Marjorie Harvey Bio, Age, Kids, Ex-husband, Parents, Net Worth
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There is hardly anyone who does not know the American comedian, actor, television host producer, and many other things Steve Harvey who is popular in the United States. The one you probably don’t know is his wife Marjorie Harvey. What is surprising is that just as Steve is a very interesting character Marjorie Harvey also has a very interesting side. Here’s what you need to know about Marjorie Harvey.

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Marjorie Harvey Bio – Age

Marjorie Harvey was born under the name Marjorie Bridges on October 10, 1964. While we barely know much about her we know that the beautiful woman was born in the United States.

Her studies Marjorie was able to make up for them at the university level but she was not able to complete them. She dropped out of school at the University of Memphis due to poor academic performance. This was mainly because it was said that her mind was more fashionable than books and this was what would lead her later in her life to create a clothing line.

She was likely raised in Memphis since she was educated and married there.

Her Parents

Marjorie was raised by her parents and has shared their photos on social media several times. Although her father’s name is unknown her mother is Doris Bridges.

Ex-Husband and Kids

Also considered Marjorie Bridges-Woods Marjorie became Steve Harvey’s wife but before the comedian, she dated other men and in fact, she has already been married twice.

The first man she married was a drug dealer in Memphis. Although his name was kept out of the media he was later arrested and jailed for life. Shortly after the event Marjorie divorced her husband and went out with another man Darnell Woods. Woods is one of the Woods brothers who has made a name for himself in the drug trade. The four brothers were jailed in 2002 for distributing marijuana and cocaine from Houston to Memphis.

Some have argued that Marjorie Bridges’ first two husbands were not only related to the crime but that they were also cousins. Of these two marriages, she has three children: Jason Harvey, Lori Harvey, and Morgan Harvey.

It was after these marriages that she settled for Steve Harvey who had also been divorced twice at the time the second being Mary Shackelford who was very brutal in legal terms. Of his marriages, Harvey has 4 children so they share seven children among themselves. However, as men and women they do not have children from their marriages.

Marjorie Harvey and the star of the television show’s relationship began after they were divorced from their partners. The fact is they dated long before they moved in with other people. The problem with their first date in 1990 was the distance that separated them and forced them to separate.

Several years later in 2005, they met again and in 2007 they were married. Marjorie Harvey was then described by her powerful husband as one of the singular reasons for his success and the fact that he was a better man than he had ever been.

He gives the credit for his reunion to Marjorie to his bodyguard who made an effort to get him back to her because he knew she was the only woman who had ever made him happy.

When Did Steve and Marjorie Harvey Meet?

At a live taping of The Family Feud, the comedian shared with the audience members his story of how he and Majorie first met. In 1987 Steve was performing at The Comedy Zone in Memphis when Majorie walked into the show late and took a seat in front. He stared at her mesmerized by her beauty and during his set, he seized an opportunity to speak to her; telling her that “the first thing [he] said to [her] was ‘Excuse me I don’t know who you are but I’m going to marry you one day.'”.

After roughly eighteen months of being in a romantic relationship, the couple decided to part ways and move on with their lives. They had experienced a mutual shift in feelings that caused them to drift apart and ultimately end their romance.

When Did Steve and Marjorie Harvey Get Married?

After a period of separation, Steve Harvey and his partner were reunited in 2005 through the help of mutual friends. It was a momentous occasion for Steve who described it as “the best day of my life” in his letter. Following a year-long courtship, they became engaged and married on June 25th, 2007 – an event that marks 15 years together this 2022. As fate would have it love had given them another chance to be together again.

In celebration of their 15-year milestone, Steve wrote a heartfelt letter to his wife for Good Housekeeping. He reflected on the time they had spent together noting that it felt like “a perfect fit” and wasn’t hard work at all. They shared many laughs and made each other happy; he filled in her gaps while she did the same for him – it didn’t take long for him to realize that she was the one.

“I want to thank you because without you there is no way my life could be this” he continued. “I owe you a debt of gratitude because you simply changed my life… You are the single biggest reason outside of God’s grace that I am where I am today. You’re the one.”

Do Steve and Marjorie Harvey Have Grandchildren?

Yes indeed! The two are proud grandparents of seven grandchildren and they look forward to more in the future. Their family is growing with each passing day and they couldn’t be happier.

Steve’s son Jason and his wife Amanda who is a model are the proud parents of four children. Morgan their daughter, and her husband Kareem have two daughters of their own. Karli – Steve’s other daughter – has one child with her husband Ben who is an entrepreneur.

In 2018 the host of Family Feud humorously expressed his desire to become an empty nester as he discussed his ever-growing family on his talk show. He jokingly remarked that while he had been expecting for years for all of his children to move out they often come back with even more people in tow.

Marjorie’s Net Worth

With her husband, Marjorie founded the Steve and Marjorie Harvey Foundation (SMHF) which aims to improve the standard of living of children and families in different parts of the world. Although her husband has an estimated net worth of more than $100 million, Marjorie’s exact net worth remains unknown.

This does not mean, however, that it does nothing. She has her clothing line known as Marjorie Harvey’s Closet. Her couture collects class and elegance. She also has her line of handbags. Even though they are not among the largest queues they still manage to make money for Mrs. Harvey.

Quick Facts About Marjorie Harvey

Full Name:Marjorie Harvey
Age:54 years 10 months
Birth Date:October 10, 1964
Birth Place:US
Mother’s Name:Doris Bridges
Marital Status:Married
Husband / Wife Name:Steve Harvey
Profession:Fashion designer
Height / How tall? :5 feet 2 inches (1.57m)
Ethnicity:African American
Hair Color:Brown
Eye Color:Brown
Waist Size:24 inch
Bra Size:35 inch
Hip Size:36 inch