What Happened To Rhett Broderick? Untold Truth About Him
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Rhett Broderick is a world history and US history teacher from Idaho, best known as one of the children of the tragic couple Betty and Dan Broderick. The relationship between rare parents Dan and Betty is a chilling tale of divorce and double murder that dominated headlines in the late 1980s and early 1990s in San Diego, California.

Betty notoriously murdered her estranged ex-husband Dan Broderick and his then-new wife on November 5, 1989. More than three decades have passed since that bitter moment, and since then Dan and Betty’s children have grown up, married, and even had children of their own.

They all had different opinions about their mother during and after the trials, but Rhett Broderick still a child at the time – could not express what he felt. However, over the years, he has sat in on a few or two interviews in which he shared his thoughts about what happened between his parents.

Rhett Broderick Is Californian By Birth

Dan and Betty’s youngest child Rhett Broderick was born in California in 1979.

His Grandparents Were Well Off Catholics

Now 43 years old, Rhett Broderick is the grandson of Marita Bisceglia and Frank Bisceglia. His maternal grandparents, Marita and Frank Bisceglia, were fervent Roman Catholics. They owned a successful plastering business.

Rhett’s maternal grandfather, Frank, was a thriving New York building contractor. His paternal grandparents were from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and were also Catholic.

Rhett Broderick Was Born To Quite A Wealthy Family  

Rhett’s parents, Dan and Betty Broderick belonged to country clubs, so Rhett and his siblings went to private school, drove sports cars, and went on skiing holidays to Colorado.

Rhett’s family was upscale, living in the affluent Coral Reef area of California. He and his siblings also went on endless holidays, and obviously, they lived in luxury.

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Rhett’s Siblings

Rhett Broderick’s siblings are Lee Broderick or Kelly Lee, Kim Broderick, and Daniel Broderick Jr. Two of his siblings, Lee and Kim, live in Idaho, but it is not clear whether the sisters live near Rhett.

Rhett’s older brother Daniel Jr. lives in San Diego, California. Like Dan Sr, Daniel is a lawyer. He is married and has three children.

Rhett And His Brother Were Mostly Raised By His Father’s Relative; He Moved A Lot

After his father died and his mother went to prison, Rhett Broderick moved to live with his parents’ relatives in Colorado. He was with his older brother, Daniel Broderick Jr. He also spent some of his teenage years in prison camps.

He says the scrutiny he endured during that time did not make it any easier. The younger Broderick admits that he constantly felt like he was under a microscope; he tried to blame his parents for everything he did.

Rhett moved around a lot in his life. In his lifetime he has lived in California, Colorado, Missouri, Arizona, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Oregon, and now Idaho.

He did occasionally go to Idaho to ski and snowboard.

His Education 

Rhett graduated from the University of California at Berkeley with a Bachelor’s degree. He received his Master’s degree from Oregon State University.

What Happened Between Rhett Broderick’s Mother And Father?

The marriage of Rhett’s parents, Dan and Betty, began to fall apart because Betty claimed that Dan was having an affair with his assistant, Linda, who later became his wife.

Dan Broderick eventually filed for divorce, after which he and Betty began a messy court battle over child custody and spousal support.

According to Betty, Dan pushed her over the edge by withholding child support payments, getting restraining orders, sending her to a psychiatric hospital, etc.

Betty eventually tried to put an end to it all by killing Dan and his wife Linda on the morning of 5 November 1989. She also reportedly attempted suicide after the murder of her ex-husband and his partner but ran out of bullets.

Rhett’s mother, Betty, was subsequently sentenced to 32 years in prison. Her parole is expected in 2032. Betty Broderick is currently serving her sentence at the California Institute for Women (CIW); her inmate ID is W42477.

What Happened To Rhett After His Mother Killed His Father? 

On the morning of the murders, Rhett Broderick who was a pre-pubescent boy at the time, woke up with his mother, Betty. Betty looked after him every other weekend.

When the police reached him, Rhett said he knew what they were looking for. In an interview he said,

“I kind of suspected that my mom was getting into trouble,”

He added that whenever his mother goes to his father’s house, he immediately calls the police and she violates the restraining order. Rhett said that this could have been one such incident this time too.

A family friend told Rhett about the shooting. Rhett admitted that he was not surprised after he knew what had happened.

He and his brother had gone to their father several times and told him that they wanted to live with their mother and that the absence of children was driving Betty crazy. Rhett said that he and his brother, Daniel Jr, had warned their father that their mother might do something extremely irrational if they were not there.

