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Nicholas Braun Height, Age, Girlfriend, Gay, Family, Facts, Bio

Nicholas Braun Height, Age, Girlfriend, Gay, Family, Facts, Bio
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Nicholas Braun has given us some nice Disney movies to remember, from Sky High (2005), where he played Zachary Braun aka Zach Attack, to the prom (2011). He plays those high school/college characters well, doesn’t he? Since his breakthrough in 2005, Braun has done a great job keeping his career in the air. Here is his story…

Nicholas Braun Bio (Age, Family And Other Background Information)

Nicholas Joseph Braun was born on May 1, 1988, in Bethpage, New York, the son of 49-year-old Craig Braun and 49-year-old Elizabeth Lyle, father, and mother. His parents divorced at the age of 4, but Braun continued to maintain a relationship with both parents.

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He has a brother named Christopher Deyo Braun, a musician (they are very close), and two half-brothers; actor Guillaume Rummel and producer Timothy Braun.

It is no surprise that acting is in Braun’s family, as his father always had a passion for the craft. However, he never really made it into the mainstream. Craig Braun had worked in a company job all his life and waited until he was 54 years old to pursue his passion for acting.

If anything, it came at the right time. Nicholas, who was a child at the time, developed a passion for acting as he watched his father prepare scenes for his acting classes and sometimes helped him memorize his lines.

At the age of 13, Nicholas started acting and made his debut in the TV movie Walter and Henry. A year before graduating from St. Mark’s School in Massachusetts in 2006, Braun made his big breakthrough with Sky High. This opened his Disney movie accounts, which soon included Minutemen, Princess Protection Program, Prom, and more.

Before he got his first big-screen appearance on the small screen in ABC’s 10 Things I Hate About You, Braun had small roles in Without a Trace, Shark, and others.

His other notable films include The Advantages of Being a Wallflower, Poltergeist, and The Year of Spectacular Men.

Girlfriend, Gay

Nicholas Braun is one of the types about whose sexual orientation the media speculates a lot. When it comes to his love life, Braun never really reveals anything to the media.

Back in 2009, during his time on ABC’s 10 Things I Hate About You, Braun had very admirable chemistry with his screen match-up, Meaghan Martin.

Braun himself confirmed the existence of chemistry between them in his interview with Seventeen. However, the couple was never a thing, and at the time Braun was single but willing to mingle with them.

He told Seventeen unequivocally that he wanted a girlfriend and that “it would be nice to have someone to go back to, a girl to call at the end of the night after a long day.

Well, two things are the case here, either Braun never found the girl because he was never connected to anyone OR he did, but he just decided to cover it up in secret.

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Since it is now the norm for celebrities who show no other sex to have a love affair with, Braun was plagued by gay rumors. But as we’ve found out, not always not flaunting a girl you’re with means you’re gay, and constantly publishing photos of yourself with women (for the boys) doesn’t rule out the possibility that you might not be heterosexual.

For Braun, he has posted several pictures of himself with women, and fans always quickly bombard him with questions like “Are You Guys Dating?”, but typically Braun never responds to these comments.

To the gay rumors, Braun added a truckload of gasoline when he posted a picture of himself closing his lips with his best friend Christopher Mintz Plasse.

Nicholas Braun Height, Age, Girlfriend, Gay, Family, Facts, Bio

He subtitled it: “ALL LOVE IS GOOD LOVE. Fuck all the hate in our world. Check the hands.” As expected, the Post sent his Instagram page on fire with fans expressing shock at the conclusion that he was gay, while others simply admired the photos.

Conversely, it is assumed that Mintz-Plasse, the guy he kissed in the photo, has a girlfriend. And? There are a lot of conclusions to be drawn from this: either Braun and Mintz-Plasse were just showing their support for gay people, or it is possible that they are really gay or maybe bisexual.

As long as Braun doesn’t decide to tell the truth himself, we are left to mere speculation.

He has good chemistry with the ladies, though. Three times he has played with Dakota Johnson (Yeah, the ones from Fifty Shades) and they do a pretty good job, especially in How to Be Single (2016). They have natural chemistry and there were even rumors once that they are together, but here is nothing, Braun and Johnson are just good friends.

He explained their natural chemistry in an interview with Back Stage.


Height: 6 feet 6 inches (1.98 m)

He has several roots: German, English, Scottish, and Dutch

Braun was one of seven Co-Presidents of the student body at his high school. His size played a role in his selection because the students wanted “a great leader”.