Is Mary Carillo gay? This is a question that probably came to many people’s minds, but don’t look any further, because the answers are all here for you. It is time for us to review the sexual orientation of this personality and delve a little deeper into her family life, but before we do, here are a few facts about Mary Carillo.

She was born Mary Carrillo on 15 March 1957 in Queens, New York. If you were wondering how you know this very important celebrity, Carillo played on the women’s professional tennis court from 1977 to 1980.

Mary Carillo Gay or Lesbian, Married, Partner, Children

During this time she was ranked 33rd in the world by the Women’s Tennis Association from January to March 1980. Her career ended with a knee injury. However, she did not let the knee injury stop her as she decided to pursue a career with USA Network from 1980 to 1987.

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Mary Carillo Gay or Lesbian, Married, Partner, Children
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Her career as a sports reporter is going quite well and she is obviously worthy of an article, as she is regarded by many as one of the better sports reporters serving today. If there’s one thing she’s really known for, she’s called upon after some very controversial comments and she’s responsive to some rather intense swear words.

Mary Carillo Gay or Lesbian, Married, Partner, Children

Here is another proof that she is doing pretty well for herself, she has an estimated net worth of $5 million in addition to her voluminous salary and numerous assets and real estate. She was once married, but she is already divorced and this leads us to the next little revelation.

Is Mary Carillo Gay or Lesbian/Married?

That fact wasn’t really made clear, especially because she was married to Bill Bowden, an Australian tennis player. It was either a really good camouflage or “Mary Carillo gay” is a factual statement. They married in 1983 and their entire marriage lasted a full 15 years and they have two children together.

Mary Carillo Gay or Lesbian, Married, Partner, Children

Bill decided to stay in the tennis business just like his ex-wife, but he went another way and decided to become a tennis instructor, and before that, he was tennis director at a resort near the house he once shared with Carillo.

Mary Carillo Gay or Lesbian, Married, Partner, Children

So, where did the rumors come from about gay Mary Carillo? She’s also a long-time friend and supporter of the LGBT community, what’s with the short bob hairstyle? What about the hoarse voice, the pantsuit, the unnecessary use of the word “beaver”. Although the gossip about their sexuality has been going on for a while, it has not yet been confirmed.

Mary Carillo Gay or Lesbian, Married, Partner, Children

Although the gossip about their sexuality has been going on for a while, they have not yet been confirmed. However, through her observation alone there were no concrete signs that the statement “Mary Carillo gay” is correct, there was no girlfriend or lesbian partner with her.

She has often been seen with Julie Foudy, a professional soccer player, so she may be mistaken for a lesbian. Today she lives with her children in her house in Naples, Florida.

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Mary Carillo’s Children

The sports personality has two children, a son, and a daughter. Her son, Anthony Bowden, was born on August 8, 1987, and then there is Rachel Bowden, who was born on October 5, 1991. The children don’t seem to be in the spotlight at all and as such, there isn’t much information about them.

All in all, we can come to the conclusion that Mary Carillo is not as gay as it seems, she too was once married and has two children from this association and she seems to have it pretty good for herself.

Quick Facts About Mary Carillo

Date of Birth: 15 March 1957 
 Age: 63 years old
 Birth Nation: United States of America
 Height: 6 Feet
Name Mary Carillo
Nationality American
Ethnicity North American
Profession sportscaster and former professional tennis player
Net Worth $5 million
Married Yes
Married to Bill Bowden
Children Rachel, Anthony
Divorce Bill Bowden (1998)