Sofia Vergara Son, Husband, Net Worth, Family And Plastic Surgery
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Sofia Vergara is a beautiful Colombian model and actress who became famous in the late 1990s when she co-hosted two television shows for Univision – a Spanish-language television station.

Sofia was first discovered as a model by an unknown photographer who saw her walking on a Colombian beach. Excited and overwhelmed by her irresistible beauty and body shape, the aforementioned photographer formally asked Sofia if she could work in the media and as a model. Since she is a convinced Catholic, the Colombian queen needed time and the permission of her family and teacher to finally accept the offers.

Vergara, a four-time Golden Globe winner, made her English-language debut in 2003 in a Latin American comedy called Chasing Papi, in which she played the role of Cici – a cocktail waitress from Miami. After an impressive stage show in Chasing Papi, she secured so many appearances as an actress.

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To name but a few, Sofia has acted in the following films: Meet The Browns (2008), Madea Goes To Jail (2009), Four Brothers (2005), The Smurfs (2011), Happy Feet Two (2011, she worked as a dubbing artist), The Three Stooges (2012).

Born Sofia Margarita Vergara, the Colombian beauty was born in Barranquilla, Colombia, on July 10, 1972 by Margarita Vergara de Vergara (mother) and Julio Enrique Vergara Robayo (father).

Before separating from his wife, the star’s father worked as a rancher, while his mother, Margarita, was a housewife. Sofia and her five siblings (Rafael, Julio, Sandra, and Veronica Vergara) were born into a Roman Catholic family characterized by tranquility, respect, fear of God, and diligence.

She received her high school education at Marymount International School, a private co-educational Catholic school with a bilingual English/Spanish private school in Barranquilla, Colombia. After graduating from Marymount, she enrolled in the University of Colombia to study dentistry. However, she dropped out of her studies without having completed the last two semesters to pursue her modeling career.

As she grew up, Sofia Vergara and her siblings were well cared for by their parents. However, she lost her older brother in 1998 in a failed kidnapping attempt by gunshot. Saddened and devastated by the loss, Julio Enrique had to move his family from Colombia to Miami, Florida, to avoid further riots and unrest in Colombia.

Sofia Vergara Family, Husband, Son

A-Lister has a history of multiple relationships. She has been in three known relationships but has married twice. Her first marriage was to her high school lover, Joe Gonzalez. Their union produced a son named Manolo Gonzalez-Ripoll Vergara on September 16, 1992. However, Joe and Sofia separated in 1993 after their divorce was finalized.

After some time, she began to meet with Nichola M. Loeb. The two were reportedly engaged on July 10, 2012, but canceled the engagement on May 23, 2014, without giving the reasons for their decision.

In July 2014, the star began a serious relationship with True Blood actor Joe Manganiello. Sofia and her new love dated for six months and then announced their engagement on December 25, 2014. On November 21, 2015, the lovebirds finally tied the knot in Palm Beach, Florida, in the presence of their family members, relatives, and colleagues.

Sofia’s son, Manolo Gonzalez-Ripoll Vergara, is already following in her mother’s footsteps. He currently works as a television presenter. In addition to this heroic act, the handsome Manolo is an Instagram star whose connection to his mother has helped make him a star. He has over 280,000 followers on Instagram.

Born in Colombia, the star attended Emerson College, where he majored in film production. After completing his studies in 2015, he received his bachelor’s degree from a renowned institution.

At present, Manolo is not in a known relationship with the opposite sex, nor has he fathered a child with a woman.

Sofia Vergara Net Worth

Apart from the acting and modeling career of this star, she has earned enormous and decent income from other activities, which has naturally helped to bloat her fortune. At the age of seventeen, Sofia appeared in a Latin American Pepsi commercial in which she had to pocket a considerable sum of money.

Sofia Vergara also appeared in a series of commercials for Xfinity (the Comcast brand) and State Farm. Sometime in 2013, she signed lucrative contracts with well-known brands such as Rooms To Go, Diet Pepsi, and Synthroid.

Since 2009, Sofia has made it big in “Modern Family” – an American television sitcom about the family that has achieved considerable success and popularity.

The Colombian-born superstar has also won four Golden Globe Awards, four Primetime Emmy Awards, and seven Screen Actors Guild Awards – largely thanks to her rare and outstanding acting skills in Hollywood.

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In 2012, 2013, and 2016 (she was worth $43 million by September last year), the beautiful Sofia Vergara was named the highest-paid television actress in the United States by Forbes. She currently has an impressive net worth of 120 million dollars.

Plastic Surgery

The possible plastic surgery of Sofia Vergara has always been in the spotlight. While many believe that her aging appearance is the result of the various plastic surgeries she has undergone, others believe the opposite.

But in general, experts believe that the A-Lister went under the knife to preserve her appearance. It is believed that she has undergone cosmetic dentistry, breast augmentation, facelift, brow lift or Botox, and even buttock augmentation just to stay radiant and much younger than her age.

As one of Hollywood’s sexiest actresses, Vergara has never shied away from declaring her love for cosmetic enhancement. But she has yet to confirm or deny whether she has surgically improved her appearance. Until then, we would believe that she has a “good gene” and has not gone under the knife, as is widely speculated.