Meet Sam Kinison’s Wife Malika Kinison: Full Bio, Career, Marriage, & Much More
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Malika Kinison, formerly Malika Souiri, gained fame as the ex-wife of comedian Sam Kinison. After his tragic death, she remarried and maintained a low profile. Kinison, an actress and makeup artist, keeps her personal life private, with minimal public appearances. Her estimated net worth is $2 million, while her current husband, Paul Borghese, has a net worth of around $9 million.

Key Takeaways

  • Malika Kinison, formerly known as Malika Souiri, is a Moroccan-born American makeup artist and actress.
  • She gained fame as the ex-wife of the late comedian Sam Kinison, marrying him just six days before his tragic death in a car accident.
  • Malika remarried Paul Borghese and has been living a private life away from the media spotlight.
  • Her career includes acting roles in films such as “Arrogant” and “Perfect Lies,” as well as appearances in documentaries.
  • Malika accused Sam Kinison’s bodyguard of rape, although charges were eventually dropped.
  • Her estimated net worth is $2 million, while her current husband Paul Borghese’s net worth is approximately $9 million.

Malika Kinison Bio: She Is A Moroccan Native

Malika, also known as Malika Souiri, was born on 1 September 1959 in Rabat, Morocco. Although she was born to Moroccan parents, she holds American citizenship. However, Kinison has not disclosed much information about her parents. However, she is reported to have had an excellent relationship with both her father and her mother.

As for her childhood, it is reported that she had a proper upbringing and spent most of her early days with her mum and dad. Everything changed after she moved to the United States.

Age, Height

Malik is now 62 years old. She is also 175 cm tall and weighs about 76 kg, which is about 121 kg.

Malika Kinison Gained Fame As Sam Kinison’s Ex-Wife

In case you didn’t know, Malika was married to the late comedian and actor Sam Kinison. They were married just six days before Sam lost his life in a tragic car accident.

Malika and her late husband Sam tied the knot on 4 April 1992 in a beautiful wedding ceremony at Candlelight Chapel in Las Vegas. After their marriage, they even took a five-day honeymoon trip to Hawaii. Unfortunately, their marriage lasted only six days.

But when and how did the former couple start dating? If sources are to be believed, Malik started seeing Sam when he was still married to his second wife, Terry Marz.

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How Did Malika’s Former Husband Sam Kinison Die?

After a five-day honeymoon trip, Sam was scheduled to perform at the Riverside Resort Hotel and Casino in Laughlin, Nevada, on 10 April 1992. However, on the way to the show, his Pontiac Trans Am crashed into a pickup truck about 15 miles (24 km) northwest of Needles, California.

The pickup, driven by 17-year-old Troy Pearson, reportedly crossed the center line of the carriageway and entered Kinison’s lane. Sam, who was not wearing his seatbelt, hit his head on the windscreen and was pronounced dead at the scene.

Sam’s autopsy report indicated several injuries, including a dislocated cervical spine, a severed aorta, and severed blood vessels in the abdominal cavity.

Malika, who was also in the car, was also injured in the accident but recovered after treatment.

She Married For The Second Time

After a short marriage to Sam, she married Paul Borghese for the second time. They walked down the aisle on 10 September 1995 in a beautiful wedding ceremony.

More than 26 years have passed since 2021 and the couple has been together ever since. And their relationship is as strong as ever. As for Paul, he is an actor, director, and producer. He has appeared in numerous films and TV series.

Some of his most successful works are Gravesend, The Irishman, Close to Power, and Uncle Gerry’s Show.

Malika Kinison Is A Make-Up Artist And Actress

Sam Kinison’s ex-wife Malika is a successful actress and make-up artist. This celebrity spouse has appeared in several films and TV series over the years. She made her acting debut in 1988 in the film Arrogant, where she played a character called Mary.

This was followed by her work in Dangerous and Perfect Lies, where she played characters named Garland and Cindy. Her last acting project was in 2003, where she played a character called Bersekera Priestess in The Bog Creatures.

Some of her other acting credits include Four Deadly Reasons, Searching for Bobby D, and a few others. In addition, she has also starred in some documentaries such as Open Plagues, The Tragic Side of Comedy, and The Great Canadian Search for Central Photographers, among others.

Malika Kinison Was Raped By Her Late Husband’s Bodyguard

The beautiful actress Malika not only had to come to terms with her husband’s death but had already been through a traumatic experience. She accused her late husband’s bodyguard, Unway Carter, of raping her.

According to her, on the evening of the incident, when Sam, 22, hugged her, he was drunk and asleep. She claimed that the bodyguard raped her five times before she managed to escape. Recounting the incident, she said,

I went back to my room and sat on the bed, crying. Suddenly, this big guy came in the room. I looked at him and said to myself, ‘Who is this? I turned my back, and he put his hand on my back as if he were comforting me. Then he pressed me close to him. I was still crying. I thought he was trying to comfort me. But then he started pressing me close to him, fondling me. The more I struggled, the more excited he became.

Later, she even brought a case against him, but eventually dropped all charges. Carter, the alleged rapist, denied the allegations, claiming that their sexual relationship was consensual and that he had never raped her.

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Malika Kinison In 2022

Malika Kinison has kept her life a secret since the death of her first husband, Sam. A few years after his death, she remarried and is living a beautiful life.

However, she avoids the media as much as possible and hardly appears in public.

How Much Is Malika Kinison’s Net Worth?

As a former actress and make-up artist, Malika Kinison has earned a huge amount of money in her professional life. Kinison’s Net Worth is estimated to be $2 million as of 2024

However, her current husband Paul Borghese is estimated to have a net worth of around $9 million as of 2024.

Full Name:Malika Kinison
Height:5 feet 10 inches (1.78m)
HusbandLate Sam Kinison , Paul Borghese
MarriedSam Kinison , Paul Borghese
Eye ColorBlack
Hair ColorBlack
Birth PlaceRabat, Morocco
SiblingsSabrina Souiri

Quick Facts

1. What is Malika Kinison’s current life like after the death of her first husband, Sam Kinison? Malika Kinison has remarried Paul Borghese and lives a private life.

2. Does Malika Kinison have children from her second marriage? Malika Kinison has no children from her second marriage.

3. What is Malika Kinison’s net worth? Estimates vary, but Malika Kinison’s net worth is generally reported to be around $1-2 million.

4. Where was Malika Kinison born and raised? Malika Souiri (Kinison) was born in Rabat, Morocco in 1965. Little information is available about her early life and education.

5. Was Malika Kinison married to Sam Kinison? Yes, Malika Kinison and Sam Kinison were married in 1989, six days before his tragic death in a car accident.

6. Is Malika Kinison married now? Yes, Malika Kinison married Paul Borghese in 1995 and they have two children together.

7. What was Malika Kinison’s career? Malika Kinison worked as a model and actress, appearing in several films including “Sex on the Saddle” and “The Great Canadian Centerfold Search.” However, she has largely stayed out of the spotlight since marrying Paul Borghese.

8. Who is Malika Kinison? Malika Kinison, born Malika Souiri in 1965, is a Moroccan-born actress and makeup artist known for her brief marriage to the late comedian Sam Kinison.

9. When was Malika Kinison married to Sam Kinison? Their marriage was tragically short-lived. They were married in April 1992, and sadly, Sam Kinison passed away in a car accident just six days later.

10. Was Malika Kinison injured in the car accident? Fortunately, Malika sustained only minor injuries in the accident.