How Lele Pons Became an Internet Star and Details Of Her Net Worth
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Lele Pons has made history in a way that will never be beaten; she was the first contestant to reach one billion loops on the six-second video-sharing platform Vine. But before Vine was closed in 2016, the internet sensation gradually transferred her presence to other social media platforms. By the beginning of 2020, it had collected over 38.7 million followers on Instagram with almost 2,500 contributions. At the same time, it has more than 15.6 million YouTube subscribers. Among other things, she was named one of Time Magazine’s “most influential teenagers” in 2015, when she had just finished high school at the age of 19.

Lele Pons Early Beginnings

Eleonora Pons Maronese (known professionally as Lele Pons) gained her fame mainly by making people laugh. In fact, from childhood on, she was always a funny person. The funny girl was born on 25 June 1996 in the capital of Caracas, the largest city in Venezuela. But she was never really put in the position to be a Venezuelan girl because she moved to the United States with her family when she was only five years old. So she was born in Miami, Florida, with her mother Anna Maronese, a doctor, and her father Luis Pons, an architect.

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Although neither of her parents had a career in entertainment, Lele Pons had their full support in determining her career path. Although she always made people laugh, she surprisingly admitted that she was a nerd at her time at Miami Country Day High School. There she read for hours when other students were busy with social or sports activities. Without realizing it herself, reading these books revealed the perspectives that would ultimately contribute to the enrichment of Pon’s comedic actions.

How Did She Become So Famous?

Pon’s parents helped her to make her career what it eventually became. They bought her the first phone she owned in her first year of high school. That was in 2011. Soon she decided to put her funny numbers online. She often used rooms at home to stage these numbers after school and upload them online later.

Apart from the encouragement from her parents, the online sensation also worked hard on her own work to make her efforts productive. One thing is clear, she got nothing on a plate.

Lele Pons Mixed Up With The Right Friends In School

Lele Pons was a nerd in high school, but she was also outgoing. Without the influence of her high school friends, her parents’ encouragement would not have gotten Lele Pons far enough. Her fame in social media began, for example, on the video-sharing platform Vine, which was introduced to her by one of her friends from high school. According to her story, she started on Vine by publishing videos with her friends. At the time, her focus was not professional; she just wanted to make creative videos for fun.

But as she continued to upload these videos, Pons noticed that more and more people showed interest in them and relied on them for their daily laughter. This spurred her on and she increased the pace of her contributions. The move caused her audience and supporters for Vine to explode exponentially. To this day, even after Vine’s uploads ceased, her videos remain among the most prominent, with over 16 billion loops. As we mentioned earlier, she was also the first user to break the 1 billion loop mark, surpassing well over 10 million followers before the app closed the door for further uploads. She is even considered to be the one who coined the widely used phrase “Do It For The Vine”.

She Is Highly Versatile and Used That To A Great Advantage

Lele Pons is a super talent in many fields, she is not only a comedian but also used her talent to become an actress. She made her first foray into television in 2016 in Scream, an American horror television show, and also appeared in Escape The Night, a YouTube-Red series by Joey Graceffa.

She has also used her good looks and strong intellect to excel in modeling. Beauty was hired as a brand ambassador for Cover Girl in February 2017 and was invited by Dolce & Gabbana to work at Milan Fashion Week that same month. She also co-hosted the MTV Millennial Awards 2017 from Latina America and served as one of the judges in the Miss Universe 2017 competition.

She has also used her good looks and strong intellect to excel in modeling. The beauty was hired as brand ambassador for Cover Girl in February 2017 and in the same month, Dolce & Gabbana invited her to work at Milan Fashion Week. She also co-hosted the MTV Millennial Awards 2017 from Latina America and served as one of the judges in the Miss Universe 2017 competition.

Interestingly, Lele Pons is also a singer and author. Her first book Surviving High School was published in April 2016. She co-wrote the book with Melissa de la Cruz, a New York Times best-selling author. Lele’s versatility has undoubtedly helped the star win the support and views of people with a wide range of interests.

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Here’s How Much Money The Star Has Made From All Her Efforts

At the beginning of 2020, the net worth of Lele Pons was estimated at $3 million. There can hardly be any doubt that she has made most of the money with her funny videos on YouTube and Instagram as well as on Vine in recent years. She sacks a lot of money from the commercials shown on her videos, but we can’t explain the exact amount she receives at this time. She also makes direct promotions for her products and other people’s products through her videos.

Her film roles, modeling jobs, book sales, and a number of other sources have also contributed to the net worth she sits on today.

Among other things, Lele Pons spends much of her money traveling around the globe. While this is a result of her work, she also travels for fun. In early 2017, she made the news when she took an open helicopter trip with her best friend and co-Vlogger Hannah Stocking.

She also spends a lot on charity. Although she doesn’t have a charity like many celebrities, she supports people in a variety of ways to help them, such as awareness-raising and financial donations. For example, she did so when Hurricane Maria raged over Puerto Rico in 2017.