Who Are Ava And Leah Clements? The Internet's Favorite Twins
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Ava and Leah Clements are known as the most gorgeous twins globally. They began modeling when they were young and have become famous in the modeling world, working with big brands worldwide. The twins are also popular on Instagram and YouTube, where they share their content and influence many people.

Despite their youth, Ava and Leah Clements have become well-known as teenage models. Besides modeling, they enjoy dancing and swimming. Find out what these stunning twins are currently doing.

Key Takeaways

  • Ava and Leah Clements renowned as the world’s most beautiful twins are teenage models and influencers.
  • Born on July 7 2010 in Orange County California they’re managed by parents Jaqi and Kevin Clements.
  • The twins along with their older brother Chase have gained fame through modeling and social media.
  • Balancing education and careers they’ve worked with prominent brands and magazines.
  • Despite facing a family health crisis their father Kevin successfully battled cancer with support from their social media community.

Who Are Ava and Leah Clements?

Ava Marie and Leah Rose Clements are identical twin sisters born in Orange County, California, USA. Their parents are Jaqi and Kevin Clements. Jaqi manages operations at South Orange County Aquatics, while Kevin is a swim and dive head coach at JSerra Catholic School and a former professional swimmer.

Who Are Ava And Leah Clements? The Internet's Favorite Twins
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Do the Clements twins have siblings? Yes, they have an older brother named Chase Robert Clements, born on July 3, 2008. Chase is a child model and a growing social media personality.

Where do the Clements twins currently live? These teen models are reportedly based in Orange County and Los Angeles, California, USA. While balancing education, they are also pursuing careers in the entertainment industry.

How old are the Clements twins?

As of 2024, the Clements twins are 13 years old. They were born on July 7, 2010, making their zodiac sign Cancer.

What are the Clements twins doing now?

Currently, the twins are managing both their schooling and careers. Their journey into the spotlight began in 2017 when they accepted a modeling gig for a family friend’s children’s boutique. Their photos spread like wildfire on Instagram, and their joint account gained a large following.

Who Are Ava And Leah Clements? The Internet's Favorite Twins
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These young models are represented by two agencies: Zuri Model and Talent in Los Angeles, and Dreamray Model and Talent in Orange County, California.

They’ve made big strides in modeling, and landing gigs with major brands like Nike, Aldo, Target, My Little Pony, American Girl, Hurley, Janie And Jack, and Converse. Additionally, the sisters have graced the pages of magazines such as Katwalk, Lensational, Junior Style, and Kid Fash.

In addition to modeling, the world’s most beautiful twins are into fashion design. They run KAVEAH, an online store selling a variety of kids’ clothing. Their mom is also part of the team, serving as the store’s president.

As online influencers, the twins are active on the Clements Crew YouTube channel. They post fun videos like travel vlogs, gadget unboxings, shopping advice, and family adventures with their loved ones. They’re also dipping their toes into acting: Ava appeared in Chicken Girls, while Leah starred in Light as a Feather.

What happened to Ava and Leah Clements’ dad?

In October 2019, the twins’ dad, Kevin, was diagnosed with a rare and aggressive cancer called T-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia/lymphoma. It was heartbreaking for the family, and the sisters reached out to their social media followers, asking for support.

Who Are Ava And Leah Clements? The Internet's Favorite Twins
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Kevin needed a bone marrow transplant for treatment, but none of their fans turned out to be a match. Luckily, Kevin’s brother, Chris was a match and donated his bone marrow. Today, Kevin has beaten cancer and is a survivor.

Quick Facts

1. How old are Ava and Leah Clements? Born on July 7, 2010, Ava and Leah Clements are currently (as of April 4, 2024) 13 years old.

2. Why are Ava and Leah Clements famous? The Clements twins gained recognition for their striking looks and began modeling at a young age. They’ve been dubbed by some media outlets as “the most beautiful twins in the world.”

3. What kind of modeling do Ava and Leah Clements do? Ava and Leah have modeled for various brands like Children’s clothing lines (American Girl, Janie, and Jack) and even collaborated on clothing collections (Levi’s and Converse).

4. Are Ava and Leah Clements on social media? Yes, Ava and Leah Clements have a large Instagram following (almost 2 million as of May 2023).

5. Do Ava and Leah Clements do anything besides modeling? Beyond modeling, the Clements twins have ventured into online content creation with a YouTube channel and have expressed interest in acting.

6. Are Ava and Leah Clements identical twins? Yes, Ava and Leah Clements are identical twins.

7. Where are Ava and Leah Clements from? The Clements twins hail from Orange County, California.

8. Have Ava and Leah Clements faced any challenges in their careers? The nature of their career path starting at a young age has sparked discussions about child exploitation in the modeling industry.

9. What are Ava and Leah Clements passionate about outside of modeling? The twins reportedly enjoy activities like dancing and swimming.

10. Did the Clements twin’s father get a transplant? Yes, the Clements twins’ father, Kevin Clements, did receive a bone marrow transplant.


Who are the most beautiful twins in the world, Ava and Leah Clements? Ava Marie and Leah Rose Clements born in Orange County California are renowned teenage models managed by their parents Jaqi and Kevin Clements. Despite their young age they’ve garnered international fame through modeling social media influence and resilience amidst family health challenges.