Mike Stoklasa Bio, Wife, Age, Height, Net Worth, Quick Facts

Mike Stoklasa Bio, Wife, Age, Height, Net Worth, Quick Facts
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Mike Stoklasa is a director, actor, and author. Known for his astute criticism of the film Star Wars: The Phantom Menace, Mike Stoklasa seems to have blazed a trail for himself in the world of film reviews.

He first became famous when he published a 70-minute review of the 1999 film on YouTube. The film review was presented in the first person by his character Harry S. Plinkett because according to Mike Stoklasa his voice was too boring for the character, so he used Plinkett. Before that time he had already used the Plinkett character in a number of other films. The review was presented in seven parts, and although Stoklasa had previously reviewed a number of Star Trek movies, his review of The Phantom Menace series and the Star Wars sequel was praised for content and presentation. One day, Mike Stoklasa’s video reached up to 30,000 views, and six months later, he had millions of views.

Stoklasa has produced other works under the Red Letter Media banner, including short comedies and web series (The Grabowski’s), and corporate videos. They have also produced wedding videos and a number of films.

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Mike Stoklasa runs a film and video production company, Red Letter Media, LLC, together with filmmaker Jay Bauman. They have produced a number of reviews and comedy web series. Mike Stoklasa began working on reviews of Star Trek movies and Star Wars series when he first fell in love with Star Trek movies. He had already made attempts to review several other films when his astute criticism of the Phantom Menace thrust him into the limelight. As a result, he began producing reviews of sequels to the Star Wars movies.

Mike Stoklasa Bio (Age)

He was born in Illinois on November 14, 1978. Not much is known about his family or background, nor is there much information about his parents or any family he might have. It seems that Mike doesn’t talk much about his family, but rather about his work and his love for it. Mike Stoklasa has been seen drunk nearby on several occasions, and there are even videos on YouTube to that effect. Regardless, Mike denied being an alcoholic. According to some sources, he is repeatedly dependent on the help of his friends and family.

Mike Stoklasa Bio, Wife, Age, Height, Net Worth, Quick Facts
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Mike Stoklasa is a self-declared fraud and the famous Red Letter Media Lord, known for his work as Plinkett’s voice in Plinkett reviews. He and Jay Bauman together form the team that co-host Half in the Bag. He has a lifelong allergy to walls that cause his eyes to bloat and swell. His motivation for his very first video review of Star Trek Generations came after seeing the movie a second time in 2008.

In his opinion, he found the movie to be shitty and “completely screwed up the transition from a really great TV show to the big screen”, which inspired him to share this view with others. It seems that Mike Stoklasa has found out what he likes to do best because he seems to be so good with film reviews and has a lot of views. Mike has been ranked as one of the most popular on YouTube.

Net Worth

The net assets of Stoklasa are estimated at $15 million in 2018. The majority of this amount comes from his company Red Letter Media, LLC, which he founded and runs together with Jay Bauman.

Mike Stoklasa Wife

Due to the high degree of secrecy with which he handles his personal affairs, not much is known about Mike Stoklasasas wife or even whether he is actually married. It is known that he started dating Jessi Nakles a few years ago, but there is no proof that they are still together or even separated. He has no known wife.

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Quick Facts and Quote

Mike’s work on the film review for Phantom Menace motivated a Star Wars fan to write a 108-page review of the film.

RedLetterMedia has produced a number of feature-length films, including Space Cop and How Not to Make a Movie.

His motivation for his very first video review about Star Trek Generations came after seeing the movie a second time in 2008.

Speculation has it that Mike is an alcoholic and needs help from family and friends, but he constantly denies this.

Stoklasa, who is known for his influential reviews, mentioned some inspiring quotes, including

“No matter how good a movie is, it will always be hated because it didn’t meet the incredibly high expectations”.


Mike Stoklasa stands tall and dashing at a height of 6 feet (1.83 m).