Where Is Erin Barry Now? Untold Facts About Brent Barry’s Ex-Wife
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Erin Barry is a law graduate, children’s rights advocate, and ex-wife of former National Basketball Association (NBA) forward Brent Barry, who won two championships with the San Antonio Spurs.

Erin and Brent were together from the late 1990s until 2010 when they became parents of two children. The former followed her ex-husband as he played for five different teams during his 11-year basketball career. With each new city, Erin developed a stability that made their lives more stable, and less nomadic.

However, everything changed when, in the late 2010s, Erin became the woman believed to be at the center of actress Eva Longoria and Tony Parker’s divorce. The culmination of this long-running debacle was that Erin Barry and her ex-husband Tony (Brent’s former teammate) exchanged hundreds of sexually explicit text messages with each other for over a year.

Find out what the real issues were in the headlines below. Decipher whether Brent’s ex-wife was unfaithful to her ex-NBA husband. Also, read a little about her early life, and show how she met the 1996 Slam Dunk winner and all the rest.

Erin Barry Is An Adoptive Child Of Irish-Polish Parents

The former Mrs. Erin Barry was born around 1972/1973. Erin Barry once said that she was born to a single teenage mother.

However, her biological mother later gave her to an Irish-Polish couple who later added three biological children to the family. Speaking about her adopted parents, the lawyer said: “It was as if it was a given. I, with my dark hair and olive complexion, ended up in this Irish-Polish family.”

Although Erin Barry has never mentioned her biological mother, she admits that she spent several days with her immediately after giving birth. Now 48, she grew up in a small town near San Francisco and attended an all-girls Catholic school.

As for her higher education, she studied at the University of Oregon, where she obtained a degree in English Literature. In addition, she attended law school.

When her ex-husband Brent played for the Bulls, she also worked as a special advocate and juvenile court judge in Chicago. She did the same in Seattle and San Antonio, eventually specializing in cases of abused and neglected children.

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Erin Barry And Her Husband Brent Barry Knew Each Other Since They Were Teenagers

Erin Barry and her ex-husband Brent were high school sweethearts who met when Erin was a student at the San Francisco Catholic School for Girls. The other was at the boys’ school across the street.

In an interview, Erin Barry once revealed that she and Brent fell in love when they were 16. On their first date, they went to see the National Lampoon’s film “Christmas Vacation”.

Erin followed her high school boyfriend Brent on five different teams. After high school, her ex planned to attend the University of Oregon. Brent also accidentally won a basketball scholarship to nearby Oregon State.

After his first few seasons in the NBA, Brent married Erin in 1998 at a cathedral wedding in San Francisco. The couple welcomed two boys together, Quinn and Cade.

With Her Ex-Husband, Erin Advocated Against Child Abuse  

While living in San Antonio, Brent and his ex-wife Erin were involved in several charitable works against child abuse.

During their years together, the Vice President’s ex-wife did a lot of charity work and involved her husband as often as possible, using his status to get more attention for worthy causes. While still married to Brent, Erin worked mainly as an advocate for abused children, first as a caseworker and then as a political lobbyist.

When her ex-husband played basketball in Chicago, she became a court-appointed special advocate and juvenile court hearing officer. In doing so, she set a precedent for similar work when she moved to Seattle with former basketball player #17. To tell you more, in 2004, Erin and a former shooting guard moved to San Antonio at a time when there were many high-profile child cases of abuse and neglect cases.

When the former couple got there, the mother of two joined the executive committee of the Blue Ribbon Task Force. There, she worked under the supervision of State Representative Carlos Uresti and Bexar County District Attorney Susan Reed.

Moreover, she found herself in a different environment from the hands-on casework to which she was accustomed. Later, Erin found herself in a political environment: She helped write a bill that would end up in Austin.

She then participated in lobbying efforts at the state level and worked with legislators who were urgently trying to overhaul the broken child welfare system.

Erin Barry Did Some Significant Impacts As An Activist

One of the most notable legislative outcomes of Ms. Barry’s work is Senate Bill 6, which mandates comprehensive reform of child protective services.

