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Rhett and Link, the dynamic duo of YouTube comedy, are known for their viral videos and entertaining antics. But who are their wives? Discover more about Jessie McLaughlin and Christy Neal, their families, and their net worth.

Ever Wondered Who are Rhett and Link Wives? Rhett and Link are a comedy duo and a pair of YouTubers known for their viral videos morning talk shows ten-episode series, and comedy songs. They often refer to themselves as “entertainers ” a combination of the words “Internet” and “entertainers”.

Their Youtube portfolio is very extensive which shows that the duo is trying to reach all demographic possibilities and conquer every corner of the Youtube market so to speak.

In 2008 they released a documentary entitled Looking For Miss Locklear in which they tried to find the teacher in whose class where they first met.

Key Takeaways:

  • Rhett and Link, the famous YouTube comedy duo, have successful careers with extensive content spanning various demographics.
  • Both are happily married with children. Link is married to Christy White, and they have three kids, while Rhett is married to Jessie Lane, with two children.
  • Jessie Lane is an author, influencer, and interior designer, while Christy White is a former homeschool mom.
  • The duo’s net worth is estimated at $40 million, with earnings from YouTube, sponsored content, and their production company, Mythical Entertainment.

Rhett and Link: Bio & Age

Rhett and Link as kids – Image source

Before Rhett and Link became big names on the Internet they were two young boys from North Carolina. Rhett James McLaughlin was born on October 11, 1977, and Charles Lincoln ‘Link’ Neal was born on June 1, 1978.

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Rhett and Link met on September 4, 1984, when they started their first year together at Buies Creek Elementary School in North Carolina. Not only did they make a film about this meeting but they also wrote a song about it. They met when they had to stay indoors during recess because they both had swear words written on their desks. When they stayed there they colored mythical creatures and this act inspired their name on the YouTube channel – Good Mythical Morning.

Rhett and Link Wives, Kids, Family, Age, Net Worth, Quick Facts

After their meeting on September 4, 1984, the two men have remained close friends ever since. When Rhett and Link were fourteen years old they were already one step ahead of their creative careers by writing a script together. The script was called Gutless Wonder and they even started shooting the film for it. However, they only went so far as to film a few scenes and Gutless Wonder remains incomplete to this day. Nevertheless, excerpts from the script were read several times in their program Good Mythical Morning. The duo then attended North Carolina State University for their graduate studies.

Rhett and Link Wives, Kids, Family

Rhett and Link currently live in Los Angeles with their families. They are both married and have children. The link was the first of the couple to marry; he married Christy White in 2000 and now they are the parents of three children – Lilian, Lincoln, and Lando. Rhett on the other hand married Jessie Lane in 2001 and the couple now has two children – Shepherd and Locke.

Rhett and Link with their wives

Proof that both men are happy in marriage is the fact that there are no negative stories about their personal lives and marriages in the tabloids. They go unnoticed and if they have marital problems like most couples they choose to solve their problems in private and away from social media. Congratulations to them.

Jessie McLaughlin

Jessica Lane McLaughlin is an influential author and influencer best known as the wife of Rhett James McLaughlin. She was born in Southern California but raised in North Carolina with American nationality and Caucasian roots. Although details about her family are not widely publicized it is believed that she was primarily brought up by her mother.

What does Jessie McLaughlin do for a living?

Jessie Lane is an American author, influencer, and fashion designer who graduated from the University of North Carolina with a degree in music and communication. After graduating Jessie decided to pursue something different than what she studied by working as an interior designer. She partnered up with Rhett to remodel her home in Los Angeles which had eclectic design elements. As a result of this successful project, Jessie founded her own interior design business – Jessie Lane Interiors – which has since become highly sought after for its unique style.

Rhett and Jessie McLaughlin’s relationship

On March 29, 2001, Jessie and Rhett James McLaughlin tied the knot in a private ceremony. The couple had kept their relationship under wraps until they announced their marriage to the public; there is no information available about how long they had been dating before getting married.

They were happily married for many years and are the proud parents of two sons – Locke (born in February 2004) and Shepherd (born in 2009). Locke was featured in his father’s first viral video ‘Wolfpack or Tarheels’ while both boys suffer from febrile seizures. Couples feel blessed to have such wonderful children as part of their family.

Is Jessie McLaughlin active on social media?

Rhett McLaughlin’s wife is an active presence on social media garnering a large following across multiple platforms. On Twitter, she has amassed over 27,000 followers and regularly provides them with motivating content through her writings and posts. Her Instagram account also boasts of a significant reach; to date, she has gained more than 50k fans who follow her for insight into her life.

Jessie frequently takes to her social media pages to share photos of her and her family enjoying quality time in different locations while also advertising the latest designs from her business.

Christy Neal

Christy White is the wife of Link and was born in the United States. Her ethnic background is Caucasian; however, not much else is known about her family or educational background due to her private nature. It has been confirmed that she attended Meredith College an all-girls school.

Christy is a former homeschool mom of ten years who now dedicates her time to being a stay-at-home mom. She loves entertaining, organizing, gardening, taking long walks with friends, and anything related to pizza.

Christy and Link’s relationship

Christy and Link’s romantic journey began when they first laid eyes on each other at a roller-skating rink. Sparks flew and the two quickly started dating eventually leading to their marriage in 2000. Surrounded by family and friends the couple tied the knot in Kinston North Carolina after two years of courtship.

Christy and her husband are the proud parents of three children Lilian Grace Neal Lando James Neal and Charles Lincoln Neal. They live in Los Angeles with their beloved pet dog Jade as part of a happy family unit.

Is Christy Neal active on social media?

