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Marc Marquez Bio, Family, Girlfriend, Salary, Net Worth

Marc Marquez Bio, Family, Girlfriend, Salary, Net Worth
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Marc Marquez achieved fame as a Spanish Grand Prix cyclist. Among the many enviable achievements in his chosen profession, Marc is celebrated as one of the motorcyclists who has won the world championship titles in three out of four categories. He has also won six Grand Prix titles to date and is unquestionably one of the most successful motorcycle racers of all time around the world.

Marc Marquez Bio

Marc Marquez was born in Cervera, Spain, on February 17, 1993, and grew up in the same city, which is about 60 km from Lleida. At the tender age of four, he applied to his parents for a motorcycle for Christmas, and his wish was granted. 3 years later and at the Catalan Motocross Championship, Marc was runner-up. When he was 9 years old, he began to take part in the road races of the Open RACC 50; that year he also won the competition.

Marc was very light, it is said that a weight of 21 kg had to be attached to his bike to reach the required minimum weight. Later, 16 kg of lead was needed for his 125cc bike. This led his teammates to compare him to an ant. For them, Marc’s ability to handle motorcycles that weigh more than twice his weight is very similar to an ant’s ability to lift loads that are excessively large.

Marc Marquez
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The motorcyclist also has a self-sacrificing spirit, great stamina, the ability to get along with a team, to work and cooperate with them. These qualities influenced his decision to officially accept “The Ant” as his mascot. To this day, it serves as a reminder to him that hard work pays off and helps to bring home victory every time he goes out on the track.

Marc’s first championship was the Portuguese Grand Prix (125cc) on 13th April 2008, and in 2009, at the British Grand Prix, he was the youngest Spanish rider to finish on the podium in a World Motorcycle Championship. He took his first victory at Mugello on 6th June 2010, and subsequent victories at Silverstone, Assen, and Catalonia made him the youngest motorcycle racer to win four consecutive races. Almost immediately a win at Sachsenring made Marquez the first rider to win five consecutive races in the 125cc class since Valentino Rossi’s victory in 1997.

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In 2011 he entered the Moto2 class and celebrated his first victory in the French Grand Prix. Marc’s last victory in the Moto2 class was at the Valencia Grand Prix at the last race of the season, and he made the biggest comeback in the history of the sport, overtaking 20 bikes on the first lap. The rider set a record that is still valid for the category, ending the season with nine race wins.

Marc joined the Repsol Honda team in MotoGP on 12th July 2012, when it became known that he had officially agreed to sign a two-year contract to replace Casey Stoner, who is retiring. In the 2013 season, he won the new Circuit of the Americas in Texas and became the youngest person ever to win a MotoGP race. He thus surpassed Freddie Spencer’s record of 30 years at the age of 20.

This guy has won many other victories. Since his debut in the premier class in 2013, Marc Marquez and his Repsol Honda teammates have stayed together and won 4 World Championships together. Like any other athlete, Mr. Marquez has had his fair share of losses, crashes, and injuries. He had the fastest crash in the world in 2013 when he crashed at a speed of 198 miles per hour in Mugello, but fortunately, it was not fatal.

Marc Marquez’s Family and Girlfriend

Marc Marquez Bio, Family, Girlfriend, Salary, Net Worth
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Alex Marquez, Marc’s younger brother, is also a motorcyclist; he also has several championship titles. Her parents, Julia (father) and Roser (mother) are very proud of their sons and keep pushing them to reach greater heights.

In 2014, the Marquez brothers made history by becoming the first and only brothers to become world champions that same year. The biker has never been publicly associated with any lady before. In an interview in 2014, he clearly stated that his love for bicycles surpasses the need for a girlfriend.

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His Salary and Net Worth

In 2014 Marc moved to Andorra to escape the enormous tax of 49% that he would have had to face in Spain. Sometime in December of the same year, he signed a new contract with Repsol Honda, which was supposed to be 10 million euros per year. This year (2018) he is also said to have signed a new contract with Repsol Honda for 12.5 to 15 million euros. Although his net worth is not certain, we know that it is a huge sum.