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Mads Mikkelsen Wife and Children, Brother, Height, About His Teeth

Mads Mikkelsen Wife and Children, Brother, Height, About His Teeth
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Mads Mikkelsen is one of the Danish men who rock Hollywood. A celebrated figure in his country Denmark, Mads has established himself in Hollywood and around the world. He starred in French and German films with plans to play a leading role in Bollywood.

The actor with the rattling voice is something of Hollywood’s favorite villain cast, who has portrayed the villain in a list of films from the Bond film of 2006 to the Valhalla Uprising (2009) and a number of Marvel films.

Mads is a fairly versatile actor who doesn’t like to limit himself, so it was not so surprising when he brought his skills to the small screen to play the title character in the psychological NBC horror-thriller Hannibal, which won him the Saturn Award for Best Actor in Season One. The series ended in 2015, and Mads has since returned to his mainstay – the big screen. Some of his films have been released since then: Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, Arctic, and Chaos Walking. Let’s talk more about his personal side.

Mads Mikkelsen Wife and Children

Mads is a happily married man. As you might have known (if you are a big Mads fan), Mads originally aspired to become a gymnast, but then found himself dancing at a certain ballet academy called Balettakademien in Gothenburg – Sweden’s second-largest city.

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What does this have to do with his wife? Well, after Mads had completed his dance training and started a dance career, he met a certain choreographer called Hanne Jacobsen, who was to become his future wife.

Their first meeting took place in 1987 during an audition for a play at the Aarhus Theatre. At that time Jacobsen already had years of experience as a dancer. Although they had a relationship with other people from the very beginning when they met, both found their way into each other’s arms and started dating, and the rest is, as they say, history.

Mads’ wife was born on 13 January 1961, which makes her four years older than Mads, who was born on 22 November 1965. Unlike Mads, who has a brother, his wife Hanne is an only child.

The couple married in 2000 on December 2, and about 5 years after their union Mads’ career began to run at jet speed. This was about to put a strain on their marriage before Hanne decided to end her career in 2009 to focus on running her family.

Due to her dancing skills, Hanne appeared on several Danish TV shows, including Alletiders Jul (1994), Alletiders Nisse (1995), and Pyrus I alletiders eventyr (2000).

Hanne and Mads have two children together, they have a son, Carl Jacobsen Mikkelsen, born in 1997, and a daughter, Viola Jacobsen Mikkelsen, born in 1992.

His Brother – Lars Mikkelsen

Mads Mikkelsen has a brother named Lars Mikkelsen, with whom he grew up in Nørrebro, Copenhagen, Denmark. Born on 6 May 1964, Lars Mikkelsen is only one year older.

If you see both brothers active in the entertainment industry, you would be forced to speculate that they got it from their parents, but neither of their parents was ever active in the entertainment industry. Their father, Henning Mikkelsen, was a union official and bank cashier, while their mother, Bente Christiansen, was a nurse.

Lars studied biology at the University of Copenhagen before his passion for acting forced him to drop out. He then began a career as a street artist, miming and juggling. Afterward, at the age of 27, Lars returned to school, this time to refine his acting skills. He finished his studies in 1995 and in 1997 he started performing as an actor.

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Like his brother Mads, Lars has developed from a Danish star to a Hollywood star and an internationally renowned actor. He played the leading role of the villain Charles Augustus Magnussen in the British television series Sherlock. American series lovers will remember him above all for his role as Russian President Viktor Petrov in Netflix’s House of Cards. Lars is married to his Danish acting colleague Anette Støvelbæk. They married in 1989 and have two sons, Lue and Thor Mikkelsen.

Mads Mikkelsen’s Height and Teeth

Mads Mikkelsen stands at an impressive height of 6 feet or 1.83 meters.

A special physical feature of Mads’ that fascinates his fans are his teeth. His two canines are in the shape of fangs, a feature that, together with his high cheekbones, makes him the perfect villain.