Who Is Laura Clery? Her Age, Biography, Husband, Wiki, Net Worth
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Becoming famous and rich is no longer just for politicians, as it was a few decades ago. In this era, many people have come to the fore even without degrees through their activities on the Internet; Laura Clery is one of these famous people.

Los Angeles-based Internet influencer Clery is famous for her strong presence in various social media, where she has a large fan base and a strong following. Ever since she entered the mainstream of success, the pretty lady has continued to impress her fans around the world with her superlative videos, which deal with any topic in life.

If you are wondering who Laura really is, if she is married, who her husband is, how much she earns as an entrepreneur and how she has demonstrated fairness in her career, we have the answers here. Read on to find them all.

Who Is Laura Clery?

She is a digital influencer and a popular content creator famous for her roles on Facebook. Unlike most Internet celebrities, Laura reaches her large audience on Facebook, where she has over 3 million followers.

Famous for her characters like Pamela Pupkin and Ivy – Clery actually started out as an actress. At that time she was mainly interested in sitcoms and commercials until she felt she had to take control of her life and career. After her decision to retire from the film community, Laura began creating her own content from the comfort of her own home and posted at least one video a day on Facebook every day for a year.

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Today, the internet sensation has over 3 million followers on Facebook. She also works with mega networks like Comedy Central to create classic content for other agencies. She recently shot a three-part series with Comedy Central, and according to her writing, she independently directed and played all the characters in the series.

Laura Clery is also featured in a live show every Sunday at 15:00. She revealed that as one of her characters, Pamela Pupkin in the series, she basically interacts with the audience and that she uses the feedback from the series to work on her content and also to shape her career.

Laura Clery Bio and Age

According to the records, Laura was welcomed into the world on 22 July 1986. Her birthplace is Downers Grove, a fast-growing village in DuPage County, Illinois, United States, while her birthmark is cancer. Clery has American citizenship and has Caucasian roots.

After a desperate search, we can confirm that no information is available about the parents, siblings, family members, early life, and school achievements of Sensation.

Is She Married, Who’s Her Husband?

The American Facebook personality is the wife of Stephen Hilton, a UK-born digital influencer, record producer, and composer. The couple met at a party a few years ago. However, the two became closer after they were together a few days later, whereupon Stephen and Laura entered into an intimate relationship between them. The lovebirds later married and are currently spending the best moments of their lives as husband and wife.

For reasons unknown to us, the couple’s wedding location and the date on which they said “I do” to each other is not known to the public. It is also not known whether they have children or not, but the couple seems to be a perfect match.

According to online information, Stephen Hilton was born in England, the United Kingdom on February 7, 1974. His career in the entertainment industry has given him the opportunity to work with so many Hollywood stars either as a composer or as a music producer. Together with his wife, he runs a digital media company known as Idiots Inc, which is regularly featured in his wife’s comic book videos called Help Helen Smash. Idiots Inc. focuses on the creation of shows for TV/Digital and the production of viral entertainment content.

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What Is Laura Clery’s Net Worth?

As someone who boasts a fast-growing career, Laura Clery’s short time in the spotlight as an Internet personality is highly commendable. She may not be as popular as Internet stars like Galina Dub, Sarah Baska, Emma Chamberlain, and Savannah Soutas, but she certainly has a chance of reaching the top if she continues to work hard and impress her fans. The wealth of Clery is estimated at $200,000.