Who Is Jan Rousseaux? The Past & Present Of John Ramsey’s Wife
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Jan Rousseaux, wife of John Ramsey, endured a journey from East Africa to becoming a renowned designer. Despite hardships, she thrived in fashion, marrying Ramsey in 2011 after overcoming financial struggles. Her story unfolds, revealing resilience and success.

More than 25 years have passed since the shocking murder of John Ramsey’s six-year-old daughter rocked the country; the case remains unsolved. John and his family have been through a lot, from losing a child to being suspect in a murder.

It seems that life has not been easy for any member of the Ramsey family. But JonBenet’s father is now in a long-term relationship with a designer he met after his wife Patsi’s death. Read on to learn more about Who Is Jan Rousseaux? The Past & Present Of John Ramsey’s Wife

Key Takeaways:

  • Jan Rousseaux, wife of JonBenet Ramsey’s father John Ramsey, has a diverse background, including growing up in East Africa as a child of missionaries.
  • She pursued a successful career as a designer, specializing in hospitality attire and uniforms.
  • Jan and John Ramsey married in 2011, five years after the death of John’s second wife, Patsy.
  • Before her marriage to John, Jan faced financial difficulties, including bankruptcy with her former husband.
  • Despite challenges, Jan’s businesses thrive, reflecting her resilience and reputation in the fashion industry.

Jan Rousseaux Spent Her Early Childhood In East Africa 

Jan Rousseaux was born around 1958. Jan has rather unusual roots in East Africa, where she lived as the child of missionary parents. Living in Ethiopia in the 1960s and 70s, she had few resources, so she learned to re-stitch clothes with a running machine. At the age of eleven, Jan made boxer shorts, cut from a pillowcase, for an Ethiopian deaf man.

She attended several schools, including one in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, before enrolling at Baptist Bible College. Although it has not yet been confirmed, it is possible that Jan Rousseaux studied in Germany and may also have graduated from Missouri State University.

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Jan Rousseaux started her career designing for Leather Gallery in Miamisburg, Ohio, which catered to the western and motorcycle industries for offshore production. In 1995, she set up her store, House Of Rousseaux, in Springfield, Missouri. Two years later, she set up her own company, Jan Rousseax LLC, in Las Vegas, Nevada.

From the mid to late 2000s, Jan was designing and selling for Silver State Industries. She then became President of YellowKat Marketing, a hospitality image apparel, and uniform consultancy, in 2011. She has also sketched gift boots for Petite Follies.

In addition, in December 2015, Rousseau designed and created a storefront sign in downtown Moab for her husband John Ramsey’s company, Redtail Air.

What Inspired Jan Rousseaux To Become A Designer?

At the age of eighteen, Rousseaux moved to Springfield, Missouri. There, she began to hone her skills – learning how to construct clothing. Eventually, she got a job designing and making outfits for celebrities, entertainers, and anyone who took center stage in the nearby city of Branson.

Over the next fifteen years, Branson became the country music capital of the USA, and millions of people began to visit the area each year.

The new uniform supplier initially worked with most of the shows that were shown on the runway. Later, she started designing and creating exaggerated wardrobe outfits for celebrities known all over the country – especially for red carpets and the like.

Rousseau traveled from New York to Los Angeles and Hong Kong in search of unique fabrics to bring her sketches to life. One of Jan’s designs is exhibited at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington.

How Rousseaux Became A Hospitality Designer?

Ramsey moved to Las Vegas in 2004. One day, while having breakfast at a diner, she noticed that the servers were wearing very ugly uniforms that didn’t match the mood of the place. So Jan went to the drawing board and drew an apron line that suited the character of the small restaurant. And so began her interest in design for the hospitality industry.

Jan Rousseaux Married The Late JonBenet’s Father, John Ramsey

Designer Jan married John Ramsey on 21 July 2011 in Charlevoix, Michigan. The wedding ceremony took place at Castle Farms in Charlevoix, with 70 guests in attendance, including the other adult Ramsey children. This was the same town where John’s late daughter, JonBenet, had been crowned Little Miss Charlevoix in 1994.

Rousseau had allegedly met her husband John at a friend’s wedding in Denver two years earlier.

“She was cute and lively and she told me she liked The Office. That was great. I love The Office,

John told People magazine about Rousseaux in 2012. Both Rousseau and Ramsey are very religious. Together they also own an advertising marketing company in Las Vegas.

The current husband of a hospitality clothing designer has twice unsuccessfully run for public office in Charlevoix.

