Ray Liotta, Married, Wife, Daughter, Age, Height, Is He Gay
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Ray Liotta has been around as an actor, voice actor, and film producer since 1980. More than a hundred films, TV series, and several vocal roles later, he is still there as a great actor with many followers. Just as he maintained a high level of professional life, actor Goodfellas, Killing Them Softly, and Shades of Blue also had a very interesting personal life.

Ray Liotta Bio and Age

Although the actor became popular as Raymond Allen Liotta, It was as Raymond Julian Vicimarli that he was born on December 18, 1954, in Newark, New Jersey. Of Scottish origin, he was adopted when he was only six months old by Mary Liotta and Alfred Liotta who raised him with an adopted sister, Linda Liotta, of Italian origin.

Ray Liotta Married, Wife, Daughter, Age, Height, Is He Gay?

Ray knew he was adopted from childhood, but it was until the 2000s that he was able to meet his birth mother. He then realized that he had one sister and six half-brothers and half-sisters.

Liotta who grew up in a political family who attended the Roman Catholic Church went to Union High School. After graduating, he moved to the University of Miami where he obtained a degree in Fine Arts.

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His first role as an actor came in 1980 when he was given roles in Hardhat and Legs and Another World. His first film came in 1983 in The Lonely Lady and then in 1986 he appeared in Something Wild, which made him very famous and earned him a nomination for the Golden Globe Awards.

Ray Liotta, Married, Wife, Daughter, Age, Height, Is He Gay
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In 2018, he has already performed in more than a hundred productions, including Unlawful Entry (1992), Phoenix, which he co-produced in 1998, John Q (2002), Kill the Messenger (2014), and Alone (2018).

He has also performed for The Simpsons, The Making of the Mob, Abominable Christmas, SpongeBob SquarePants, Family Guy, and Frasier.

Is he Gay?

Ray Liotta Married, Wife, Daughter, Age, Height, Is He Gay?

Since 2016, many people have been wondering whether Goodfellas’ actor is gay or not. The question is not entirely inappropriate, after being seen kissing a guy in the TV series Shades of Blue. It was the first time he kissed a guy on the set while playing the role of a bisexual policeman. But it was also the first time he kissed a man in his life because he is neither gay nor bisexual. In fact, after playing the part, the actor said he found it rather strange. It is as if he had said that he had no prejudice against homosexuals.

That said, Liotta has had more relationships in his life than many would have done in two lives. He has dated more women than you can count with both hands and was married once.

Ray Liotta Married, Wife, and Daughter

Ray Liotta, Married, Wife, Daughter, Age, Height, Is He Gay
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The actor married American actress and teacher Michelle Grace in 1997. At the time, Grace had already married former Major League baseball player Mark Grace and had divorced 4 years before her next marriage. Although the marriage seemed very promising, it did not survive more than four years before ending in divorce.

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Before meeting the woman who would become his wife and then his ex-wife, Ray went out with other women, including actress Vicky Dawson. In 1980, he was linked to Susan Keith and then to Heidi Von Beltz the following year. The actor stayed with Beltz until 1982. He began another relationship with Michelle Johnson in 1991, followed by Sherrie Rose between 1991 and 1992.

Ray Leotta and Michelle Grace

After the end of his marriage, the actor had several relationships with Donna Puzio and Jill Marie Jones before coming to have one with Catherine Hickland which lasted four years before the two separations in 2011. He would be rumored to have relations with Lady Gaga and Whoopi Goldberg. In 2018, he was dating Silvia Lombardo.

Beyond his achievements as an actor and everything else, Ray Liotta said that what gives him more satisfaction is his role as a father for his daughter, Karsen Liotta, who was born to him by his ex-wife, Michelle Grace in 1998.

Height and Weight

Ray is not only popular for playing tough in movies because of his appearance, but also because of his build and height. He is 6 feet (183 cm) tall and weighs 190 pounds (86 kg).