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Gold may be a precious mineral that is highly sought after and can even give its owner a certain significance and wealth, but it remains just a mineral underground until it is discovered and dug up; only then will it be able to reach its full potential. Mining and excavating is not an easy job and few have been able to pick it up and find us these precious substances. One of those few is Tony Beets.

The reins of responsibility weighed heavily on his young shoulder when he took over the family business after his father became disabled and could no longer work on the farm. And a farm boy became a construction worker and later a dairy worker. All in all, Tony has made quite a name for himself and earned a fortune for himself and his family.

If you are a fan of the Discovery Channel show Gold Rush, you probably know him. Tony Beets is a reality TV star and the owner of the Tamarack mine. That he is called legendary in the Klondike for his gold-seeking skills is more than fitting, as the legend certainly knows his coins. He is not only known for his work ethic and eagerness to work, but also for his regularity and frequency in using swear words.

Here you will find everything you need to know about him, from his biography to his family, his fortune, and his house.

Tony Beets Bio – Age

Tony was born on 15 December 1959 in the Netherlands in a place called Wijdenes, the son of English parents. He is of Dutch descent and has Dutch-Canadian nationality. At the age of 7, he moved with his parents to the countryside and settled in Burgwerd. In the course of a change of neighborhood he met and became friends with Monica, who was 6 years old at the time and was later to become his wife.

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His family had a big farm and a lot of people working on this farm. However, the management of the family business fell back on him at the age of 15 when his father, who used to run the business, encountered a debilitating event. He found out that although his father was not there, he had the authority to act in his place and that he did. Tony found himself in the responsibility of men much older than him when he took over his new role, and he became their boss.

At that point, he made the decision to become either equal to or better than the people who worked for him. And with this determination, he continued to achieve this and much more. He said that wherever he went, he was always one step ahead of the others, or better yet, within a week he became a foreman.

Tony moved to Canada in the 1980s and when he came to Canada he started on a dairy farm near Salmon Arm, B.C. But he wasn’t going to stay there for long. He was adventurous and always looking for opportunities to use. Over the next few months, he set out in search of a new business, gold mining.

But it didn’t just happen. According to him, he heard through the rumor mill that the people in the Yukon earn 1000 dollars a week in the mines (which today is more than 3000 dollars). Then the lights came on, he thought that he would earn that much and dived in headfirst. He moved to Whitehorse, where he started mining in Dawson City. Today he owns a mining company called Tamarack Mines and Paradise Hill. He has many employees, mostly locals.

Gold Rush

Gold Rush is a reality TV show created by Todd Hoffman, who saw his aviation business go under and decided to come up with something that would possibly outlive him.

The TV shows, which had their first season in 2010, give people a glimpse into the lives of hard-working people like Tony Beets and his family. It focuses on the mining of gold soap deposits found in the Yukon Territory, Canada, by various teams of miners, as well as the daily routine and problems of gold exploration in the desert in northern Canada.

The show features strong personalities combined with drama and excitement created between the active miners and gold miners to keep the audience entertained. It currently has eight seasons and has been broadcast in over 120 episodes.

However, Tony and his family made their Discovery Channel debut in season 2 of the series. His crew, the Beets crew, all work together on Paradise Hill on the Paradise Hill claim. During season five of the series, he bought a large floating industrial bucket dredger for $1 million, which is located on Clear Creek. His goal is to operate and own more gold mines in the future.

Tony Beets Family, Children, and Daughter

The Vikings, a nickname he likes to be called by and which can be considered appropriate given his strength, beard, and colorful language, was born by Klaus and Magda Beets.

Remember the little girl who was Tony’s neighbor, Minnie, with whom he started dating when she turned 20. They married four years later, after which they emigrated to Canada after he was skeptical about the future of agriculture in the Netherlands. Minnie worked in-home nursing and is now the accountant at Paradise Hill, she also takes care of the wallet.

The family has grown by four children, the fifth child, born in 1992, died in infancy. There are 2 sons, Mike (born 1990) and Kevin (10 June 1988), and 2 daughters, Monica (born 1993) and Bianca. All except Bianca work for the family business and perform in the show.

Monica seems more interested in the family business and has learned basic mining skills from her father. She was born on November 7, 1993, and grew up in Yukon, Canada. Her childhood may have been unusual compared to that of other children, but she loved every moment of it.

The mining activities, which include driving heavy-duty vehicles, learning how machines work, and getting into the main business of mining, only helped her prepare for the future ahead. She has become an important member of the Gold Rush mining team and is constantly striving to learn something new and challenge herself.

Monica is not afraid to get dirty and takes after her father. At the age of 18, she was already a supervisor at Paradise Hill, and she enjoys working on the equipment.

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Tony Beets Net Worth and House

Even though Tony Beets may not have reached such a high level compared to other reality TV stars, he has proven that hard work pays off. Most of his net worth comes from his skills in gold mining and he doesn’t get out of the TV show anyway. His net worth is estimated at $15 million, which is a huge amount and will certainly increase as he continues to work to own more gold mines in the future.

Tony lives with his family in Toronto, Canada, but moves to Arizona in the United States in the off-season.