Beginning Of Jan Rousseaux & Husband John Ramsey’s Relationship

Gianna once said that it was only in June 2009 that she texted Mr. Ramsey that she was thinking of him, and after that, their relationship blossomed.

The designer said that John then immediately asked if he could come to her just as a friend. The two then entered into a long-distance relationship.

She revealed that John used to drive seven hours from Moab, Utah, to Las Vegas to see her every weekend afterward. The clothing expert revealed that her husband never complained, and this effort got her attention.

She Got Engaged On Valentine’s Day

The father of the deceased proposed to Jan Rousseaux on Valentine’s Day 2010 at a resort in Vero Beach, Florida.

John said he proposed during breakfast. Ramsey allegedly told her that he had something for her and then gave her a diamond ring.

Both Of Jan Rousseaux And John Ramsey Had Married In The Past

She was married twice before John Ramsey and has several grown-up children of her own.

Ramsey’s wedding to Jan also took place five years after his beloved wife Patty died of ovarian cancer in 2006 at the age of 49. Patsy was the second wife to whom John had walked down the aisle.

Ramsey had four children from his first and second marriages. He lost one daughter in a car accident just five years before the death of his second daughter, JonBenet. However, both of his sons, John Andrew Ramsey and Burke Ramsey, are still alive.

After the death of his second wife Patsy, John briefly met Beth Twitty, mother of Natalie Holloway, who disappeared in Aruba in 2005. They later broke up, with Rust’s husband justifying it by saying that “Beth was behind me in terms of the mourning cycle”.

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Jan Rousseaux Had Gone Bankrupt With Her Former Husband

Five years before her wedding to John Ramsey, Rousseaux had fallen on hard financial times. According to her bankruptcy petition filed in 2005, she had debts of only 100 US dollars and 230 000 US dollars.

What’s more, in an earlier bankruptcy filing in 2003, she and then-husband Bobby Joe May claimed they had only USD 38 in the bank.

Net Worth

For someone like Rousseaux, who has been in the fashion industry since childhood, it is only to be expected that she has had ups and downs in many aspects; be it finances or her career itself. As has already been discussed, it has not been all glitz and glamour for the now 63-year-old designer, who has experienced bankruptcy and a few setbacks.

Nevertheless, for Rousseau, all of her businesses are doing well and she seems to have a strong reputation as a venerable fashion entrepreneur. However, little has been said about her net worth or financial status. However, given her long career, she could be worth millions of dollars, even if she is not a wealthy businesswoman.

NameJan Rousseaux
BirthplaceEast Africa
EthnicityEast African
Hair ColorBlonde
Eyes ColorBlue
HusbandJohn Bennett Ramsey


Who is Jan Rousseaux, and what is her connection to John Ramsey?

Jan Rousseaux is the wife of John Ramsey, known for being the father of JonBenet Ramsey, a young girl whose murder remains unsolved. Rousseaux, a designer with a background in East Africa, married Ramsey in 2011 after meeting him at a friend’s wedding in Denver. She has a diverse career in fashion, including designing for celebrities and creating hospitality uniforms. Despite facing financial challenges in the past, Rousseaux’s businesses have thrived, showcasing her resilience and success in the industry.

Does Jan Rousseaux have any family?

Jan Rousseaux is part of the Ramsey family through her marriage to John Ramsey. However, details about her extended family are not commonly known.

How many children does Jan Rousseaux have?

Jan Rousseaux’s children are not publicly known. However, she became involved with John Ramsey, who had children from a previous marriage, including JonBenét Ramsey.

What are some facts about Jan Rousseaux?

Jan Rousseaux married John Ramsey in 2011, years after the highly publicized death of JonBenét Ramsey.
She has maintained a low profile in the media and has not sought attention despite her connection to the Ramsey family.
Jan has been described as a supportive partner to John Ramsey as he dealt with the aftermath of his daughter’s death and the subsequent media scrutiny.

How does Jan Rousseaux handle the public interest in her husband’s family tragedy?

Jan Rousseaux maintains a private life and has largely stayed out of the public eye, choosing not to engage with media attention surrounding the tragic events involving the Ramsey family.

What is Jan Rousseaux’s occupation?

Jan Rousseaux’s occupation or professional background is not widely publicized, as she has chosen to keep a low profile.

How does Jan Rousseaux support her husband, John Ramsey?

Jan Rousseaux has been a supportive partner to John Ramsey, providing him with emotional support and stability, particularly in the aftermath of the tragedy involving his daughter, JonBenét Ramsey.