Michael Jordan’s Height, Weight, And Body Measurements
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As you grew up you had to live under a rock if you weren’t familiar with his name Michael Jordan was a familiar name in every home. You didn’t even have to like basketball or Michael Jordan to know him. There is no doubt that the 53-year-old retired basketball player has made a name for himself and with such relevance comes our need to explore. Let’s start with Michael Jordan’s height.


Michael Jordan is a renowned American retired professional basketball player, businessman, and principal owner of the Charlotte Hornets. He played fifteen seasons in the National Basketball Association (NBA) for both the Chicago Bulls and Washington Wizards. His accomplishments on the court have earned him universal acclaim as arguably “the greatest basketball player of all time” by NBA’s official website. In addition to his remarkable career, Michael Jordan also had a great influence in popularizing the NBA around the world during the 1980s-1990s through successful marketing campaigns which made him one of the most effectively marketed athletes at that time period.

Michael Jordan’s Height

We have some stories to tell you about this. Michael Jordan began his athletic career in high school playing baseball football and basketball. It was only in the second year that he decided to follow his passion and try out for the varsity basketball team but at 5’11 he was too small.

Michael Jordan’s Height, Weight, And Body Measurements
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It could have been a good time to give up and no one would have blamed him either since his friend Harvest Leroy Smith and his brother Larry both got a spot on the team. Despite this he didn’t give in as he joined the junior university team proving to everyone that he was a force to be reckoned with.

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Michael Jordan’s Height, Weight, And Body Measurements
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Meanwhile, puberty set in and Michael Jordan grew 4 inches over the summer qualifying him to finally join the team. By the time he was ready for university, he dominated his peers at 6 feet 6 inches and he received more than his fair share of offers of sports scholarships. After evaluating his options he accepted a basketball scholarship to North Carolina where he specialized in cultural geography.

Michael Jordan’s Height, Weight, And Body Measurements
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Also here’s a ‘fun fact’ remember his brother Larry? In fact, he could have been the family’s star basketball player but Michael surpassed him and used his height to his advantage while Larry could have seen his own height as an obstacle. Who knows if he had pushed himself like Michael we’d be making a fuss about a whole other brother Jordan.

Michael Jordan’s Height, Weight, And Body Measurements
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To date, Michael Jordan’s height is 6 feet 6 inches, and other celebrities who share Michael Jordan’s height are Kobe Bryant Batista, and Darryl Strawberry.

Michael Jordan’s Weight

Although he no longer “plays the game” the athlete is certainly trying to look like the role. As an athlete Michael has been of different heights throughout his career until today in his early days Michael started at a weight of 88 kg and by his return in the early 2000s with the Washington Wizards he had 101 kg. Nevertheless, his ideal playing weight was 97 kg.

Michael Jordan’s Height, Weight, And Body Measurements
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Nowadays Michael Jordan should weigh about 117 kg. How do we know that? Wright Thompson gave us a little insight into the minds of athletes as he did 50 in a feature article entitled OTL: Michael Jordan Has Not Left The Building. Here is what he said about it.

Michael Jordan’s Height, Weight, And Body Measurements
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Every morning since his return from the islands he’s been in the gym. At mealtime, he sends a text message to his nutritionist to find out what he can and cannot eat… Apparently, the reason is that he stepped on a scale after leaving the palace in excess of Mister Terrible and saw this number look back: 261.

Michael jordan iso 1998 all star game
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Nine days later sitting in his office surrounded by basketball he fell to 248 and will say it’s a health issue or that he looks good for his 50th birthday. But in his mind, there is a target: 218 a familiar and dangerous number in Jordan’s world.

Michael Jordan workout
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He may not be in great shape right now but how was he doing it then? Michael has been on a carbohydrate-rich diet to maintain his energy level, unlike the usual high-protein diet we’ve seen these days. According to iFood.tv the basketball player’s diet contained 70% calories from carbohydrates 20% fat and 10% protein.

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Michael Jordan’s Body Measurements

We wouldn’t dare wrap it up without spitting out its measurements. Michael Jordan’s chest is 44 inches his waist is 36 inches and his hips 36 inches. We couldn’t follow his biceps measurements so we added his shoulder measurement which is 20 inches.

michael jordan chicago bulls
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Now for our version of a cherry on top look at his size. The athlete wears an American size 13 a European size 46 and a British size 12.5. So there we have it people everything about the legendary athlete and his statistics.

Quick Facts About Michael Jordan

 Date of Birth: 17 February 1963
 Age: 56 years old
 Birth Nation: United States of America
 Height: 6 Feet 6 Inch
Name Micheal Jordan
Birth Name Michael Jeffrey Jordan
Nationality American
Birth Place/City Brooklyn
Ethnicity Afro-American
Net Worth $1.31 billion
Married Yes
Married to Yvette Prieto (m. 2013), Juanita Vanoy (m. 1989)
Children Marcus Jordan, Jeffrey Michael Jordan, Jasmine Mickael Jordan, Ysabel Jordan, Victoria Jordan
Divorce Yvette Prieto (m. 2013), Juanita Vanoy (m. 1989-2006)