Who Is Hope Hicks? Her Salary And Net Worth, Husband, Boyfriend and Trump
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First as White House Director of Strategic Communications, a position created specifically for her, and then as White House Communications Director, Hope Hicks had quite a career in the White House with President Donald Trump before she resigned in March 2018. Why did she resign? This was the question on the lips of many who watch American politics unfold.

Hicks, who began as a model and then as a PR consultant, rose to become one of the most powerful citizens of the United States of America in just two and a half years. Read on to learn more about the PR expert.

Who is Hope Hicks?

Hope Charlotte Hicks, born October 21, 1988, in Greenwich, Connecticut, is the daughter of Paul Burton Hicks III and Caye Ann Cavender. Her father, Paul, was Executive Vice President (Communications) of the National Football League (NFL) between 2010 and 2015. He was also the Chief Executive Officer of Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide before receiving another appointment as head of the Glover Park Group.

She has a sibling, an older sister, Mary Grace. Hope Hicks received her high school education at Greenwich High School, where she joined the lacrosse team after enrolling in 2002. She graduated in 2006 and then studied English at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas. She also played lacrosse in college before graduating in 2010.

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Although Hope Hicks is now known as a PR consultant, a career that has taken her to the top of American politics, it would be unfair not to acknowledge the fact that she began with a career in show business. Hicks’ first career choice was to become a model, and she tried to achieve this in her teenage years when she was introduced in Greenwich magazine in 2002. She was also the face of Barbara Robertson’s “Hourglass Adventures” novels. In 2005, Hope Hicks appeared as the cover model for the first issue of Cecily von Ziegesar’s novel series.

Her career in public relations began after she met Alec Baldwin in 2011 when she went to a Super Bowl event with her father. Baldwin was a client of Matthew Hiltzik, who was a public relations expert and chairman of Hiltzik Strategies. According to some reports, she actually met Matthew Hiltzik herself, but whatever the encounter meant, in the end, she would move from the Zeno Group to Hiltzik Strategies.

During her new job at Hiltzik Strategies, she met Ivanka Trump, the first daughter of then U.S. billionaire Donald Trump. Her job at Hiltzik Strategies included advertising for Ivanka’s fashion line – Ivanka Trump Collection. Soon afterward, in August 2014, Hope Hicks moved from Hiltzik Strategies and started working for the Trump organization – for Ivanka Trump and a few months later she started working for Donald Trump herself.

Relationship With Donald Trump

When he decided to run for U.S. president in 2015, Donald Trump hand-picked Hope Hicks as the spokesperson for his presidential campaign, even though she had no political resume. She would then leave the Trump organization to work on Trump’s campaign trail. Her job as a press secretary included granting (or restricting) Trump access and handling press inquiries.

After winning the 2016 U.S. presidential election, she was given a role in the Trump administration as Director of Strategic Communications at the White House. In August 2017, she became interim Director of White House Communications after Anthony Scaramucci resigned before she was sworn in. Her appointment was changed to a permanent position on September 12, 2017.

Although she was a Trump loyalist, she resigned in March 2018 after she became the target of an investigation into the White House business under the Trump administration. Hick was even detained for questioning in a Congressional testimony in which she admitted to having told “white lies” on behalf of the Presidency.

Salary and Net Worth

While working at the White House, Hope Hicks was one of the highest-paid White House staff members. Her current net worth is estimated at $200,000, a sum she accumulated while working in the current administration, from Trump’s campaign trail to her White House job. As a press secretary in the Donald Trump campaign, Hope Hicks earned a salary of $141,417, which was more than she earned from the Trump organization ($71,689).

As White House Communications Director, her salary package was among the highest in the White House. Hope Hicks earned $179,700.

Who is Hope Hicks’ Husband or Boyfriend?

Hope Hicks is a single woman and not yet married. Before she began working with Donald Trump on his campaign, she had a relationship with a nameless man that lasted six years. However, her job on Trump’s team on the road to victory in the 2016 U.S. presidential election strained the relationship and it ended.

During her time in the White House, she had a public profile that was accompanied by a considerable amount of media attention. She was said to have had an adulterous relationship with Donald Trump’s first campaign manager Corey Lewandowski, who was still married at the time of the affair. This was followed by another affair with the former White House staff secretary, Rob Porter.

Since leaving the White House, Hicks has not been involved in any official relationship. She has kept her business very private, as she struggles with life outside the White House, but still has a lot of exposure.

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Other Facts About Hope Hicks

Hope Hicks’ appointment as White House Communications Director at age 28 made her the youngest person ever to hold such a position in the history of the White House.

Her involvement in President Trump’s election campaign was her first contact with politics.

Although her job with Donald Trump was her first political job, it was not the first political job in her family. Her mother, Ann Cavender, was the assistant to Congressman Ed Jones of Tennessee.

Hicks is 173 cm (5 feet 8 inches) tall, has hazel blue eyes and dark brown hair.

She was just acting for a while. Hope Hicks made a guest appearance in the long-running television series Guiding Light.