Nichole Bloom Biography, Celebrity Facts And Family Life
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Nichole Bloom has become a familiar face in show business since her starring role in Superstore in 2015. However, despite her new recognition, she has only been in the industry since 2010, when she starred in a short film called Everyday. With her rising star, you can find more information about the actress here.

Nichole Bloom Biography & Family Life

The Californian actress was born on December 15, 1989, in the San Francisco Bay Area. She also grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area, where she grew up with her parents – her father is of Irish descent, while her mother is of Japanese descent.

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Nichole’s passion for acting stems from her penchant for imitating voices and re-enacting her favorite characters at a very young age. It wasn’t long before the little child realized exactly what she wanted and begged her parents to help her find an agent. Later, when she turned 14, she decided to move to Los Angeles to effectively pursue a career as an actress. This is a clear indication that her parents were very supportive of her choice.

Nichole later attended Santa Susana High School in Simi Valley; after that, she attended the University of Southern California where she majored in drama. Nichole tried hard to get an early degree and realize her dreams.

During her school years, however, she was not able to perform in some of the university plays because, unlike at her school, she spent most of her time auditioning professionally. Well, her gambling paid off, and since 2010 she has been successfully working as a professional actress.

Career & Filmography

In 2010 she started in show business when she was cast for the leading role in the short film “Everyday”. In 2011 she played the leading role in Carpool, another short film in which she built up her repertoire. In Carpool she also played Andy Dulman and Morgan Pavey in the leading roles.

But it wasn’t until she appeared in Project X JB’s girl that she gained nationwide attention. Project X was a 2012 party film that followed three friends – Thomas, J.B., and Costa – as they planned to throw a party to gain popularity. In the course of these things, however, the party got crazy and comically out of control. The film was a box-office hit, earning over $100 million compared to its budget of $12 million.

Nichole later appeared in the independent film Model Minority in 2012. Model Minority was critically acclaimed and won awards at several film festivals, including the Las Vegas Film Festival, the Sacramento Film Festival, the Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival, and the London Independent Film Festival.

Nichole performed very well in the film, which led to her winning a special jury award for Best New Actress at the Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival.

In 2013 she also played the lead role in Justin Chon’s short film Full Circle. In 2015 she appeared in Man Up. In 2017 she was given the leading role of Annie Fenton in Teenage Cocktail. And in 2017 she played the leading role in Lazer Team 2 – her filmography is growing.

In 2015 she was cast as Cheyenne in NBC’s new sitcom – Superstore, opposite America Ferrera, Lauren Ash, and Ben Feldman. Her character, Cheyenne, is a funny and vivacious seventeen-year-old who is pregnant at the beginning of the series but gives birth to a daughter during the first season finale.

Before she was cast for Superstore, she also appeared for two episodes in Teen Wolf and one in Grey’s Anatomy. She also had a recurring role as Amanda in Shameless.

She has also worked as a model for California-based North American clothing manufacturer American Apparel.

Her resume has also expanded to video games, where she has acted as a voiceover artist and actress for the role of Emily Davis in Until Dawn.

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Relationships – Does She Have a Boyfriend?

Currently, Nichole keeps her personal life very tight. Not much is known about her past relationships or who she has dated. It is not known whether Nichole is currently in a relationship or is satisfactorily single.

Also, no one but her close friends and family can say for certain whether Nichole is heterosexual or gay.

Hats off to her for being an expert in keeping her private life private; not many celebrities can handle such a seemingly impossible task.

Nichole Bloom Height, Weight, Age, Feet, and Other Celebrity Facts

Full Name: Nichole Sakura O’Connor

Profession: Actress, Model

Height: 5 Feet 7 Inches

Weight: 110 lbs

Race: Asian-American

Nationality: American

Date of Birth: 15 December 1989

Place of Birth: Santa Clara County, California, USA

Marital status: Single

Astrological sign: Sagittarius