Who Is Brandon Micheal Hall Of God Friended Me? Is He Really A Preacher’s Kid?
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Ever since Brandon Micheal Hall took on the role of atheist and podcaster in the CBS television series “God Friended Me”, one question has remained on the lips of the fans – is he really a child of the preacher? Since his father is a pastor in the series, it could be that it’s one thing he has in common with his character.

Hall was already in the business before he appeared in God Friended Me. You must have seen his acting elite on television as well as in movies in such works as Search Party, The Mayor, and Monster Party. Find out among other interesting facts whether he really is a PK.

Who Is Brandon Micheal Hall Of God Friended Me?

February 3, 1993, was the auspicious day when Brandon Micheal Hall was born by his parents in Anderson, South Carolina. He was raised by his single mother, Betty Hall, along with his older sister Octavia.

Hall attended Pendleton High School, where his interest in acting was awakened before he moved to the Governor’s School for the Arts & Humanities in Greenville, South Carolina, to complete his secondary education. At Pendleton, he starred in his first play, a high school production of The Lion King. To further refine his acting skills, he attended New York’s renowned performing arts school, the Juilliard School, where he studied acting and graduated in 2015. He also trained at the British American Drama Academy.

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After his education and training, Brandon Micheal Hall quickly established himself as a sought-after actor. He started his career with the TV movie LFE 2015 in the role of Kevin. This was followed by smaller roles in three TV series in 2016: Unforgettable, Broad City, and The Characters. In the same year, he also appeared in the short film The Times as Daniel. Also in 2016, Hall received his first television lead role in the critically acclaimed TBS series Search Party as Julian Marcus.

In 2017 he starred in another short film, Cecile on the Phone, and was cast in the ABC sitcom The Mayor in the title role with Lea Michele in the lead. Although the series was canceled after its first season despite positive reviews, it helped to further promote Brandon Micheal Hall to the general public. There he played Courtney Rose, a hip-hop artist who seeks fame and publicity in his city. So he ran for mayor of his hometown and unexpectedly became mayor.

For his performance, he was voted one of the ten most popular TV stars by Variety. He also received “one to watch” raves from various media, including Entertainment Weekly, The Los Angeles Times, People, and IndieWire.

Brandon Micheal Hall had a somewhat busy year in 2018. Apart from a starring role in the feature film Monster Party and as Austin in the indie film Lez Bomb, he joined the cast of the CBS comedy-drama series God Friended Me in May 2018. He was cast as Miles Finer, an outspoken atheist with a podcast that meets God on Facebook. His character is also the son of a preacher, Rev. Arthur Finer, played by Joe Morton. Talk about being the child of a preacher and find out below if he is one in real life.

After the series’ explosive first season, the network extended it for a second season in January 2019. Hall also gained popularity because of his pinpoint performance. He also appeared in December 2018 in an episode of the Late Show with Stephen Colbert alongside Lil Wayne.

In addition to his on-screen credits, Brandon Micheal Hall also has a few on stage. He appeared in the world premiere production of Transfers directed by Jackson Gay. Soon he will star in a fantasy flick called The Airport Run, starring Elias. You can keep an eye on him by following him on his social media accounts on Twitter and Instagram.

Is he Really A Preacher’s Kid?

Brandon was raised in real life by a preacher, his mother. She was a minister in the Kingdom’s Global Ministry in Anderson, South Calorina. Hall describes his mother as very loving and supportive.

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When he was cast for the role of the atheist, he said in an interview that his mother thought it was okay for him to play that role, even though they discussed it later. In addition, Brandon Micheal Hall added that he was initially hesitant to take on the role because it was a show that focused on religion. However, after it aired and even got a second season, he admitted that things changed for him personally and not just with his mother.

He mentioned changes, such as being able to have these conversations with his family that they otherwise would not be able to talk about. He also attributed to his role in the series that he opened this door that allows them to question what they would not normally do. Above all, he feels good for the changes he is making not only in his outer community but also in his inner community.

Although Hall is very different from his character, they have one thing in common: one parent on the pulpit.