rather than studio projects.

Who Is Rian Johnson, What Is His Net Worth, Here’s All You Need To Know
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Born in Silver Spring, Maryland on December 17, 1973, Rian attributes his film style to the 1977 film Annie Hall directed by Woody Allen. Rian’s education included attending USC School of Cinematic Arts after high school in San Clemente High School in 1992. Although Rian Johnson was born in Silver Spring, Maryland, he spent some time growing up in Colorado before settling in San Clemente. His first movie, Brick, was shot mainly at his former high school.

This filmmaker has a lot of short films in his resume, his first feature film was shot in 2005. It took him six years to make the movie Brick, which introduced Hollywood to the art of Rian, and he spent most of that time looking for money for the film. After six years of shooting promo shots and videos for a preschool for deaf children, Rian finally managed to raise the $500,000 needed to shoot Brick. The film, starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt, debuted at the Sundance Film Festival in 2005 to critical acclaim and was eventually purchased by Focus Features for theatrical distribution.

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For many artists, their talent is a means to an end, with the end usually being wealth. For others, however, their talent and what they can create with it is the end itself. For the second group, money is nothing more than a means to express their talent. Rian Johnson belongs to the second group. So although his film Brick Hollywood opened his eyes to his abilities, the Maryland-born filmmaker chose to focus on independent films, like one of his inspirations, The Coen Brothers.

Rian returned to smaller projects, including directing a music video for one of his favorite music groups, The Mountain Goats. His follow-up film did not last long and had few problems with financing, but was not as well-received by critics and box office as his first film. The film “The Brothers Bloom” starring Adrien Brody and Mark Ruffalo was an overwhelming project of the man who had produced Brick. Before he did the project, which was impossible to please everyone in The Last Jedi, he shot 2012 Looper, starring Bruce Willis and a reunion with Joseph Gordon-Levitt, it was a sci-fi action thriller. The film was better received than The Brothers Bloom and further sharpened his profile as a filmmaker.

Rian’s work has not been limited to short films and feature films. He directed several episodes of television shows, including three episodes of Breaking Bad, which earned him the Directors Guild of America award for excellence in directing. As a filmmaker, he has worked on thirteen films and four television shows.

Family and Relationship

Who Is Rian Johnson, What Is His Net Worth, Here’s All You Need To Know
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Rian is one of the main actors in Hollywood who doesn’t reveal details of his private life to the media, but it is known that he plays in a band called The Preserves, where he sings and plays banjo with his cousin Nathan Johnson. His brother, Aaron Johnson, is also a music producer.

As for romantic relationships, it is assumed that Rian Johnson has been in a relationship with the writer Karina Longworth since 2011. There are no indications yet of the couple’s decision to marry.

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What Is His Net Worth?

Since his break-in in Hollywood, Rian Johnson has made several movies, with Star Wars: The Last Jedi being his only blockbuster movie to date. The director’s net worth is estimated at $3 million, and it is assumed that this is mainly income from his work on The Last Jedi.