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Who Is Lucy Liu’s Husband and What Do We Know About Her Son?

Who Is Lucy Liu’s Husband and What Do We Know About Her Son?
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There are so many characteristics that distinguish one celebrity from another, but each of them has its uniqueness and its abilities. For someone like Lucy Liu, she can best be described as a multi-talented, versatile, and powerful woman. Not surprisingly, Liu has distinguished herself not only as an American actress, but also as a film producer and director, and as a visual artist.

She is best remembered for her roles in high-profile films such as Charlie’s Angels released (2000), Sex and The City (2001), Brainstorm (2002), Kill Bill, which won her an MTV award for best film villain in 2003, Codename: The Cleaner and Rise, released in 2007. She also appeared in the award-winning film God of Carnage in 2010 and The Elementary in 2012. Lucy Liu has also directed films such as Meena and several episodes of Elementary and Graceland.

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Through her exceptional acting abilities, Lucy Liu has had a remarkable influence on the American film industry and has received numerous awards on her behalf. These include a Primetime Emmy Award, MTV Movie Award, and Screen Actors Guild Award. As her popularity has grown, Lucy Liu has become a favorite of fans, and her personal life is a topic of interest to moviegoers.

Here we bring you everything you need to know about Lucy Liu’s personal life, including details about her son and the highlights of their relationships.

Is Lucy Liu Married?

Lucy Liu has become an incredibly successful woman and is currently enjoying a flourishing career. However, the same cannot be said of her personal life. Although she has been involved in various relationships like other celebrities, she has not yet made it to the altar. According to her, she has decided to remain single. She has been involved in many relationships in the past but has not given any insight into the real reason why she ended these relationships.

Many of her fans believe that she made such decisions because she is waiting for the right person. Nevertheless, it is remarkable that the actress has a heterosexual orientation and has not been the subject of rumors about her sexuality. While she has decided to put the details of her love life under the shadows, we should find out who the gorgeous actress has been dating in the past.

Who Has Lucy Liu Dated In The Past?

It would be impossible for a hot chick like Lucy not to have dated anyone in the past, because we know that there are many men out there just waiting to get a glimpse of her beauty. Although she had several screen romances with many actors, her chemistry seems to be quite different in real life. Besides, here is the complete list of Lucy Liu’s dating history.

George Clooney (2000)

The American actor George Clooney, who was known as one of the most desirable bachelors in Hollywood, is said to have had an affair with Lucy Liu in 2000. The couple was also reportedly seen making out during one of their evenings at one of the clubs in New York City. However, their relationship was short-lived and neither party took them seriously. Clooney is currently married to Amal Alamuddin, with whom he welcomed a beautiful pair of twins, a boy, and a girl, in 2014.

Zach Helm (2004)

Like Lucy, Helm is also keen on show business, as he is known as a screenwriter, film director, and producer who created the film Stranger than Fiction in 2006. He is also the brains behind the widely acclaimed stage play Good Canary.

Zach and Liu got along with each other sometime in 2002, and in 2004 the two were engaged, but their engagement was short-lived when their relationship broke up that same year. After that, both parties moved on, and currently, Helm is happily married to an American singer named Michelle Featherstone.

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Will McCormack (2004 – 2007)

When the award-winning actress met Hollywood actor Will McCormack in 2004, fans thought their search was over because the two looked perfect together. They also had a very beautiful relationship that lasted for about 3 years before they went their separate ways in 2007. The actor is currently dating Emily Arlook, who is also an actress like Lucy. They are now engaged.

Noam Gottesman (2014)

Lucy Liu has also been associated with the popular billionaire Noam Gottesman, who owns several prestigious establishments in the US and UK. The couple, who were reported to have gone out sometime in 2014, were rarely seen together in public, but it was noticed that the actress usually had some of Noam’s men with her when she went out. Finally, in 2015, he allied with Bianca Duenas. Bianca Duenas works for fashion mogul Reed Krakoff.

Does Lucy Liu Have A Son?

For many people, having children is usually associated with marriage, but at the moment this is not the norm. Many single parents have come into being over the years, mainly of their own free will, and they have been able to achieve this with the available technical means. In Lucy Liu, the actress used surrogacy to give birth to a son in August 2015, whom she named Rockwell Lloyd Liu.

Although Liu received many negative comments about her decision to start a family, the talented actress is still proud to be a mother. She believes that what matters most is the love you give to a child, not the way you get the child. Lucy is also one of the pioneers of the #HowWeFamily movement, which tries to let people know that there is no right or ideal way to start a family.