Rhett Allegedly Tried To Kill Himself After His Mother Killed His Father

During Betty Broderick’s second trial, she said she was emotionally distraught not because she believed Supreme Court Justice Thomas J. Whelan refused to allow key witnesses to appear, but because she was worried about her four children. She spoke particularly about her youngest son, Rhett.

Dan’s killer said at the time that during the trial she had received a letter from her youngest child, Rhett, then 11 years old, who had told her that he wanted to commit suicide.

Betty said that in the middle of the trial she had received Rhett Broderick’s suicide note. The mother of four said that her son’s letter was received on one of the days of the evidence.

Betty said that her son complained about life in Colorado. The New York convict said that Rhett was very self-destructive at the time; he allegedly played with matches.

Betty then urged the court to grant her a 10-minute phone call with her son once a week, but she did not get it. On the other hand, attorney Ken Coveney of San Diego, who was also in contact with Rhett’s guardian at the time, said that although Rhett did write the letter, he was not suicidal.

Coveney said that Betty’s son was quite crazy and wrote the letter thinking it would be funny.

Rhett Broderick Favored His Mother, Betty’s Release; His Siblings Didn’t 

Betty has spent most of her son’s life in prison, and Rhett has said that he believes she should be released. His older sister, Kathy Lee, echoed this view.

In an interview with Oprah in January 2006, Rhett said that his mother was a lovely woman.

He told the media presenter: “Reth is a very sweet woman who is a very sweet woman,

Everyone here would like her…if they spoke with her on any topic other than my dad. Keeping her in prison isn’t really helping her. She’s not a danger to society—the only two people she was a danger to are dead.

Rhett also said in the same interview that he has accepted the reality of his past while not letting his parents’ story define him. Speaking to Winfrey, he stated, “Rhett is a very good person,

“It’s how you deal with it. [It’s] your integrity as an individual that really makes you who you are.”

However, two of Rhett’s siblings have had differing opinions about their mother’s release.

Sister Kim and brother Daniel Jr. on two occasions – in 2010 and 2017 – believed that their mother Betty should remain behind bars for the murder of their father in 1989. The former Mrs. Broderick was eventually not released on parole in 2010 and again in 2017.

Did Rhett Broderick Receive His Father, Dan Broderick’s Fortune? 

Dan left his fortune to all his children except one, Cathy Lee, so apparently, Rhett did inherit some of his father’s money. However, it was implicit in Dan’s will that his estate was to be divided equally among all his children except for Rhett’s sister, Lee Broderick.

A year before his death, the deceased San Diego lawyer had amended his will to state that he “made no provision” for his second eldest daughter.

At the time, Lee told the Los Angeles Times that her father had warned her that he would write her out of his will.

What Does Rhett Do?  

Rhett is a world history and US history teacher at WRHS in Wolverine, Blaine County. He has been at Wolverine since 2017-18. He is also an AP Humanities and Geography teacher.

As a teacher, Rhett has taught and coached for over 12 years. Rhett says he loves his chosen profession. He has said that he comes from a family of educators, so he understands and appreciates the importance of the job. He was also once an assistant coach for a boys’ youth football team.

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Is Rhett Married? 

Rhett Broderick is married to Veronica Noffke, who is a primary school teacher. They are parents of two daughters. Noffke is apparently a Midwesterner.

What Happened To Rhett Broderick? Untold Truth About Him

Although the couple, Rhett and Veronica, together with their two daughters, seem to be strong together, it is not known when they started their relationship and when they tied the knot. The couple both love Idaho, and they had their second child there in February 2017.

Is Rhett On Social Media?

Although Rhett’s Instagram account is set to non-public, he has shared a photo or two of himself and his family on Facebook. The pictures he has uploaded are mostly of his wife and him relaxing with their daughters.

Is Rhett Broderick Rich; What Is His Net Worth? 

Although Rhett may have received a share of his father’s million-dollar fortune, whether he used it is another mystery. Rhett Broderick’s net worth is estimated to be $60,000 as of 2023. Although given his normal life, Rhett could be anything but a celebrity-rich man.

Quick Facts About Rhett Broderick

NameRhett Broderick
Birth Date1979
Birth PlaceIdaho, United States
Age43 Years Old
Height6 Feet
FatherDan Broderick
MotherBetty Broderick
SiblingsLee Broderick, Kim Broderick, and Daniel Broderick Jr
Marital StatusMarried
WifeVeronica Noffke
ResidenceIdaho, United States