Neal’s wife is not as engaged with social media platforms compared to her husband. She does not have accounts on Facebook or Twitter, but she does have a substantial following of 362 people on Instagram.

Net Worth of Rhett and Link

Rhett and Link together have a net worth of $40 million as of 2024. They are each estimated at $20 million each which is quite impressive for non-traditional artists. Although both are a little old for YouTube’s demographics they have worked hard and constantly to make their mark and their efforts have paid off.

Rhett and Link 1

They make a good part of their profits by making fun and viral ads for many companies including Red House Furniture and Ojai Valley Taxidermy. They have also received sponsorship from several major brands for many of their videos.

Companies are constantly looking for unconventional ways to advertise and reach multiple demographic groups and that’s where Rhett and Link come in – the content they create is very funny and attracts a huge audience that attracts large companies to advertise with them. To say that they are doing very well is to take things lightly.

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Quick Facts about Rhett and Link

1. Their passion for content creation is not a new interest in the new entertainment trend. While in high school they made a half-hour film parodying the tragedy of Oedipus Rex. In their version, Rhett played the main character – Oedipus while Link played the servant of the main character’s father.

2. During their university studies Rhett and Link were roommates consolidating their status as inseparable couples.

3. You would be surprised to learn that before launching Youtube and publishing their content they had other career plans. Rhett studied civil engineering at university and worked at Black & Veatch – an engineering power plant – after graduation. Link studied industrial engineering and worked at IBM after school.

4. Together, they run Mythical Entertainment – their production company currently based in Burbank. Currently, all their work is published under ‘Mythical Entertainment.

5. In high school, both were members of a punk band – The Wax Paper Dogz. They had the opportunity to give several concerts including a festival on the occasion of Independence Day.

Date of Birth:11 October 1977
Age:43 years old
Birth Nation:United States of America
Height:6 Feet 7 Inch
NameRhett James McLaughlin
Birth NameRhett James McLaughlin
Nick NameRhett McLaughlin
FatherJim Mclaughlin
MotherDiane Mclaughlin
Birth Place/CityBuies, North Carolina, the USA
Working ForRhett and Link
Net Worth$8 million
Salary$29450 per video
Eye ColorGreenish Blue
Hair ColorLight Brown
Face ColorWhite
Weight in KG80 kg
Married toJessie Lane
ChildrenShepherd McLaughlin and Locke Mclaughlin


Who are Rhett and Link’s wives?

Rhett is married to Jessie Lane, while Link is married to Christy White. Both couples have children and lead relatively private lives away from the spotlight.

Who are Rhett and Link?

Rhett McLaughlin and Link Neal are American entertainers and creators best known for their comedic YouTube channel, “Good Mythical Morning” (GMM).

What is Good Mythical Morning (GMM)?

GMM is a daily YouTube show featuring Rhett and Link in a variety of segments, including taste tests, challenges, experiments, and interviews. It launched in 2012 and has amassed over 17.5 billion views and 47 million subscribers.

Where did Rhett and Link meet?

Rhett and Link met in high school in Buford, Georgia, and have been friends ever since.

How old are Rhett and Link?

As of February 2024, Rhett is 45 years old and Link is 44 years old.

What other content do Rhett and Link create?

Beyond GMM, Rhett and Link have created other shows like “Ear Biscuits” (a podcast) and “Mythical Kitchen” (a cooking show), and own several businesses including Mythical and Rhett & Link Clothing Company.

What are some of Rhett and Link’s most popular videos?

Some of their most popular videos include the “Will It Blend?” series, the “Tasting Challenge” series, and the “Explainer” series.

Are Rhett and Link related?

No, Rhett and Link are not related. They are just close friends.

What are Rhett and Link’s real names?

Rhett’s full name is Rhett James McLaughlin and Link’s full name is Charles Lincoln Neal III.

Do Rhett and Link have families?

Yes, both Rhett and Link are married and have children.

What are some awards Rhett and Link have won?

They have won several awards, including a Streamy Award for Best Comedy Show in 2016 and a Shorty Award for Best YouTube Channel in 2017.

What is Rhett and Link’s net worth?

Rhett and Link’s net worth are estimated to be in the range of $20-30 million, though this is not officially confirmed.

What are some criticisms of Rhett and Link?

Some criticism has been directed towards their humor, which can be seen as childish or offensive by some viewers. Additionally, they have faced occasional controversy over specific video content.

What is Rhett and Link’s fanbase called?

Their fanbase is called “Mythical Beasts.”

Why is Rhett and Link’s show called Good Mythical Morning?

The name “Good Mythical Morning” is a play on words, combining the traditional greeting “Good Morning” with the concept of “Mythical” to reflect the show’s unique and often fantastical content.

What is the format of a typical episode of Good Mythical Morning?

The format varies, but most episodes feature segments like the “Intro”, “Mythical More” (sponsored segment), taste tests, challenges, interviews, and the “Outro”.

How long is a typical episode of Good Mythical Morning?

Episodes typically range from 15-20 minutes in length.

What are some interesting facts about Rhett and Link?

They were both members of a Christian rock band in college.
They are both pilots and own their planes.
They are active philanthropists and have raised millions of dollars for charity.

What are Rhett and Link’s plans?

They continue to create new content for Rhett and Link various channels and businesses and have expressed interest in expanding into new creative endeavors.

Where can I find more information about Rhett and Link?

You can find more information about Rhett and Link on their YouTube channel, website mythical.com, and social media pages.

Why are Rhett and Link so popular?

Rhett and Link’s popularity likely stems from a combination of factors, including their unique brand of humor, their genuine and relatable personalities, and their dedication to creating high-quality and entertaining content for a wide audience.