Erin Barry and Brent also set up the Barry’s Blue Ribbon Assists fundraising event with the Spurs Foundation.

Through this channel, they raised thousands of dollars and attracted corporate sponsors who helped organize the annual 5K run/walk event and provided tickets to every Spurs home game directly to CPS caseworkers and their guests.

In 2005, the adopted daughter of Irish-Polish parents became a board member of the Bexar County Child Welfare Board. Soon she was also on the steering committee of the Heart Gallery of San Antonio, which showed the public the faces and stories of children waiting to be adopted.

She has always claimed to be an advocate for abused children and has spent her adult life fighting for children who are victims of domestic violence.

Erin Barry Divorced Her Husband Brent Barry: Reason Behind Their Split  

After twelve years of marriage, Erin Barry filed for divorce from Brent on 29 October 2010 in San Antonio, citing irreconcilable differences.

At the time, the divorce became quite popular fodder for the news tabloids. It was also largely advised by another famous couple, Brent’s then-Spurs teammate Tony Parker and his ex-wife, actress Eva Longoria.

It is therefore believed that the break-up of the marriage of the two above-mentioned couples began when Parker and Erin’s notorious affair came to light.

The divorce of the former Brent couple took place at the same time as the divorce of Longoria and her ex-husband Parker.

Desperate Housewives actress Longoria discovered text messages between Erin and Parker and immediately filed for divorce after only three years of marriage.

Sources close to Longoria claim that it was the number of sexy text messages that prompted her to file for divorce. Their marriage has already strained because of Parker’s long distance and early infidelity.

Several sources claim that Erin and Tony had a graphic texting relationship for about a year, but those are the only details that anyone can agree on.

Although it has been reported that Parker and Erin never made physical contact. Tony and Barry were also teammates on the San Antonio Spurs team at the time and also friends of each other. Later, when the news hit the media, hundreds of people went on Facebook and called Parker out for his infidelity.

Erin Barry Denied Of Having Affair With Eva Longoria’s Ex-Husband, Tony Parker 

Explaining the situation at the time, Erin said,

‘I DID NOT HAVE AN AFFAIR WITH TONY PARKER, nor did I “pursue” Tony Parker. Unfortunately, because our divorces are occurring at the same time, great speculation has been cast on our friendship.

She added that her friendship with Tony Parker had nothing to do with the end of her marriage to Brent. She also stated that people who assume that they had an affair are naive, ridiculous, and completely wrong.

Later, Erin also took to her Facebook to express her opinion, denying all rumors of an affair. The University of Oregon graduate stated that she would rather focus on her children and their health, her family, and her friends.

She and Brent, however, separated on 5 January 2011 in Texas, and shortly afterward they agreed on joint custody of their then-minor children.

Their divorce papers also showed that the couple signed a confidential prenuptial agreement before the marriage, which set out how they would divide their assets.

Erin Barry received $4,000 per month in child support until 2013, with an agreement that she would provide for herself for three years after she completed her law studies.

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Where Is Erin Barry Now; Has She Remarried, Who Is Her New Husband? 

While her former partner Brent is now vice-president of his former team SA Spurs, it is almost inconceivable that Erin herself has not been mentioned in Internet summaries or among such correspondents, at least recently.

And while Erin Barry’s ex-husband is a fairly regular social media visitor with his Twitter app, the mother of two is hardly a household name in such spheres.

As it is, it is categorically worrying whether Erin is nowadays married or has a new husband. There is also no record of where the former Mrs. Barry is now; her line of work or whether she is still involved in child abuse mitigation.

On the other hand, Tony Parker, the man with whom it was rumored that Erin once had an affair, is currently with a new partner, the French tennis star Alize Lim. Tony’s famous ex-wife Eva, is with her current husband José Baston, whom she married in 2016.

Is She On Social Media?

However, despite all the attention Erin Barry received during her messy divorce from Rick Barry’s son, she is now a complete no-name, either among the general masses or in areas such as Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter.

Conversely, although all the names that were once in Erin’s departed on-dit are still alive and well on each of the social networks in question.